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Reel: 947 Bailey, John (Mrs.)

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Reel: 947
Bailey, John (Mrs.).

Physical culture.

New York [Press of J. J. Little & co.]. 1892

Item identification number 3807.1.

Reel: 501
Bailey, Nathan, d. 1742.

Dictionarium domesticum, being a new and compleat houshold dictionary for the use both of city and country.

London, Printed for C. Hitch. 1736

Item identification number 44.

Reel: 8
Bailey, Rufus William, 1793-1863.

The family preacher; or, Domestic duties illustrated and enforced in eight discourses.

New York, J. S. Taylor. 1837

Item identification number 974.

Reel: 154
Baillie, Grisell, lady, 1822-1891.

Lady Grisell Baillie.

Edinburgh, Printed by R. & R. Clark. 1893

Item identification number 3808; a sketch of her life by the Countess of Ashburnham; with a selection of her addresses to the women of Newtown and Sprouston and of prayers by the late hon. Major Baillie. 2d ed.

Reel: 501
[Baillie, Joanna], 1762-1851.

A series of plays: in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger passions of the mind.

London, T. Cadell and W. Davies. 1798

Item identification number 44.1.

Reel: 8
Baillie, Lady Grizel (Hume) lady, 1665-1746.

The household book of Lady Grisell Baillie, 1692-1733.

W. S. Edinburgh, Printed at the University Press by T. and A. Constable for the Scottish History Society. 1911

Item identification number 6306; Edited, with notes and introduction, by Robert Scott-Moncrieff.

Reel: 790
Bailly de Barberey, Hélène (Roederer) 1823.

Elizabeth Seton et les commencements de l'église catholique aux Etats-Unis.

Paris, Librairie Poussielque Prères. 1868

Item identification number 2099.

Reel: 309
Bailward, Margaret E.

Mothers and their responsibilities.

London [etc.] Longmans, Green and co. 1904

Item identification number 5032; with a preface by the Rev. L. R. Henslow.

Reel: 631
Baily, James Thomas Herbert, 1865-1914.

Emma, Lady Hamilton; a biographical essay with a catalogue of her published portraits.

London, W. G. Menzies. 1905

Item identification number 5033.

Reel: 631
Bain, Robert Nisbet, 1854-1909.

The daughter of Peter the Great.

Westminster, A. Constable & co. 1899

Item identification number 3809; A history of Russian diplomacy and of the Russian court under the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, 1741-1762.

Reel: 501
Baird, Robert, 1798-1863.

Transplanted flowers; or, Memoirs of Mrs. Rumpff, daughter of John Jacob Astor, esq., and the Duchess de Broglie, daughter of Madame de Staël.

New York, J. S. Taylor. 1839

Item identification number 975; with an appendix.

Reel: 154
Baisch, Amalie (Margraff) 1859.

Aus der Töchterschule ins Leben.

Stuttgart [etc., etc.] Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt. 1890

Item identification number 3810; Ein allseitiger Berater für Deutschlands Jungfrauen ... 5. durchgesehene Aufl.

Reel: 501
[Baker, Harriette Newell (Woods)], 1815-1893.

The first and the second marriages; or, The courtesies of wedded life.

Boston, Shephard, Clark & co.; New York, W. P. Fetridge & co.; Philadelphia, H. Cowperthwait & co.; Cleveland, Ohio, Jewett [etc.]. 1856

Item identification number 1604; by Mrs. Madeline Leslie [pseud.] Fourth thousand.

Reel: 242
Baker, Hatty.

Women in the ministry.

London, C. W. Daniel. 1911

Item identification number 6307.

Reel: 790
Baker, Henry Barton, 1845-1906.

French society from the Fronde to the great revolution.

London, R. Bentley and son. 1874

Item identification number 2512.

Reel: 363
Baker, Louise Southard, 1846-1896.

A paper written by Miss Louise S. Baker for the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Mass., and read before the Suffolk County Medical Society in Boston, Feb. 22, 1879.

[Boston?]. [1879]

Item identification number 8456.

Reel: 942
Baker, Sara Josephine.

Photograph of Sara Josephine Baker.

Photograph number: P52.

Reel: 963
Baker, Sarah Schoonmaker (Tuthill) 1824-1906.

Pictures of Swedish life; or, Svea and her children.

