History 30 – Research Essay Topics

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HISTORY 30 – Research Essay Topics

  1. Canadian Pacific Railway. Outline the inspirations, problems and triumphs associated with this massive project.

  1. NAFTA (North American Free-Trade Agreement). Outline the origins of this controversial trade agreement. Is it good or bad for Canada’s sovereignty as a nation?

  1. Sir John A. Macdonald. Outline the political career of this most famous of Canadian

politicians. Was Sir John the true architect of Canada?

  1. Write an essay which discusses the triumphs and struggles of the Canadian regiments

during the Great War.

  1. Racial Politics – Research and describe past policy and practise of the Canadian

government that showed racial bias for or against any racial groups.

  1. Conscientious Objectors. How did the Canadian government handle those who refused military service because of religious or moral convictions?

  1. The Mounties. Detail the purpose, history and evolution of the Mounties from their

beginnings in the west to the modern function of the force.

  1. 1972 Summit Series. Why did hockey grip the nation’s consciousness during this historical series? How did the ’72 Series affect Canada and how does the legacy affect us today?

  1. William Lyon Mackenzie King. Was he Canada’s most successful P.M. ever? Did messages from beyond the grave help him? Provide the answer.

  1. The Treaties. What lasting effects are being felt today in Canadian life and how will the treaties affect the future of Canada?

  1. How did Laurier’s Minister of the Interior, Clifford Sifton, change the face of the population of Canada with his influential immigration policy?

  1. Canada and the Cold War. How was Canada involved in the potentially deadly gamesmanship involving the United States and the USSR?

  1. What is Canadian culture? How can it be maintained next to the greatest

cultural influence of out time?

  1. How have Canadian natural resources shaped Canada as a nation?

  1. Milk River, Alberta. This community claims to have been under the control of eight flags. How did this come to be? Write the history of Milk River.

16. Rebellions of 1837-38. Prepare an essay that investigates the causes, people, events

and the results of the rebellions.

  1. Tecumseh and the War of 1812. Prepare an essay that investigates Tecumseh and

the involvement of his Aboriginal forces in the war.

  1. Canadian Global Influence. Does Canada have the international influence and power that it should? Explain how and why. This topic is an investigation of Canada’s foreign involvement.

  1. Alternate History. Study a Canadian historical event. Change the historical outcome and rewrite the subsequent Canadian history.

What if:

France won the Battle of the Plains of Abraham

American invasions were successful

The Canadian Pacific Railway was not built

Canada loses at Vimy Ridge

No Quebec Act

FLQ Crisis explodes

  1. Louis Riel. Traitor or Role Model. Provide evidence for your assertion.

  1. Prime Minister Spotlight. Detail the actions, philosophy and the legacy of one of the following Prime Ministers:

Jean Chretien

John Diefenbaker

Brian Mulroney

Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Lester B. Pearson

What is this PM’s standing in Canadian history? Brilliant or buffoon, you decide. Provide evidence.

  1. Tommy C. Douglas. What has this former Saskatchewan premier left behind for Canadians? How would Douglas feel about the state of healthcare in Canada today?

  1. The Life of an MP. Detail the responsibilities and life of a Member of Parliament. What goes on in Ottawa, at home and on the campaign?

  1. Canadian Military. In the latest current events the Canadian military has been portrayed as under-equipped and bumbling. Is this an accurate depiction? What role does the Canadian military serve in domestic and international affairs? Should more tax money be devoted to the military at a cost to other programs such as healthcare and education?

  1. Canadian Corps and WWI. Detail the formation and use of the Canadian Corps from the beginning of WWI until peace in 1918.

  1. Canadian Culture. What measures does the Canadian government take to protect and encourage Canadian cultural activity?

  1. Immigration. What has government policy been on immigration through the pre-history and history of Canada? Who gets in? Why? When?

  1. Supreme Court of Canada. Function, history, landmark decisions.

  1. War At Home. Detail the “Canadian Front” during either the Great War or the Second World War. What occurred at home during the war?

  1. The Treaties. How have treaties become a national issue? Investigate the Treaties and their affect on modern day Canada.

  1. Conscription. How has the draft had a major impact on our nation?

34. Canadian Military Action. Select an operation carried out by the Canadian forces in

major combat situations.

  1. Peace Keeping. Discuss Canadian involvement in UN Peacekeeping.

  1. Fur-Trade Pioneers. Select a pathfinder from the early days of the fur-trade. Discuss their contributions and legacy to the fur-trade and Canadian history.

  1. Indian Act. How has the Canadian government dealt with the First Nations of Canada using this legal document? What is the legacy of this Act?

  1. Spanish Influenza. This flu-bug killed more people than WWI. How has the Influenza influenced Canadian and world history?

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