High School and Middle School a cappella: Ian Sanchez and Joseph Stellino Who

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Where: CB West

When: June 25-28 Time: Two Sessions: 8-11AM or 12-3PM

Fee: $120.00

Engineering: Travis Jovais & John Benedix

Who: Grades 4-7

What: Explore the world of engineering and technology. Build and test prop cars, foam gliders, soda bottle rockets, ping-pong ball launchers, and make T-shirts all while being exposed to the use of computers, computer numerical controlled (CNC) devices, and 3D printers! Bring lunch!!

Where: CB West

When: July 30 – Aug.2 TIME: 9am-3pm Fee: $200.00

Just Breath: Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

Shannon O’Connor

Who: Students entering 7th-9th grades

What: Have you always wanted to learn yoga or try meditating? Learn yoga sequences, meditation techniques, and mindfulness practices that will invite calm and joy into your life. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness have physical and mental benefits, and you can use the practices you learn this summer, all year long to help de-stress and feel awesome! BRING A MAT, WATER BOTTLE, AND WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING.

Where: Jamison Elementary School

When: July 9-12 Time: 10am-12pm

July 16-19 Time: 10am-12pm

Fee: $100.00

Learn to Draw Superheroes!!: Jim Horwat

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domain -> Apes frq tips Secrets to earn the points you deserve on the written portion of the apes exam Types of questions
domain -> Ms. Wiley’s apush survival Guide
domain -> Idea—what you have to say. Something original? Startling? Insightful? Surprising? Expression
domain -> [Schmidt, holds a Ph. D. from Vanderbilt University and specializes in literature and drama. In this essay, he examines Wilde's play in the context of Victorian concepts of “earnestness.”]
domain -> Elements of Nonfiction What is nonfiction?
domain -> Name/Period: comparison-contrast essay rubric
domain -> Early Cold War Advanced Document-Based-Question Essay Name: Advanced 9 th
domain -> On the national exam, you will write one Document-Based Question (dbq) in 60 minutes; your essay will contribute to 25% of your overall score
domain -> The Problem With Power Source List
domain -> C. This is a multi-paragraph essay d. You must include multiple quotations and specific references from

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