New York, Anson D. F. Randolph & co. 1894

Item identification number 3811.

Reel: 502
Bakewell, M.

The mother's practical guide in the early training of her children: containing directions for their physical, intellectual, and moral education.

New York, Published by Lane & Sanford for the Methodist Episcopal Church. 1843

Item identification number 1253; From the 2d London ed.

Reel: 190
Bakker-Nort, Betsy.

Schets van de rechtspositie der getrouwde Vrouw in Duitschland, Zwitserland, Engeland, Frankrijk en Nederland.

's Gravenhage, Gebr. Belinfante. 1914

Item identification number 6308.

Reel: 790
Balabanov, Aleksandur Mikailov, 1879.

Untersuchungen zur geschäftsfähigkeit der griechischen frau.

Borna-Leipzig, Buchdr. R. Noske. 1905

Item identification number 5034.

Reel: 631
Balaguer y Merino, Andréu.

De las costums nupcials catalanas en lo segle XIV.

Barcelona, impr. de la Renaixensa. 1877

Item identification number 2513; Per las bodas del Dr. Joseph Pitré ab Francisca de Paula Vitrano.

Reel: 363
Baldwin, George Colfax, 1817-1899.

Representative women: from Eve, the wife of the first, to Mary, the mother of the second Adam.

Philadelphia and New York, American Baptist Publication Society. [1855]

Item identification number 1605.

Reel: 242
Baldwin, Marian.

Canteening overseas 1917-1919.

New York, The Macmillan co. 1920

Item identification number 7208.

Reel: 877
Baldwin, William Henry, 1851.

Effective remedies for desertion and non-support.

[Chicago]. [1917]

Item identification number 8477.

Reel: 942
Baldwin, William Henry, 1851.

Non-support laws in Massachusetts.

[Chicago]. [1917]

Item identification number 8478.

Reel: 942
Baldwin, William Henry, 1851.

The present status of family desertion and non-support laws.

New York, J. Kempster Printing co. [1911]

Item identification number 6309; [Delivered at the National Conference of Charities and Corrections. Boston, Mass., June 10, 1911].

Reel: 790
Balemann, Heinrich, fl. 1756.

Dissertatio inavgvralis jvridica de foemina ex antiqvitatibvs legibvsqve Romanis Germanicis et praesertim Lvbecensibvs.

Altorfii, Typis Ioh. Georgii Meyeri, acad. typogr. [1756]

Item identification number 45.

Reel: 9
Balfour, Alice Blanche.

Twelve hundred miles in a waggon.

London [and] New York, Edward Arnold. 1895

Item identification number 3812.

Reel: 502
Balfour, Arthur James, 1st earl of, 1848-1930.

Speech in support of Parliamentary franchise extension to women bill.

Westminster, National Society for Women's Suffrage. [1892]

Item identification number 9413; April 27, 1892.

Reel: 953
Balfour, Clara Lucas (Liddell), 1808-1878.

Women worth emulating.

New York, American Tract Society. [1877]

Item identification number 2514.

Reel: 363
Ballantine, William Gray, 1848, ed.

Oberlin college. Oberlin jubilee, 1833-1883.

Oberlin, Ohio, E. J. Goodrich. [1883]

Item identification number 3096.

Reel: 423
Ballard, George, 1706-1755.

Memoirs of several ladies of Great Britain who have been celebrated for their writings or skill in the learned languages, arts and sciences.

Oxford, Printed by W. Jackson, for the author. 1752

Item identification number 46.

Reel: 9
Ballard, L. Anna.

Danger to our girls.

Chicago, Woman's temperance publication assoication. [n.d.]

Item identification number 9942.

Reel: 961
Ballentine, Eveline P.

Women physicians in public institutions.

[n.p.]. [n.d.]

Item identification number 8594; Read before the Women's medical society of the state of New York, Rochester, New York, an annual meeting, March 11.

Reel: 943
Ballerini, Giuseppe, bp., 1857-1933.

Matrimonio e divorzio a proposito dell' attuale progetto ministeriale.

Siena, S. Bernardino. 1903

Item identification number 5034.1.

Reel: 631

... De l'admission des femmes aux fonctions de tutelle (Loi du 20 Mars 1917).

Clermont-Ferrand, A. Dumont. 1918

Item identification number 7209.

