Hist 413 Imagining the Nation: Canada 19th and 20th centuries (W-2013)

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HIST 413

Imagining the Nation: Canada 19th and 20th centuries (W-2013)
Professor: Michel Ducharme

Office: Buchanan Tower 1104

Phone number: (604) 822-5642 (during Office Hours)

Office hours: Wednesday, 1pm to 4pm

Email: michel.ducharme@ubc.ca

Course Description

This course examines the evolution of the concept of nation in Canada, the different forms of nationalism it has inspired from the middle of the nineteenth-century in French and English Canada to the patriation of the Canadian Constitution in 1982 and beyond. It examines the tensions inherent to Canadian nation-building process.

Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes

In this course, students will develop an understanding of the emergence and evolution of different national identities in Canada over the last 200 years. They will become familiar with the following topics:

  • the theoretical differences between different concepts of nation and nationalism

  • the relationship between the concepts of race, ethnicity and nation

  • the origins of different national identities in Canada in the 19th century (French Canadian, English Canadian, Acadian, and Métis identities)

  • the political struggles between different national groups over the nature of Canada in the 19th and 20th centuries

  • the major transformations of the 1960s which led to current forms of national discourses and nationalisms

This course will also sharpen students’ analytic skills in reading, writing, and oral presentation, and encourage them to question received authority of all kind. Accordingly, students will be required to participate in weekly discussions about a specific relevant theme. They will also have to write a book review and an analytic essay on an issue relating to one aspect of Canadian nationalism. These assignments are designed to develop students’ knowledge about nationalism in Canada, as well as their reading, writing and research skills.

Books and Course Package

Students will need two books and a course package (available at the UBC Bookstore):

  • H.V. Nelles, The Art of Nation-Building: Pageantry and Spectacle at Quebec's Tercentenary (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999).

  • George Grant, Lament for a Nation, 40th anniversary edition, Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2005

For students with no background in Canadian history, these short surveys could be useful (available in the library OR on amazon.ca):

  • H.V. Nelles, A Little History of Canada, Don Mills: Oxford University Press, 2004.

  • Desmond Morton, A Short History of Canada, Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2006.


Participation: 15 %

Book Review: 20 % (due date: October 10, 2013)

Research Essay (10-12 pages): 40 % (due date: November 28, 2013)

Take-home Exam: 25 % (due date: December 5, 2013)

University of British Columbia values academic integrity. Therefore all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences. For more information, see these two websites:

Book Review: Due October 10, 2013

Students will have to prepare a book review (5-6 pages) on this book: H.V. Nelles, The Art of Nation-Building: Pageantry and Spectacle at Quebec's Tercentenary (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999).

*** Book reviews are due at beginning of class on the due date. No late submission will be accepted, as the book will be discussed in class. Exception could be made for students who get an academic concession from Arts Advising. In this case, students will review another book chosen by the instructor.
Research Essay: Due November 28, 2013.

Students will have to write an essay (10-12 pages) on a subject of their choice related to the nation question in Canada. Students are free to choose any topic between the 1840s (emergence of different trends of nationalism in Canada) and 1982 (patriation of the Constitution). They must seek the instructor=s approval before October 31st. The paper must follow a history format and include a table of contents, notes, and a full bibliography (see: Jeffrey W. Alexander and Joy Dixon, Thomson Nelson Guide to Writing in History, 2nd edition (Toronto: Nelson, 2010).)

*** Students will need to submit hard copies of their essays to the instructor as well as an electronic copy to TurnItIn by the paper deadlines. I do not expect to find plagiarism, but I use the TurnItIn system to protect students and to keep the marking fair. More explanation on how to submit essays to TurnItIn will be provided later on.

*** Late papers will be penalized 5% per day beginning with the end of class on the due date.

Take-home Exam:

A take-home exam will be held at the end of the semester. Students will receive the questions on the last day of class (November 28, 2013) and will have to bring their answer back to the secretariat of the History Department on December 5, 2013 before 4:30PM.

***No late submission will be accepted.

Week 1: Introduction

September 5: Introduction: Canada and the National Question

Week 2: What is a Nation? What is Nationalism?

September 7: What is a nation?

Suggested Readings

  • Ernest Renan, “What is a Nation?” (“Qu’est-ce qu’une nation”) (1882)

Link: http://www.nationalismproject.org/what/renan.htm

Link: http://library.flawlesslogic.com/fichte.htm
September 12: What is nationalism? Nations in Western World History (19th-20th centuries)

Suggested Readings:

Link for all these texts: http://www.nationalismproject.org/what.htm

  • Ernest Gellner, Nations and Nationalism, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1983. Eric Hobsbawm, Nations and Nationalism since 1780, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990.

  • Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, revised ed. London and New York: Verso, 1991

  • Anthony D. Smith, “Gastronomy or Geology? The Role of Nationalism in the Reconstruction of Nations." Nations and Nationalism 1, 1 (1994): 3-23

  • John Breuilly, Nationalism and the State, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1985.

Week 3: The Emergence of Nationalism in Canada I: From Patriotism to French Canadian nationalism

September 17: British North America before 1840

September 19: The Emergence of French Canadian Nationalism

Suggested Readings:

  • François-Xavier Garneau, “Preliminary Discourse to History of Canada” (1845), History of Canada: From the Time of Its Discovery Till the Union Year 1840-41, Montreal: Richard Worthington, 1866, Volume 1, p. xxiv-xxxiii

Links: available at http://books.google.ca

  • Calixa Lavallée and Basil Routier, “O Canada”(1880):

Lyrics available at: http://www.pch.gc.ca/progs/cpsc-ccsp/sc-cs/anthem_e.cfm

Lyrics with an exact English translation of the French original text: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O_Canada

Music (French version): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8Sw6ScUmnk
Week 4: The Emergence of Nationalism in Canada II: The Emergence of an Acadian and a Canadian nation

September 24: The Acadian Renaissance

Suggested Readings:

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline: A Tale of Acadia (1847)

Link: available at http://books.google.ca
September 26: The Emergence of (English) Canadian National Identity

Suggested Readings:

  • John Mercier McMullen, “Preface,” History of Canada, from Its First Discovery to the Present Time, Brockville: J.M. McMullen Publisher, 1855.

