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Reel: 514 Buffenoir, Hippolyte, 1847-1928

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Reel: 514
Buffenoir, Hippolyte, 1847-1928.

La comtesse d'Houdetot, sa famille-ses amis.

Paris, Leclerc. 1905

Item identification number 5086.

Reel: 637
Buffum, Lizzy N.

Photograph of Lizzy N. Buffum.

Photograph number: P105.

Reel: 963
Buffum, Relief (Everett).

Photograph of Relief (Everett) Buffum.

Photograph number: P106.

Reel: 963
Buhl, Frants Peder William, 1850-1932.

Die socialen Verhältnisse der Israeliten.

Berlin, Reuther & Reichard. 1899

Item identification number 3919.

Reel: 514
Bühler, Michael, 1853.

Das Bündnerische Erb- und eheliche Güterrecht nach seinen Quellen.

Bern, Druck von Jent & Reinert. 1882

Item identification number 3160.0.

Reel: 431
Buisson, Ferdinand Édouard, 1841.

Le vote des femmes.

Paris, H. Dunot & E. Pinat. 1911

Item identification number 6387.

Reel: 798
Bull, Thomas.

Hints to mothers, for the management of health during the period of pregnancy, and in the lying-in room; with an exposure of popular errors in connexion with those subjects.

New York, Wiley & Putnam. 1842

Item identification number 1282; From the 3d London ed., with additions by an American physician; to which is added, the Ladies perpetual calendar.

Reel: 194
Bullard, Laura J. (Curtis).

Christine: or, Woman's trials and triumphs.

New York, DeWitt & Davenport. [c1856]

Item identification number 1641.2.

Reel: 246
Bullard, Washington Irving, 1881.

Women's work in war time.

Boston, The Merchants national bank. [c1917]

Item identification number 7261.

Reel: 882
Bullen, Brian Cowling.

Love, marriage and divorce, and the greatest of these is reformation! A treatise.

New York, J. S. Ogilvie pub. co. [1912]

Item identification number 6388.

Reel: 799


Reel: 24


Reel: 25
Bulley, Agnes Amy.

Women's work.

London, Methuen & co. 1894

Item identification number 3920; by Miss A. Amy Bulley and Miss Margaret Whitley, with a preface by Lady Dilke.

Reel: 514
Bullitt, Ernesta Drinker.

An uncensored diary from the central empires.

Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Page & co. 1917

Item identification number 7262.

Reel: 882
Bullock, Alexander Hamilton, 1816-1882.

The centennial situation of woman.

Worcester, Printed by C. Hamilton. 1876

Item identification number 2570; Address of Hon. Alexander H. Bullock, at the commencement anniversary of Mount Holyoke seminary, Massachusetts, June 22, 1876.

Reel: 370
Bullock, Christopher, 1690?-1724.

Woman is a riddle; a comedy: as it is acted at the theatre in Lincoln's Inn Fields.

London, Printed for A. Bettesworth, W. Mears, and T. Woodward. 1729

Item identification number 101; 2d ed.

Reel: 17
Bullock, Edna Dean, 1869, comp.

... Selected articles on mothers' pensions.

White Plains, N.Y., and New York city, The H. W. Wilson co. 1915

Item identification number 6389.

Reel: 799
Bullock, Edna Dean, 1869, comp.

... Selected articles on the employment of women.

New York, The H. W. Wilson co. 1920

Item identification number 7263; 2d and enl. ed. by Julia E. Johnsen.

Reel: 882
Bulmer, Agnes [Collinson], 1775-1836.

Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Mortimer: with selections from her correspondence.

London, J. Mason. 1836

Item identification number 991; Second edition.

Reel: 156
Bund Deutscher Frauvereine.


Leipzig [etc.] B. G. Teubner. 1915

Item identification number 6390.

Reel: 799
Bund Oesterreichischer Frauen.

Wegweiser zur Berufswahl für Mädchen.

Wien, Mortiz Perles. 1912

Item identification number 6391; Bund oesterreichischer Frauenvereine.

Reel: 799
Bundschuh, Franz.

Die Mitunterschrift der Ehefrau beim Mietvertrage.

Halle a.S., Gebr. Wolff. 1909

Item identification number 5706.1.

Reel: 713
Bunnett, Fanny Elizabeth, 1832 or 3-1875.

