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Reel: 793 Blatch, Harriet (Stanton) 1856-1940

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Reel: 793
Blatch, Harriet (Stanton) 1856-1940.

Mobilizing woman-power.

New York, The Womans press. 1918

Item identification number 7231; with a foreword by Theodore Roosevelt.

Reel: 879
Blatch, Harriet (Stanton) 1856-1940.

Photograph of Harriot (Stanton) Blatch.

Photograph number: P86.

Reel: 963
Blatch, Harriet (Stanton) 1856-1940.


[n.p.]. 1915

Item identification number 8316; Elizabeth Cady Stanton centennial lucheon, held ... October 30, 1915.

Reel: 940
Blatch, Harriot (Stanton) 1856.

A women's point of view; some roads to peace.

New York, The Womans press. 1920

Item identification number 7233.

Reel: 879
Blaze de Bury, Ange Henri, baron, 1813-1888.

Dames de la renaissance.

Paris, C. Lévy. 1886

Item identification number 3125.

Reel: 427
Blaze de Bury, Ange Henri, baron, 1813-1888.

Les femmes et la sociéte au temps d'Auguste.

Paris, Didier et cie. 1875

Item identification number 2548.

Reel: 367
Blaze de Bury, Marie Pauline Rose (Stewart), baronne.

Memoirs of the Princess Palatine, Princess of Bohemia: including her correspondence with the great men of her day, and memoirs of the court of Holland under the Princes of Orange.

London, Richard Bentley. 1853

Item identification number 1628; by the Baroness Blaze de Bury.

Reel: 245
Blease, Walter Lyon, 1884.

Concerning the status of political prisoners.

[London] National Political Reform League. [1912?]

Item identification number 8180.

Reel: 938
Blease, Walter Lyon, 1884.

The emancipation of English women.

London, Constable & co., ltd. 1910

Item identification number 5682.

Reel: 709
Blease, Walter Lyon, 1884.

Votes for women.

London, Women's Freedom League. [1912]

Item identification number 9503; Against prejudice; a reply to Professor Dicey.

Reel: 954
Blease, Walter Lyon, 1884.

Votes for women against prejudice; a reply to Professor Dicey.

London, Women's Freedom League. [1912]

Item identification number 6344.

Reel: 793
Bleecker, Ann Eliza (Schuyler) 1752-1783.

Posthumous works of Ann Eliza Bleecker, in prose and verse.

New York, Printed by T. and J. Swords. 1793

Item identification number 79; To which is added, a collection of essays, prose and poetical, by Margaretta V. Faugeres.

Reel: 15
Blei, Franz, 1871.

The powder-puff, a ladies' breviary, from the German.

London, Chatto & Windus. 1909

Item identification number 5683.

Reel: 709
Blendermann, Wilhelm.

Die Legitimation der Frau zur Prozessführung nach den Güterständen des B G B.

Tübingen, H. Laupp, jr. 1913

Item identification number 6345.

Reel: 793
Blennerhassett, Charlotte Julia (von Leyden) lady, 1843-1917.

Madame de Staël, her friends and her influence in politics and literature.

London, Chapman and Hall, ltd. 1889

Item identification number 3126.

Reel: 427
Blessington, Marguerite (Power) Farmer Gardiner, countess of, 1789-1849.

The idler of Italy.

Philadelphia, Carey & Hart. 1839

Item identification number 984.

Reel: 155
Blessington, Marguerite (Power) Farmer Gardiner, countess of, 1789-1849.

A journal of conversations with Lord Byron.

Boston, G. W. Cottrell. 1859

Item identification number 985; with a sketch of the life of the author.

Reel: 155
Blind, Mathilde, 1841-1896.

Madame Roland.

Boston, Roberts Brothers. 1886

Item identification number 3127.

Reel: 428
[Bliss, William White], 1822-1873.

Woman, and her thirty years' pilgrimage.

New York, The American news company. 1869

Item identification number 2115.

Reel: 312
Bloch, Iwan, 1872-1922.

Die Prostitution.

Berlin, Louis Marcus. 1912-1925

Item identification number 6346; Mit einem Namen-, Länder-, Ortsund Sachregister. 1. bis 10. Tausend.

Reel: 794
Bloch, Iwan, 1872-1922.

Das Sexualleben unserer Zeit in seinen Beziehungen zur modernen Kultur.

Berlin, L. Marcus. 1907

Item identification number 5684; 1.-5. Tausend.