Link: available at http://books.google.ca

  • Edward Hartley Dewart, “Introductory Essay,” in Selections from Canadian Poets, Montreal: John Lovell, 1864, ix-xix.

Link: available at http://books.google.ca

  • Alexander Muir, “The Maple Leaf Forever”

Lyrics available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Maple_Leaf_Forever

Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78LuJa_cKjI

Week 5: Canada: Nation, Dominion or Empire?

October 1: Canada: From Colony to Nation

October 3: Canada as an Empire: Canada and Aboriginal Peoples

Suggested Readings:

  • Numbered Treaties 1-7 (1871-1877)

Link: http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100028653/1100100028654
Week 6: An Era of National Struggles (1867-1917)

October 8: Struggles between French and English Canadians (1867-1917)

October 10: Struggle over Public Memory: The Tercentenary of Quebec City

Reading: (due date for book review)

  • H.V. Nelles, The Art of Nation-Building: Pageantry and Spectacle at Quebec's Tercentenary, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999

Week 7: The Emergence of Canadian Nationalism

October 15: Nationalism, Imperialism and the Great War

October 17: The Great War, Vimy Ridge, and Canadian Identity


  • Jonathan Vance, “To Found a Country,” in Vance, Death So Noble: Memory, Meaning, and the First World War, Vancouver: UBC Press, 1997, 226-256.

  • Jacqueline Hucker, “‘Battle and Burial’: Recapturing the Cultural Meaning of Canada’s National Memorial on Vimy Ridge,” The Public Historian, 31: 1 (2009): 89-109.

Link: available through the UBC Library
Week 8: Race, Ethnicity and Immigration

October 22: Racism and Nationalism

October 24: Antisemitism


  • Irving Abella and Harold Troper, “‘The Line Must be Drawn Somewhere’: Canada and the Jewish Refugees, 1933-9,”Canadian Historical Review 60, 2 (1979): 178-209.

Link: available through the UBC Library

  • Pierre Anctil, ““Interlude of hostility: Judeo-Christian relations in Quebec in the interwar period, 1919-1939,” in Antisemitism in Canada: History and Interpretation, ed. Alan Davies, Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1992, 135-165.

Week 9: Evolving Canadian Identity (1945-1970)

October 29: Transformations of the English Canadian Identity

October 31: Conservatism and the Advent of a New Canadian Nationalism


  • George Grant, Lament for a Nation, 40th anniversary edition, Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2005

Week 10: The Emergence of Quebec Nationalism

November 5: From French Canadian to Québécois

November 7: Competing visions of the Nation


  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau, ANew Treason of the Intellectuals,@ in Federalism and the French Canadians, Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1968, 151-181.

  • René Lévesque, René Lévesque, An Option for Québec, Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1968, 14–30.

  • FLQ Manifesto (October 1970)

Link : http://www.marxists.org/history/canada/quebec/flq/1970/manifesto.htm
Week 11: Constitutional Crisis

November 12: The 1980 Referendum and the Patriation of the Constitution

November 14: Canadian Identity under Attack


  • Neil Bissoondath, “The Uses of Ethnicity” in Bissoondath, Selling Illusions: The Cult of Multiculturalism, Toronto: Penguin Book, 1994, p. 98-134.

  • Robert Martin and Philip L. Bryden, “Is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms antidemocratic?” in Mark Charlton and Paul Barker, eds., Crosscurrents: Contemporary Political Issues, Toronto: ITP Nelson, 1998, 96-107.

Week 12: Art, Marketing and National Identity

November 19: Art and National Identity

November 21: Marketing and Nationalism


  • Paula Hasting, “Branding Canada: Consumer Culture and the Development of Popular Nationalism in the Early Twentieth Century,” in Canadas of the Mind: The Making and Unmaking of Canadian Nationalisms in the Twentieth Century, ed. Norman Hillmer and Adam Chapnick, Montréal: McGill-Queen’s University, 2007, 134-158.

  • Steve Penfold, “Eddie Shack Was No Tim Horton: Donuts and the Folklore of Mass Culture, 1974-1999” in The Donut: A Canadian Story, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008, 165-189.

  • Catherine Carstairs, “Roots Nationalism: Branding English Canada Cool In The 1980s and 1990s,” Histoire sociale/ Social History 39: 77 (2006): 235-255.

Link: available through the UBC Library
Week 13: Nation or Nations?

November 26: First Nations and the Canadian Nation

November 29: History of the Nation or National History


  • Lyle Dick, “‘A Growing Necessity for Canada’: W. L. Morton’s Centenary Series and the Forms of National History, 1955-80,” Canadian Historical Review 82, 2 (2001): 223-252

Link: available through the UBC Library

  • Bliss, Michael. “Privatizing the Mind: The Sundering of Canadian History, the Sundering of Canada,” Journal of Canadian Studies 26, 4 (1991-1992): 5-17.

  • Veronica Strong-Boag, “Contested Space: The Politics of Canadian Memory,” Journal of the Canadian Historical Association 5 (1994): 3-17

Link: available through the UBC Library
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