Reel: 877
Ballou, Maturin Murray, 1820-1895, comp.

Notable thoughts about women; a literary mosaic.

Boston, Houghton, Mifflin and co. 1882

Item identification number 3097.

Reel: 423
Balubeen, Martinus-Peterus.

De nuptiis.

Lugduni Batavorum, L. Herdingh. 1822

Item identification number 827.

Reel: 127
Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850.

... A házasság élettana: forditotta Wachsmann Jenö, az eredeti után átdologozta Benedek Aladár.

Budapest. 1907

Item identification number 5644.

Reel: 704
Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850.

Petites misères de la vie conjugale.

Bruxelles, Meline, Cans et Compagnie. 1846

Item identification number 1255.

Reel: 190
Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850.

Physiologie du mariage; ou, Méditations de philosophie éclectique sur le bonheur et le malheur conjugal.

Paris, Charpentier. 1840

Item identification number 1256; Nouvelle édition.

Reel: 190
Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850.

... Physiology of marriage.

New York, President pub. co. [19--]

Item identification number 3813; Pierre Grassou. with introduction by George Saintsbury.

Reel: 502
Bamford-Slack (Alice Maud Mary) lady.

Liberal reasons for a liberal reform.

London, Women's liberal federation. 1909

Item identification number 9459; A plea for extending the suffrage to women.

Reel: 953
Bancroft, Elizabeth Davis, "Mrs. George Bancroft".

Letters from England, 1846-49.

New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1904

Item identification number 5035.

Reel: 631
Bancroft, Marie Effie (Wilson) lady, 1839-1921.

The Bancrofts, recollections of sixty years: Marie Bancroft, Squire Bancroft.

New York, E. P. Dutton & co. 1909

Item identification number 5645.

Reel: 704
Bancroft, Squire Bancroft (Sir) 1841-1926.

Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft on and off the stage.

London, R. Bentley and son. 1889

Item identification number 3098; A new ed., being the 6th; written by themselves.

Reel: 423
Banerjee, Gooroodass.

The Hindu law of marriage and stridhan.

Calcutta, Thacker, Spink, and co.; [etc., etc.]. 1879

Item identification number 2515.

Reel: 363
Bangs, Mary Rogers.

Jeanne D'Arc, the maid of France.

Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin co. [1910]

Item identification number 5646.

Reel: 705
Banks, Elizabeth L.

The autobiography of a "newspaper girl".

New York, Dodd, Mead & co. 1902

Item identification number 5036.

Reel: 631
Banks, Louis Albert, 1855-1933.

White slaves; or, The oppression of the worthy poor.

Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1893

Item identification number 3813.1.

Reel: 502
Barakat, Layyah Faris Anton Alkazin, 1857-1940.

A message from Mount Lebanon.

Philadelphia, The Sunday School Times co. [1912]

Item identification number 6310.

Reel: 790
Baranowski, Siegmund, 1884.

Luthers Lehre von der Ehe.

Münster i/W., H. Schöningh. 1913

Item identification number 6311.

Reel: 790
Barbaro, Francesco, ca. 1398-1454.

Prvdentissimi et gravi docvmenti circa la elettion della moglie; dello eccellente & dottissimo M. Francesco Barbaro, gentilhvomo venitiano al molto magnifico et magnanimo M. Lorenzo de Medici, cittadin florentino: muouamente dal Latino tradotti per M. Alberto Lollio, Ferrarese.

Ferrari, G. Giolito. 1548

Item identification number 47.

Reel: 9
Barbauld, Anna Letitia (Aikin) 1743-1825.

Evenings at home; or, The juvenile budget opened.

New York, Harper & Brothers, publishers. 1855

Item identification number 1608; by Mrs. Barbauld. Revised edition. From the fifteenth London edition.

Reel: 242
Barbauld, Anna Letitia (Aikin) 1743-1825.

The female speaker; or, Miscellaneous pieces, in prose and verse, selected from the best writers, and adapted to the use of young women.

London, Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy [etc.]. 1816

Item identification number 732; 2d ed.

Reel: 111
Barbauld, Anna Letitia (Aikin) 1743-1825.

Memoir, letters, and a selection from the poems and prose writings of Anna Laetitia (sic) Barbauld.

[Boston, J. R. Osgood]. [1874]

Item identification number 2516.