Louise Juliane, Electress Palatine, and her times.

New York, Robert Carter & brothers. 1862

Item identification number 2135.

Reel: 314
Bunny, Edmund, 1540-1619.

Of divorce for adulterie and marrying againe: that there is no sufficient warrant so to do.

Oxford, printed by J. Barnes. 1610

Item identification number 103; with a note in the end, that R. P.[arsons] many yeeres since was answered.

Reel: 17
Bunten, Alice Chambers.

Life of Alice Barnham (1592-1650), wife of Sir Francis Bacon.

London, Page & Thomas. 1919

Item identification number 7264; Mostly gathered from unpublished documents by A. Chambers Bunten.

Reel: 882
Buoy, Charles Wesley, 1841-1897.

Representative women of Methodism.

New York, Hunt & Eaton; Cincinnati, Cranston & Curts. 1893

Item identification number 3921.

Reel: 514
Burage, Mary; Porter, C.

Photograph of Mary Burage with C. Porter.

Photograph number: P111.

Reel: 963
Burbank, Emily.

Woman as decoration.

New York, Dodd, Mead and co. 1917

Item identification number 7265.

Reel: 882
Burch, Isaac H.

The only complete report of the Burch divorce case.

New York, R. M. DeWitt. [c1860]

Item identification number 2136; containing a comprehensive history of the case--the preliminary movements, the "confession" of Mrs. Burch, opening speeches of counsel, the deposition of parties implicated, and all the testimony in full, together with letters offered in evidence but ruled out by the court; Specially reported by the law reported of the "New York daily times".

Reel: 314
Burckhardt-Schazmann, Carl Christoph.

Die Stellung der Frau im Famili-enrecht.

[Basel, Basler Druck- und Verlagsanstalt]. [1912?]

Item identification number 8181; Neues schweizerisches Zivilgesetzbuch. Gemeinverständliche Darstellung, von Reg.-Rat C. Chr. Burckhardt-Schazmann ... Neu hrsg. vom Verbande deutschschweizerischer Frauenvereine zur Hebung der Sittlichkeit.

Reel: 938
Burden, Helen McOuat, 1802-1860.

A memorial of Mrs. Henry Burden.

New York, Printed for the family by E. O. Jenkins. [1860]

Item identification number 2137.

Reel: 314
Burder, Samuel, 1773-1837.

Memoirs of eminently pious women of the British Empire.

London, printed by J. Moyes for Ogles [etc.]. 1815

Item identification number 742; A new ed., embellished with eighteen portraits, corr. and enl.

Reel: 113
Burdett, Charles, b. 1815.

The Elliott family; or, The trials of New-York seamstresses.

New York, Baker & Scribner. 1850

Item identification number 1643.

Reel: 246
Burdett-Coutts, Angela Georgina Burdett-Coutts, baroness, 1814-1906, ed.

... Woman's mission; a series of congress papers on the philanthropic work of women.

London, S. Low, Marston & co., ltd. 1893

Item identification number 3922; by eminent writers; Arranged and ed., with a preface and notes.

Reel: 515
Burdette, Mary G., ed.

Young women among blanket Indians; the trio at Rainy Mountain, 1892-1897.

Chicago, Woman's American Baptist home missions society. [191-?]

Item identification number 6391.1.

Reel: 799
Bureau of Social Hygiene. New York.

Commercialized prostitution in New York City, November 1, 1915; a comparison between 1912 and 1915.

New York. [1915?]

Item identification number 9924.

Reel: 961
Bureau of Vocational Information. New York.

Women in the law, an analysis of training, practice and salaried positions.

New York. 1920

Item identification number 7267; prepared by Beatrice Doerschuk.

Reel: 883
Bureau, Paul, 1865-1923.

L'indiscipline des moeurs; étude de science sociale.

Paris, Bloud & Gay. 1924

Item identification number 7266.

Reel: 883
Bureaud-Riofrey, Antoine Martin.

Education physique des jeunes filles; ou, Hygiene de la femme avant le mariage.

Paris, Librarie des sciences medicales; Londres, Chez Dulau et ce. 1835

Item identification number 992.

Reel: 156
Buren, Hendrik Jacobus van, 1799-1888.

Dissertatio juridica inauguralis ad titulos sextum septimum et octavum libri primi novi codicis regni Belgici.

