High School and Middle School a cappella: Ian Sanchez and Joseph Stellino Who

Participating in group improvisations

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Participating in group improvisations

  • The benefits of mindfulness through physical meditation

  • The importance of controlling mind and body with breathing techniques

    *Decorate your own meditation stone and learn partner poses!

    Where: CB West

    When: June 25-June 28 Time: 9am-noon

    July 30 – Aug.2

    Fee: $135.00

    Note: Students are to bring their own mat and water to each class.

    Young Hacks Academy

    Your child will learn the core concepts of computer programming and video game design. They will also learn how to build a technical journal and strategies for efficient collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. The camp will also include the best practices for public speaking…the ability to “pitch” and present work.

    Also included is the exploration of important local and global issues.

    Computer Agent Training: Young Hacks Academy

    Who: Ages 9-12

    What: Blending computer programming, a problem-solving, and teamwork, YHA Agent Training teaches kids to build cool video games about big challenges facing the world today, such as climate change, homelessness, and endangered wildlife. Whether its public speaking or collaborating with peers, YHA models essential leadership techniques that will immediately help student in and out of the classroom. Agents tackle daily missions using Scratch, a user-friendly, visual programming tool that enables students to quickly start developing their own interactive projects. No programming experience is required. For more information, visit younghacks.com. (Please bring lunch)

    Where: CB West

    When: July 23- 26th Time: 8:30-3:30pm

    Fee per week: $325.00 (Tuition includes: Student Kit which consists of T-Shirt, workbook and diploma.

    Beta Masters: Young Hacks Academy

    Who: Ages 12-15 years (Beginner-Intermediate)

    Imagine a small indie game studio that has 5 days to pitch, design and build a new video game. Following a real-world production cycle, YHA Beta Masters work in teams to develop an innovative game prototype from conception to completion. Camper will Following a real-world production cycle, YHA Beta Masters work in teams to develop an innovative game prototype from conception to completion. Campers will use the Stencyl game engine to take their computational learning to the next level, creating original graphics and bringing them to life with Haxe coding. The program culminates with a beta release party in which friends and family act as investors. No programming experience is necessary. For more information, visit younghacks.com.

    Where: CB West

    When: July 30 – August 2 Time: 8:30 – 3:30pm

    Fee: $325.00 (Tuition includes: Student kit which consists of T-Shirt, workbook and diploma.)


    Orchestra Workshop: Pat Nugent

    Who: entering grades 5-12 (Elementary, Middle and High School)

    What: Students will perform in small and large group ensembles. This workshop is designed for students to continue playing throughout the summer, increase sight-reading skills, and refine techniques while having fun!

    Where: CB West

    When: WEDNESDAY evenings only. June 27 – Aug. 1

    * Level OneStudents who have played one year in school: 4:00 – 4:45pm

    * Level Two – Students who have played two or 3 years in school: 5:00 – 5:45pm

    * Level Three – Students who have played 4 or 5 years in school: 6:00 – 6:45 pm

    * Level Four – For advanced Jr. and Sr. High students: 7:00-7:45 pm

    Where: CB WEST

    Fee: $100.00
    Sewing Camp : Susana Ash

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