Reel: 363
Barbauld, Anna Letitia (Aikin) 1743-1825.

The works of Anna Letitia Barbauld.

London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. 1825

Item identification number 819.

Reel: 126
Barbey d'Aurevilly, Jules Amédée, 1808-1889.

... Femmes et moralistes.

Paris, A. Lemerre. 1906

Item identification number 5647.

Reel: 705
Barbey d'Aurevilly, Jules Amédée, 1808-1889.

... Les vieilles actrices.

Paris, Librairie des auteurs modernes. 1884

Item identification number 3099; Le musée des antiques.

Reel: 423
Barbey, Frédéric, 1879.

Une amie de Marie Antoinette: Madame Atkyns et la prison du temple, 1758-1836, d'après des documents inédits.

Paris, Perrin et cie. 1905

Item identification number 5037; Préface de Victorien Sardou.

Reel: 631
Bardoux, Agénor, 1830?-1897.

La comtesse Pauline de Beaumont.

Paris, Calmann-Levy. 1889

Item identification number 3100; 4 éd.

Reel: 423
Bardoux, Agénor, 1830?-1897.

Êtudes sociales et littéraires.

Paris, C. Levy. 1898

Item identification number 3816; Madame de Custine, d'après des documents inédits ... 4 éd.

Reel: 502
Bardwell (Mrs.) of Walpole, Vermont, 1800.

Diaries, 1858-1866.

Item identification number M2.

Reel: 966
Barézia, Laure, Comtesse de.

La femme selon le coeur de Dieu, dans la famille et dans le monde.

Dijon, Maison Popelain et Cie. 1857

Item identification number 1610.

Reel: 242
Baring-Gould, Sabine, 1834-1924.

Virgin saints and martyrs.

New York, T. Y. Crowell & co. 1901

Item identification number 5038; with sixteen full-page- illustrations by F. Anger.

Reel: 631
Barker, Lillian Miller.

Dot's days in the shoe factory.

Boston, John M. Schell. [1913?]

Item identification number 6312.1.

Reel: 791
Barker, Nettie Garmer.

Kansas women in literature.

Kansas City, Kan., S. I. Meseraull & son. [1915]

Item identification number 6313.

Reel: 791
Barlow, George, 1847.

The triumph of woman, prose essays.

London, Ambrose co. 1907

Item identification number 5649.

Reel: 705
Barlow, Luke.

Marriage commended and adultery condemned.

London. 1816

Item identification number 9704; A sermon preached in the Methodist Chapel.

Reel: 957
Barnard, Anne (Lindsay) 1750-1825.

South Africa a century ago; letters written from the cape of Good Hope (1797-1801).

London, Smith, Elder, & co. 1901

Item identification number 5040; Ed., with a memoir and brief notes, by W. H. Wilkins.

Reel: 632
Barnard, Ella Kent, 1853.

Dorothy Payne, Quakeress, a side-light upon the career of "Dolly" Madison.

Philadelphia, Ferris & Leach. 1909

Item identification number 5650.

Reel: 705
Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter, 1809-1889.

Should American colleges be open to women as well as to men?.

Albany, Weed, Parsons & co., printers. 1882

Item identification number 8739; A paper presented to the twentieth annual convocation of the University of the State of New York, at Albany, July 12, 1882.

Reel: 945
Barnard, Thomas, 1685-1750.

An historical character relating to the holy and exemplary life of the Right Honorable the Lady Elizabeth Hastings: to which are added.

Leedes, Printed by J. Lister for J. Swale. 1742

Item identification number 48.

Reel: 9
Barnes, Earl, 1861.

The celibate women to to-day.

[New York]. [1915]

Item identification number 9669.

Reel: 956
Barnett, Samuel Augustus, 1844-1913.

Practicable socialism; essays on social reform.

London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green & co. 1888

Item identification number 3101.

Reel: 423
Barnett, Samuel Augustus, 1844-1913.

Towards social reform.

New York, Macmillan. 1909

Item identification number 5651; by Canon.

Reel: 705
Baron and feme.

[London] In the Savoy, Printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling (assigns of E. Sayer) for T. Waller. 1738

Item identification number 49; A treatise of law and quity, concerning husbands and wives ... The 3d ed.; in which are added many cases in law and equity, from the best books of reports.