Reel: 710
[Bloch, Iwan], 1872-1922.

Englische Sittengeschichte (früher: "Das Geschlechtsleben in England") von Dr. Eugen Dühren [pseud.].

Berlin, L. Marcus. 1912

Item identification number 6345.1; 2. revidierte Aufl.

Reel: 793
[Bloch, Iwan], 1872-1922.

... Le marquis de Sade et son temps.

Berlin [etc.] H. Barsdorf [etc.]. 1901

Item identification number 5063; Etudes relatives à l'histoire de la civilisation et des moeurs du XVIIIme siècle. Traduit de l'allemand par le dr. A. Weber-Riga. Avec une préface: L'idée de sadisme et l'erotologie scientifique. Par Octave Uzanne.

Reel: 634
Bloomer, Dexter ca. b. 1820.

Life and writings of Amelia Bloomer.

Boston, Arena publishing co. 1895

Item identification number 3858.

Reel: 508
Bloomfield-Moore, Clara Sophia (Jessup) 1824-1899.

Social ethics and society duties through education of girls for wives and mothers and for professions.

Boston, Estes and Lauriat. [c1892]

Item identification number 3859; Compiled by Mrs. H. O. Ward [pseud.].

Reel: 508
[Bloomfield-Moore, Clara Sophia (Jessup)], 1824-1899.

The young lady's friend.

Philadelphia, Porter & Coates. [c. 1880]

Item identification number 3128; with introduction. by Mrs. H. O. Ward [pseud.].

Reel: 428
Blos, Anna (Tomascsewska) 1868-1933, ed.

Die Frauenfrage im Lichte des Sozialismus.

Dresden, Kadan. [1920]

Item identification number 7235; Herausgeberin: Anna Blos. Mitarbeiterinnen: Adele Schreiber, Louise Schroeder [und] Anna Geyer.

Reel: 880
Bloss, Celestia Angenette, 1812-1855.

Heroines of the Crusades.

Muscatine, Iowa, R. M. Burnett. 1852

Item identification number 1630.

Reel: 245
Blot, Pierre, 1818-1874.

Prof. Blot's lectures on cookery, delivered in Mercantile Hall.

[n.p.]. [186-]

Item identification number 2115.1.

Reel: 312
Blouët, Paul, i.e. Léon Paul, 1848-1903.

Rambles in womanland.

London, Chatto & Windus. 1903

Item identification number 5065; by Max O'Rell [pseud.]; 2d ed.

Reel: 635
[Blouet, Paul] i.e. Léon Paul, 1848-1903.

Her royal highness woman and his majesty - Cupid.

New York [etc.] The Abbey press. [1901]

Item identification number 5064; by Max O'Rell [pseud.].

Reel: 635
[Blouet, Paul] i.e. Léon Paul, 1848-1903.

... John Bull's womankind.

London, Field & Tuer; Simpkin, Marshall & co.; Hamilton, Adams & co. [1884]

Item identification number 3129; (Les filles de John Bull.) [by] Max O'Rell [pseud.].

Reel: 428
[Blouet, Paul] i.e. Léon Paul, 1848-1903.

... Sa majesté l'amour: petites études de psychologie humoristique.

Paris, Calmann Levy. [1901]

Item identification number 5066.

Reel: 635
[Blouet, Paul] i.e. Léon Paul, 1848-1903.

Woman and artist.

New York and London, Harper & brothers. 1900

Item identification number 3860; by Max O'Rell [pseud.].

Reel: 508
Blount, Anna (Ellsworth) 1872.

The woman voter and the Eugenia ideal.

[n.p.]. [1915?]

Item identification number 9119.

Reel: 949
Blow, Susan Elizabeth, 1843-1916.

Letters to a mother on the philosophy of Froebel.

New York, D. Appleton. 1899

Item identification number 3861.

Reel: 508
Blow, Susan Elizabeth, 1843-1916.

Symbolic education; a commentary on Froebel's "Mother play".

New York, D. Appleton & Co. 1895

Item identification number 3862.

Reel: 508
Blumenthal, Berthold, 1886.

Die Sachlegitimation im Eheprozess nach geltendem Reichsrecht.

Rostock, Alders Erben. 1908

Item identification number 5683.1.

Reel: 709
Blunt, Lady Anne, 1837-1917.

A pilgrimage to Nejd, the cradle of the Arab race.

London, J. Murray. 1881

Item identification number 3130.

Reel: 428
Boaden, James, 1762-1839.

