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The mineral that is related to blood and delivery of oxygen is

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The mineral that is related to blood and delivery of oxygen is _________________________.

  • Which nutrient is needed for the growth and repair of body tissues? ___________________________.

  • What is fiber? __________________________________________.

  • What does our body need fiber for? ___________________________________________________________.

  • The essential nutrient that transports nutrients to cells and carries away waste is _______________________.

  • The vitamin found in large amounts in citrus fruit is __________________________________.

  • The vitamin that is related to vision and healthy skin is _______________________________.

  • The vitamin that works with calcium to help us have strong bones and teeth is ___________________________.

  • Our body’s best source of long term energy is ______________________________________.

  • This nutrient contains all of the essential amino acids needed for optimum health ________________.

  • This nutrient is sometimes called the “building blocks of life” ___________________________________.

  • This vitamin is sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin” _____________________________.

  • What mineral is added to salt? _________________.

  • Which mineral is responsible for healthy red blood cell production? ____________________________.

  • Which nutrient helps us to stay hydrated and is found in most foods? ___________________________.

    Nutrition Review:
    List the section of “My Pate” each of the following foods is found in:
    Broccoli ______________________________

    Tuna fish _____________________________

    Bagel ________________________________

    Cheese _______________________________

    Beans and peas ________________________

    Pasta ________________________________

    Peanuts ______________________________

    Potato _______________________________

    Almonds _____________________________

    Eggs ________________________________

    Legumes _____________________________
    The name of the unit of measurement that tells us how much energy is in food is called _______________________.

    What else is important to health as well as eating right? __________________________________________.

    Give an example of an empty calorie food. _________________________________________.

    Give an example of a nutrient dense food _______________________________________.

    Name: ______________________________ Period: ______

    Reading Food Labels

    By carefully reading all the information on food labels, you can evaluate a single food or compare the nutritional value of two or more food choices. You can also tell if there are any food additives to which you or a member of your family may be allergic to.

    Directions: Use the food label from a food item (not water) to fill in the information below.

    Name of product: _____________________________

    1. The size of a single serving is ________________.

    2. The package contains ___________ servings.

    3. One serving contains ___________ calories.

    4. Using the chart below, fill in the number of grams and the percent of daily values in one serving.





    Trans Fats

    Saturated Fats


    Total Carbohydrates

    Dietary Fiber



    1. List the vitamins and minerals the product contains. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    2. List all the ingredients the product contains.



    1. If you were to eat the prepared food item you evaluated, would it be a healthy food choice?

    Explain. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Name: ___________________ Period: _____

    Nutrition Label Partner Compare & Contrast

    Directions: After completing the food labels worksheet utilizing the food label you brought in, with a partner, complete the questions below using both of your food labels.

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