Hélène Cixous : texture mythique et alchimique

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Hélène Cixous : texture mythique et alchimique

This collection of essays deals with Hélène Cixous’s works published mainly after 1990. The first chapters of the volume establish the theoretical motivations for examining Cixous’s opus through the mythical, symbolic and alchemical figures of a new Eurydice and of the feminine versions of Hermes and Orpheus. Major shifts in symbolical thinking, these figures inspire the process of transformation through literature. Other chapters examine some key ideas, such as Cixous’s fidelity to writing and to the world of literature, or focus on particular texts by the writer, such as L’OR or Osnabrück, La Ville parjure ou le réveil des Érinyes, the last text examined being L’Amour du loup et autres remords. The concluding pages of the volume briefly address Cixous’s most recent works, stressing the vitality and the creative power of her writings. Cixous continues to fascinate her readers, by continually broadening the horizons of human consciousness and by constantly expanding the limits of what literature is capable of exploring. Her writings excel in constructing challenges and enigmas readers are invited to tackle—in order to better penetrate and communicate with this complex and highly stimulating prose.

Metka Zupančič is an Associate Professor of French/Modern languages, at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, USA. As a specialist in contemporary French and Francophone literature, she is the author of Lectures de Claude Simon. La polyphonie de la structure et du mythe (2001), and has edited collective volumes on myths, spirituality, and philosophy in literature. Her most recent books have already been published by Summa Publications, namely Hermes and Aphrodite Encounters (2004) and Death, Language, Thought: On Gérard Bucher’s L’imagination de l’origine (2005). Her forthcoming projects deal with questions of feminine genealogy and writing as “rememberment,” in works of contemporary Francophone women writers.

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