Memoirs of Mrs. Inchbald.

London, Richard Bentley. 1833

Item identification number 986; Including her familiar correspondence with the most distinguished persons of her time. To which are added The massacre and A case of conscience.

Reel: 155
Boaden, James, 1762-1839.

Mrs. Jordan.

New York, Athenaeum Press. [1830]

Item identification number 987.

Reel: 155
Boaden, James, 1762-1839.

Mrs. Sarah Siddons.

New York, Athenaeum press. [n.d.]

Item identification number 3863.

Reel: 508
Boardman, Henry Augustus, 1808-1880.

The Bible in the family; or, Hints on domestic happiness.

Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo and Co. 1851

Item identification number 1630.1.

Reel: 245
Boardman, Henry Augustus, 1808-1880.

A sermon commemorative of the character and life of Miss Margaret Latimer.

Philadelphia, James S. Claxton. 1865

Item identification number 2117.

Reel: 312
Boardman, Mabel Thorp.

Under the Red cross flag at home and abroad.

Philadelphia and London, J. B. Lippincott co. 1915

Item identification number 6347; with a foreword by Woodrow Wilson, president; sixteen illus.

Reel: 794
Boardman, Mary G.

Photograph of Mary G. Boardman.

Photograph number: P87.

Reel: 963
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375.

La fiammetta.

In Firenze, Con licenza de'Superiori. 1724

Item identification number 80; Di nuovo ristampata, e con diligenza ricorretta.

Reel: 15
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375.

Libro di M. Gio.

Vinegia. 1545

Item identification number 81; Boccaccio della donne illustri, tradotto per Messer Giuseppe Betussi.

Reel: 15
Bock, Annie.

Woman suffrage.

Washington. 1913

Item identification number 9317; Address opposing an amendment to the constitution of the United States extending the right of suffrage to woman, written for presentation to the Committee on woman suffrage, United States Senate.

Reel: 952
Bock, Hugo, 1878.

Die gegenseitige Unterhaltspflicht der Ehegatten.

Borna-Leipzig, R. Noske. 1909

Item identification number 5683.2.

Reel: 709
Bode, Wilhelm, 1862-1922.

Charlotte von Stein, von Wilhelm Bode.

Berlin, E. S. Mittler und Sohn. 1912

Item identification number 6348; Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen.

Reel: 795
Bode, Wilhelm, 1862-1922.

Weib und Sittlichkeit in Goethes Leben und Denken.

Berlin, Mittler und Sohn. 1916

Item identification number 7237.

Reel: 880
Bodenstedt, Friedrich Martin von, 1819-1892.

Shakespeare's Frauencharaktere.

Berlin, A. Hofmann & Co. 1874

Item identification number 2549.

Reel: 367
Bodichon, Barbara Leigh (Smith) 1827-1891.

Objections to the enfranchisement of women considered.

London [J. Bale, printer]. 1866

Item identification number 9386.

Reel: 952
Bodichon, Barbara Leigh (Smith) 1827-1891.

Reasons for and against the enfranchisement of women.

London, National society for women's suffrage. 1872

Item identification number 9388.

Reel: 952
[Bodichon, Barbara Leigh (Smith)], 1827-1891.

A brief summary, in plain language, of the most important laws concerning women; together with a few observations thereon.

London, J. Chapman. 1854

Item identification number 8054.

Reel: 936
Boehn, Max von, 1860-1932.

Modes & manners of the nineteenth century as represented in the pictures and engravings of the time.

London, J. M. Dent & sons; New York, E. P. Dutton & co. 1909

Item identification number 5685; by Dr. Oskar Fischel; Translated by M. Edwardes, with an introduction by Grace Rhys.

Reel: 710
Boggart, Minnie.

Photograph of Minnie Boggart.

Photograph number: P88.

Reel: 963
Boggs, Lucinda Pearl, 1874.

Chinese womanhood.

Cincinnati, Jennings and Graham; New York, Eaton and Mains. [c1913]

Item identification number 6349.

Reel: 795
Bohn, Pastor.

Bordelle und Mädchenhandel.

Berlin. 1913

Item identification number 9914; Vortrag gehalten auf der 5. National-Konferenz zur Bekämpfung des Mädchenhandels zu Düsseldorf am 27. September, 1907.

Reel: 961
Boigne, Charlotte Louise Éléonore Adélaïde (d'Osmond) comtesse de, 1781-1866.

Memoirs of the comtesse de Boigne.