Reel: 9
Baronchelli, Paola (Grosson) 1866.

La donna della nuova Italia; documenti del contributo femminile alla guerra, (maggio 1915- maggio 1917) Raccolti ed ordinati.

Milano, R. Quintieri. [1917]

Item identification number 7210.

Reel: 877
Barr, Amelia Edith (Huddleston) 1831-1919.

Maids, wives, and bachelors.

New York, Dodd, Mead and co. 1898

Item identification number 3817.

Reel: 502
Barr, Robert, 1850-1912.

A woman intervenes; or, The mistress of the mine.

New York and London, F. A. Stokes co. [c1896]

Item identification number 3818.

Reel: 502
Barraud, P.

Droit civil international du mariage et des régimes matrimoniaux.

Paris, Imprimerie et Librairie générale de jurisprudence Marchal et Billard. 1893

Item identification number 3819.

Reel: 503
Barrault, Emile, 1799-1869.

Pathologie du mariage (affaire Praslin); lettres de la duchesse et considérations, par Mme de Casamajor [pseud.].

Paris, D. Cavaillés. 1847

Item identification number 1258.

Reel: 190
[Barrera, A. de (Mme.)].

Memoirs of Rachel.

New York, Harper & Brothers. 1858

Item identification number 1611.

Reel: 242
Barrett, Dorothea.

Neither citizen nor freewoman.

Brighton, H. & C. Treacher, ltd. [1915]

Item identification number 6314.

Reel: 791
Barrett, Lawrence, 1838-1891.

Charlotte Cushman.

New-York, The Dunlap Society. 1889

Item identification number 3102; A lecture ... with an appendix containing a letter from Joseph N. Ireland.

Reel: 423
Barrett, Rosa M.

Ellice Hopkins, a memoir.

London, Wells Gardner, Darton & co., ltd. [1907]

Item identification number 5652; with introduction by H. Scott Holland.

Reel: 705
Barrette, Kate Waller (Dr.).

Photograph of Dr. Kate Waller Barrette.

Photograph number: P53.

Reel: 963
Barrie, James Matthew, bart., 1860-1937.

Margaret Oglivy.

New York, Charles Scribner's sons. 1901

Item identification number 5040.1; by her son.

Reel: 632
Barrière, André.

... La femme en droit annamite moderne.

Toulouse, Imp Vve Bonnet. 1920

Item identification number 7211.

Reel: 877
Barroetavena, Francisco Antonio, 1856.

Dos conferencias del Dr. F. A. Barroetaveña.

Buenos Aires, Compañia sud-americana de billetes de banco. 1912

Item identification number 6315; El clericalismo y el divorcio. Emancipación italiana. El XX de septiembre, fraternidad y conflicto italo-argentino.

Reel: 791
[Barrows, Elizabeth A. (Cate)], 1823?.

A memorial of Bradford Academy.

Boston, Congregational S. S. and Publishing Society. 1870

Item identification number 2517.

Reel: 364
Barry, Richard Hayes, 1881.

The truth concerning four woman suffrage states.

New York, National league for the civic education of women. 1910

Item identification number 9304.

Reel: 951
Barry, Richard Hayes, 1881.

What women have actually done where they vote.

New York, New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage. [1910?]

Item identification number 9305; A personal investigation into the laws, records, and results of the four equal suffrage states: Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

Reel: 951
Barth, Gottfried, 1650-1728.

Ausführlicher Bericht von der Gerade, so wohl insgeheim, als auch insonderheit von fürstlicher, gräflicher, auch anderer Herren Standes und derer von Ritters-Art Wittben fräulichen Gerechtigkeiten [etc.] Nebst einem doppelten Appendice.

Leipzig, bey T. Fritschen. 1721

Item identification number 50.

Reel: 9
Barthelemy, Joseph, 1874-1945.

... Le vote des femmes.

Paris, F. Alcan. 1920

Item identification number 7212; cours professé à l'École des hautes études sociales pendant l'année 1917-1918.

Reel: 877
Bartholemew, Nell.

Photograph of Nell Bartholemew.

Photograph number: P54.

Reel: 963
Bartholin, Thomas, 1616-1680.

Questiones nuptiales auspicatissimis nuptiis, illustris viri D. Petri Schumacheri.

Hafniae, H. Godiani. 1670

Item identification number 51; consecratae.

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