Hilary Amann Intermediate Composition 2089

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Hilary Amann

Intermediate Composition 2089

Professor Skutar

April 18, 2013

Final Course Reflection

This semester we’ve examined, evaluated, researched, and taken a look at many different aspects of writing. For our first paper we were instructed to evaluate a scholarly article that was related to our field of study. In our second paper we reviewed the genres of a speech or presentation and analyzed the different rhetorical strategies that were presented by the author or speaker. Next, in our third paper, we had to write up a proposal of an argument that was to be used for our fourth and final essay. In our final essay, we were instructed to write in the form of a speech and to present an argument in our field of study. Along with writing our essays, we have had to read from our etextbooks, post our drafts and final essays to our WordPress blogs, and also upload them to Blackboard to be graded.

While trying to come up with a solid argument for my Essay 3 proposal, I decided to think of something that I have heard and encountered often when discussing alternative medicine, which is the actual benefits and research behind the treatments. This has always been something that has bothered me so I wanted to take the opportunity to explain the ideas behind different treatments while also looking at scientific evidence backing up them up. After researching and thinking about a way to address the audience for my final essay, I figured that the best way to present my research to the audience was to inform them of the history, efficacy, and benefits of alternative medicine.

To generate the material to use for my Essay 4, I decided that in order to understand the background of alternative medicine I needed to provide some sort of information on the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Next, I thought that it was important to provide the audience with scientific research to add to the credibility of the treatments. Then finally I chose to write about the benefits because that is, a lot of the time, what people want to know and are interested in learning about. It wasn’t too difficult to develop enough material to sustain a ten-page paper because I am very passionate about this subject. I first decided to split it up by having the introduction be a page and a half, the section on the history of alternative medicine was a page and a half, ***

In order to sway someone to consider a new system of health care it is important to address the history, research on the efficacy of the practices, and finally the benefits to using this modality.

I took a public speaking course last semester, so luckily it came in handy for this essay. I used this information to set up my draft and final essay by starting off with an attention getter, stating my main points, and then diving into those three main points. This prior experience in speaking in front of a group of people really was an advantage to me for this essay.

This semester I learned that I am actually a much better writer than I thought I was. I was nervous at first because I haven’t taken an English course since my freshman year of college, but luckily all of the prior knowledge came back to me. I really enjoyed this class because we were instructed to write about topics that were interesting to us. Since the essays were relevant to our majors, it made it much easier to research and get excited for the paper. Thank you for being a wonderful instructor, I’ve really enjoyed this class.

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