New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1907-08

Item identification number 5685.1; ed. from the original ms. by M. Charles Nicoullaud.

Reel: 710
Boigne, Charlotte Louise Éléonore Adélaïde (d'Osmond) comtesse de, 1781-1866.

Recollections of a great lady; being more memoirs of the Comtesse de Boigne.

New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1912

Item identification number 6350; Edited from the original ms. by M. Charles Nicoullaud. with frontispiece.

Reel: 795
Boileau, Jacques, 1635-1716.

De l'abus des nudités de gorge.

Paris, A. Delahays. 1858

Item identification number 1633; Attribué a l'Abbé J. Boileau.

Reel: 245
Bois, Jules, 1871-1943.

... Le couple futur.

Paris, Librarie des Annales politiques et littéraires. [1912]

Item identification number 6351.

Reel: 795
Bois, Jules, 1871-1943.

L'Éve nouvelle.

Paris, L. Chailley. 1896

Item identification number 3865.

Reel: 509
Bois-Gallais, F. Lepelle de.

Memoir of Mademoiselle Rosa Bonheur.

New York, Williams, Stevens, Williams & co. 1857

Item identification number 8290; Translated by James Parry.

Reel: 940
[Boisguillebert, Pierre le Pesant, sieur de], 1646-1714.

Marie Stuart, reyne d'Escosse.

Paris [L. Billaine]. 1675

Item identification number 82; Nouvelle historique.

Reel: 15
Boissevair, Inez (Milholland).

Photograph of Inez (Milholland) Boissevair.

Photograph number: P89.

Reel: 963
Bok, Edward William, 1863-1930.

Real opponents to the suffrage movement.

New York, New York state association opposed to woman suffrage. [1909]

Item identification number 9297; are the women themselves whose peculiar field of work lies outside of politics.

Reel: 951
Bok, Edward William, 1863-1930, comp. and ed.

Beecher memorial; contemporaneous tributes to the memory of Henry Ward Beecher.

Brooklyn, N.Y., Priv. print. [De Vinne Press]. 1887

Item identification number 3131.

Reel: 428
Boland, Esther F.

The schools and the commonwealth.

Boston, The Woman's Journal. 1902

Item identification number 8929.

Reel: 947
Bolivia. Laws, statutes, etc.

... Circular a los prefectos y fiscales de distrito.

[La Paz, J. M. Gamarra]. 1912

Item identification number 6352; Ley que establece el matrimonio civil. Decreto supremo que reglamenta la ley anterior; apéndice: formularios y leyes conexas.

Reel: 795
Bolo, Henry, 1858.

Du mariage au divorce.

Paris, R. Haton. 1896

Item identification number 3866.

Reel: 509
Bolo, Henry, 1858.

Les mariages écrits au ciel.

Paris, R. Haton. [1897]

Item identification number 3867.

Reel: 509
Bolona de Sierra, Concepción.

La mujer en Cuba, por Concepción Boloña, vda. de Sierra, (Coralia).

Habana, Imprenta "La Prueba,". 1899

Item identification number 3867.1.

Reel: 509
Bölte, Amely, i.e. Amalie Charlotte Elise Mariane, 1811-1891.

Madame de Staël, an historical novel.

New York, Putnam & son. 1869

Item identification number 2118; Translated from the German by Theodore Johnson.

Reel: 312
Bölte, Amely, i.e. Amalie Charlotte Elise Mariane, 1811-1891.

Nieuw vrouwen-brevier.

Arnhem, J. Rinkes jr. [1877]

Item identification number 2550; Naar het Duitsch.

Reel: 367
Bolton, Charles Knowles, 1867.

The Elizabeth Whitman mystery at the old Bell tavern in Danvers; a study of "Eliza Wharton," the heroine of a famous New England romance.

Peabody, Mass., Peabody historical society. 1912

Item identification number 6353.

Reel: 795
Bolton, Charles Knowles, 1867.

On the wooing of Martha Pitkin; being a versified narrative of the time of the regicides in colonial New England.

Boston, Copeland and Day. 1895

Item identification number 3868.

Reel: 509
Bolton, Florence.

Exercises for women, containing helpful suggestions on matters directly and indirectly related to exercise and development, and an appendix with a wider range of work, briefly tabulated, for the use of teachers.

New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls co. 1914

Item identification number 6354; Fully illustrated with over one hundred cuts and half-tones; with illustrated details of mat exercises.

Reel: 796
Bolton, Sarah (Knowles) 1841-1916.