Lugduni Batavorum, apud viduam M. Cyfveer. 1824

Item identification number 829.

Reel: 127
Burgess, William, 1843-1922.

The world's social evil; a historical review and study of the problems relating to the subject.

Chicago, Saul Brothers. [1914]

Item identification number 6392; Forward by Dr. Graham Taylor, with supplementary chapter on a constructive policy by Judge Harry Olson and other important appendices.

Reel: 799
Burggraf, Julius, 1853.

Schillers Frauengestalten.

Stuttgart, C. Krabbe. 1897

Item identification number 3923.

Reel: 515
Burgos Segui, Carmen de, 1879.

... El divorcio en España.

Madrid, Viuda de M. Romero, impresor. 1904

Item identification number 5087.

Reel: 637
Burgt, Franciscus Petrus van de.

Tractatus de matrimonio auctore.

Ultraiecti (Hollandiae) apud viduam J.R. van Rossum. 1908

Item identification number 5707; quem novissimis S. Sedis legibus et decisionibus, praesertim decreto S.C.C. Ne temere adaptavit et tertio edidit A.C.M. Schaepman.

Reel: 713
Burham, Lucy Pinkham; Smith, Marion Pinkham.

Photograph of Lucy Pinkham Burham with Marion Pinkham Smith.

Photograph number: P110.

Reel: 963
Burke, Emily P.

Reminiscences of Georgia.

[Oberlin, O.] J. M. Fitch. 1850

Item identification number 1644.

Reel: 246
Burke, John, 1787-1848.

The portrait gallery of distinguished females, including beauties of the courts of George IV, and William IV, with memoirs.

London, Bull. 1833

Item identification number 993.

Reel: 156
Burke, Mary.

Photograph of Mary Burke.

Photograph number: P107.

Reel: 963
Burks, Martin Parks, 1851.

Notes on the property rights of married women in Virginia.

Lynchburg, Va., J. P. Bell co. 1893

Item identification number 3923.1.

Reel: 515
Burlingame, Lettie Lavilla, 1859-1890.

... Her life pages, stories poems and essays.

Joliet, Illinois, J. E. Williams & co. 1895

Item identification number 3924; Including a glimpse of her success as the first lady lawyer of Will County, Illinois ... Arranged for publication by her mother, O. C. Burlingame.

Reel: 515
Burlingham, Maria-Ann, pseud.

The mother-in-law; or, Memoirs of Madam de Morville.

Boston, Published by A. Bowen. 1817

Item identification number 743; Now first published.

Reel: 113
[Burnaby, William], 1673?-1706.

The ladies visiting-day.

London, Printed for G. Strahan & B. Lintott. 1708

Item identification number 104; A comedy. As it was acted at the theatre in Lincoln-Inn-Fields, by Her Majesties servants. with the addition of a new scene. 2d ed.

Reel: 17
Burnap, George Washington, 1802-1859.

Lectures on the sphere and duties of woman, and other subjects.

Baltimore, J. Murphy. 1841

Item identification number 1283.

Reel: 195
[Burnet] Gilbert, bp. of Salisbury, 1643-1715.

An essay on the memory of the late Queen [Mary, consort to King William III].

London, Printed for R. Chiswell. 1695

Item identification number 105.

Reel: 17
Burnett, Frances Hodgson.

Photograph of Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Photograph number: P109.

Reel: 963
Burnham, Carrie S.

The address of Carrie Burnham Kilgore before the legislature of Pennsylvania, delivered in the Hall of the House of Representatives at Harrisburg, March 23d, 1881.

Philadelphia, Allen, Lane & Scott's Prtg. House. 1881

Item identification number 3160.1.

Reel: 431
Burnham, Carrie S.

Woman suffrage.

Philadelphia, Citizen's suffrage association. 1873

Item identification number 2572; The argument of Carrie S. Burnham before Chief Justice Reed, and Associate Justices Agnew, Sharswood and Mercur, of the Supreme court of Pennsylvania, in bane, on the third and fourth of April, 1873. with an appendix containing the opinion of Hon. George Sharswood and a complete history of the case. Also a compilation of the laws of Pennsylvania touching the rights of women.

Reel: 370
Burnham, Carrie S., comp.

[Extracts from the Common law of England and Pennsylvania statutes.