Every-day living.

Boston, L. C. Page & co. 1900

Item identification number 3869.

Reel: 509
Bolton, Sarah (Knowles) 1841-1916.

Famous leaders among women.

New York, Boston, T. Y. Crowell & company. [c1895]

Item identification number 3870.

Reel: 509
Bolton, Sarah (Knowles) 1841-1916.

Famous types of womanhood.

New York; Boston, T. Y. Crowell & co. [1892]

Item identification number 3871.

Reel: 509
Bolton, Sarah (Knowles) 1841-1916.

From heart and nature.

N.Y., T. Y. Crowell & Co. 1887

Item identification number 3133; by Charles Knowles Bolton.

Reel: 428
Bolton, Sarah (Knowles) 1841-1916.

How success is won.

Boston, D. Lothrop & co. [1885]

Item identification number 3135.

Reel: 429
Bolton, Sarah (Knowles) 1841-1916.

Lives of girls who became famous.

New York, T. Y. Crowell & co. [1886]

Item identification number 3134.

Reel: 428
Bolton, Sarah (Knowles) 1841-1916.

Social studies in England.

Boston, D. Lothrop & co. [1893]

Item identification number 3871.1.

Reel: 509
Bolton, Sarah (Knowles) 1841-1916.

Successful women.

Boston, D. Lothrop co. [c1888]

Item identification number 3136.

Reel: 429
Bombay Sorosis Club. Bombay, India.

A short history of a brief life, nil desperandum.

Bombay. 1891

Item identification number 8111.

Reel: 937
[Bomhard, Christian i.e. Martin Christian Friedrich von], 1785-1862.


Bamberg, C. F. Kunz'ichen Buchhandlung. 1815

Item identification number 736; Von der würde der weiblichen natur und bestimmung.

Reel: 112
Le Bon TON.

Dec. 1851-1854

Reel: 17
Le Bon TON.


Reel: 18
Le Bon TON.


Reel: 19
Le Bon TON.


Reel: 20
Le Bon TON.


Reel: 21
Le Bon TON.


Reel: 22
Le Bon TON.


Reel: 23
Bonafede, Carolina.

Cenni biografici e ritratti d'insigni donne bolognesi.

Bologna, Sassi. 1845

Item identification number 1268.

Reel: 191
Bonald, Louis Gabriel Ambroise, vicomte de, 1754-1840.

Du divorce, considéré au XIXe siècle, relativement à l'état domestique et à l'état public de société.

Paris, Le Clere. 1805

Item identification number 626; Seconde édition, revue, corrigée et augmentée.

Reel: 91
Bonhomme, Honoré, i.e. Jean François Honoré, 1811.

Grandes dames et pécheresses; études d'histoire et de moeurs au XVIIIe siècle, d'après des documents inédits.

Paris, Charavay frères. 1883

Item identification number 3137.

Reel: 429
Bonhomme, Honoré, i.e. Jean François Honoré, 1811.

La société galante et littéraire au XVIIIe siècle, par Honoré Bonhomme.

Paris, E. Rouveyre. 1880

Item identification number 3138.

Reel: 429
Bonneau-Avenant, Alfred, comte de, 1823.

La Duchesse d'Aiguillon, nièce du Cardinal de Richelieu, sa vie et ses oeuvres charitables, 1604-1675.

Paris, Didier et cie. 1879

Item identification number 2551.

Reel: 368
Bonneff, Léon.

... La vie tragique des travailleurs, enquêtes sur la condition économique et morale des ouvriers et ouvrières d'industrie.

Paris, M. Rivière & cie. 1914

Item identification number 6355; Préface de Lucien Descaves. [Nouvelle éd., rev. et augm.].

Reel: 796
Bonnefoy, Antoine.

Place aux femmes.

Paris, A. Fayard & cie. [1914]

Item identification number 6356; Les carrières féminines, administratives et libérales.

Reel: 796
Bonnell, Henry Houston, 1859.

Charlotte Brontë, George Eliot, Jane Austen; studies in their works.

New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co. 1902

Item identification number 5067.

Reel: 635
Bonnet, Charles.

Des donations entre époux dans le droit romain.

Paris, F. Pichon. 1876

Item identification number 2552.

Reel: 368
Bonnet, Jules, 1820-1892.

Vie d'Olympia Morata, ëpisode de la renaissance et de la réforme en Italie.

Paris, Charles Meyrueis. 1856

Item identification number 1634; 3. édition, rev. et aug.

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