Philadelphia. [1874]

Item identification number 2571; legal status of women].

Reel: 370
Burns, Jabez, 1805-1876.

Mothers of the wise and good.

Boston, Gould and Lincoln. 1851

Item identification number 1646; Fourth edition.

Reel: 247
Burns, Robert, 1759-1796.

Sylvander and Clarinda; the love letters of Robert Burns and Agnes M'Lehose.

New York, G. H. Doran co. [1917]

Item identification number 7268; Edited by Amelia Josephine Burr.

Reel: 883
Burns, William.

Female life in New York city.

Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson. [185-?]

Item identification number 1647.

Reel: 247
Burnz, Eliza (Boardman) 1823-1903.

In memoriam, Eliza Boardman Burnz, born, October 31, 1823, deceased, June 19, 1903.

New York, Burnz & co. [c1906]

Item identification number 5708; Printed in Roman type and in fonic-shorthand.

Reel: 713
[Burr, Charles Chauncey], 1817-1883.

Lectures of Lola Montez, (Countess of Landsfeld) Including her autobiography.

New York, Rudd & Carleton. 1858

Item identification number 1648.

Reel: 247
Burrell, Caroline Frances (Benedict) ed.

The mothers' book; suggestions regarding the mental and moral development of children.

New York, The University society inc. [c1909]

Item identification number 5708.1; , ed. by Caroline Benedict Burrell, and including articles by Mrs. Annie Winsor Allen, Mrs. Margaret E. Sangster, Ida Prentice Whitcomb ..; [and others].

Reel: 713
[Burrell, Caroline Frances (Benedict)].

The complete club book for women, including subjects, material, and references for study programs; together with a constitution and by-laws; rules of order; instructions how to make a year book; suggestions for practical community work; a resume of what some clubs are doing, etc., etc. A companion volume to Woman's club work and programs.

Boston, Page co. 1915

Item identification number 6393; by Caroline French Benton [pseud.].

Reel: 709
[Burrell, Catherine Benedict].

Woman's club work and programs; or, First aid to club women.

Boston, D. Estes & Co. [1913]

Item identification number 6395; by Caroline French Benton [pseud.].

Reel: 799
Burrell, David James, 1844-1926.

Woman and the Sabbath.

[New York]. [1895]

Item identification number 8266; A sermon delivered March 10th, 1895, before the Woman's National Sabbath Alliance.

Reel: 939
Burstall, Sara Annie, 1859-1939.

The education of girls in the United States.

London, Swan Sonnenschein & co.; New York, Macmillan & co. 1894

Item identification number 3925.

Reel: 515
Burstall, Sara Annie, 1859-1939, ed.

Public schools for girls, a series of papers on their history, aims, and schemes of study.

London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green & co. 1911

Item identification number 6396; by members of the Association of head mistresses, ed. by Sara A. Burstall ... and M. A. Douglas.

Reel: 799
Burt, Cara Green.

Photograph of Cara Green Burt.

Photograph number: P112.

Reel: 963
Burton, Isabel (Arundell) lady, 1831-1896.

The romance of Isabel lady Burton; the story of her life.

New York, Dodd Mead & co. 1897

Item identification number 3926; Told in part by herself and in part by W. H. Wilkins. with portraits and illustrations.

Reel: 515
Burton, John, 1745 or 6-1806.

Lectures on female education and manners.

London, Printed for J. Johnson. 1793

Item identification number 106; 2d ed.

Reel: 17
Burton, Margaret Davis.

The woman who battled for the boys in blue.

San Francisco, Calif., Printed and sold by A. T. Dewey. 1886

Item identification number 3161; Mother Bickerdyke; her life and labors for the relief of our soldiers. Sketches of battle scenes and incidents of the sanitary service. Published for the benefit of M. A. Bickerdyke.

Reel: 431
Burton, Margaret Ernestine, 1885.

Women workers of the Orient.

West Medford, Mass. [1918]

Item identification number 7269; The Central committee on the united study of foreign missions.

Reel: 883
Burwell, Letitia M.

A girl's life in Virginia before the war.

New York, F. A. Stokes company. [c1895]

Item identification number 3927; with sixteen full-page- illustrations by William A. McCullough and Jules Turcas.

Reel: 516
Bury, Charlotte (Campbell) lady, 1775-1861.

The diary of a lady-in-waiting.

London, J. Lane; New York, J. Lane co. 1908

Item identification number 5709; by Lady Charlotte Bury; being the Diary illustrative of the times of George the Fourth, interspersed with original letters from the late Queen Caroline and from other distinguished persons, edited with an introduction by A. Francis Steuart; with eighteen full-page- portraits, two in photogravure.

Reel: 713
Bury, Richard de, 1730-1794.

Histoire abrégée des philosophes et des femmes célèbres.

Paris, Chez Monory, avec approbation & privilege du roi. 1773

Item identification number 107.

Reel: 17-18
Busbey, Katherine (Graves) 1872.

Home life in America, with 12 illus.

New York, The Macmillan co. 1910

Item identification number 5710.

Reel: 714
Busbey, Katherine (Graves) 1872.

The women's trade union movement in Great Britain.

Item identification number 5711; (In U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Bulletin, no. 83, July 1909. p. 1-65).

Reel: 714
Busch, Dietrich Wilhelm Heinrich, 1788-1858.

Das geschlechtsleben des weibes in physiologischer, pathologischer und therapeutischer hinsicht.

Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus. 1839-1843

Item identification number 993.1.

Reel: 156-157
Buschan, Georg Hermann Theodor, 1863-1942.

Leben und Treiben der deutschen Frau in der Urzeit.

Hamburg, Verlagsanstalt und Druckerei. 1893

Item identification number 3928.

Reel: 516
Buschmann, August.

Deutsche Frauen der Vorzeit.

Warendorf, Schnell. 1880

Item identification number 3162.

Reel: 431
Bush, Annie Forbes.

Memoirs of the queens of France.

Philadelphia, A. Hart, late Carey & Hart. 1851

Item identification number 1649; Including a memoir of Her Majesty, the late queen of the French (Marie Amelie). From the second London ed.

Reel: 247
Bush, Philappa (Call).

Memoir of Anne Gorham Everett; with extracts from her correspondence and journal.

Boston, Priv. print. 1857

Item identification number 1650.

Reel: 247
Bush-Brown, Margaret Lesley.

Photograph of Margaret Lesley Bush-Brown.

Photograph number: P113.

Reel: 963
Bushnell, Horace, 1802-1876.

Women's suffrage; the reform against nature.

New York, C. Scribner and company. 1869

Item identification number 2138.

Reel: 315
[Bushnell, Katharine].

God's word to women; The Women's Correspondence Bible Class.

London, Women's Correspondence Bible Class. [1912?]

Item identification number 8273.

Reel: 939
Bushnell, Katherine C.

Plain words to plain people.

[n.p.]. [1918?]

Item identification number 9937.

Reel: 961
Bushnell, Katherine C.

Take warning!.

[n.p.]. [1910?]

Item identification number 9897.

Reel: 961
Bushnell, Katherine C.

The woman condemned.

New York, Funk & Wagnalls. [1887]

Item identification number 9872.

Reel: 960
Business Woman's Club. Washington, D.C.

Constitution and by-laws.

[Washington]. [1896]

Item identification number 8352.

Reel: 940
Business Woman's Magazine.

Oct. 1914-Dec. 1915

Reel: 25
Business Women's Union of the City. Brooklyn, N.Y.

Report of the Business women's union.

Brooklyn, Standard union job department. 1895

Item identification number 8567; January, 1895.

Reel: 943
Bussler, Erich, 1861.

Frauencharaktere aus den Tragödien des Euripides.

Hamburg, A.-G. [Actien-Gesellschaft]. 1892

Item identification number 3928.1.

Reel: 516
Bussy, Roger de Rabutin, comte de, 1618-1693.

Lettres de messire Roger Rabutin, comte de Bussy.

Paris, F. Delaulne. 1714-15

Item identification number 109; avec les reponses.

Reel: 18-19
[Bussy, Roger de Rabutin, comte de], 1618-1693.

Amours des dames illustres de France, sous le règne de Louis XIV [Avec une lettre écrite au Duc de Saint Agnan, par le Comte de Bussy.].

Cologne, P.Marteau. [1709?]

Item identification number 108.

Reel: 18
Butler, Charles, of Philadelphia.

The American lady.

Philadelphia, Hogan & Thompson. 1836

Item identification number 994; by Charles Butler, esq.

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