High School and Middle School a cappella: Ian Sanchez and Joseph Stellino Who

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Time: 8:30- 12:00

Cost: $170.00
Scrapbooking for Beginners – Melissa Hackett

Who: 4th-6th graders

What: Students will learn to put their memories together in a scrapbook workshop! We will spend 3 days organizing and decorating our pictures into a keepsake that students will be able to take home on the final day!!

Where: CB West

When: July 9 – 11 ( 3 Day Camp M,T,W) Time: 9am-12pm

Fee: $100.00

Note: $20.00 cash fee will be due to instructor first day

Collect your photos for this memory-making time!!

Shining Knights Chess Club

Who: K through 6th

What: Whether you are new to the game, learning to push pawns for the first time, or have played in numerous tournaments, and want to sharpen your skills, come to a Shining Knights chess Camp! We have trained numerous state champions and national trophy winners. We have trained even more kids to enjoy the game that they can spend hours playing with friends and family. So, whether you want to win games in your living room against your parents or win tournaments in other states, come join us and learn how to play chess or play better chess! Campers receive a tournament-style chess set and a Shining Knights T-shirt.

Where: CB West

When: July 9th – 12th 9AM – 12PM

July 30th Aug.2 12PM – 3PM

Fee: $155.00
Brainy Math Games and Problem Solving: Jeffrey Hudak

Who: Going into fourth and fifth

What: In this class, students will engage in healthy competition and play a variety of math games that focus on everything from computation to probability. Some of these games include 24, Equate, Smack It, and Factor Captor. Over the years, students have always asked, “Why does math matter?” This is a fair question, and this question serves as the focal point for the class. In this course, students will learn and apply proven strategies to solve complex real-world math problems. They will take on the role of architects to create blueprints for a building project, as well as take on the role of entrepreneurs to create budgets for a start-up business. We will also take on the role of accountants to complete kid friendly tax evaluation reports. By the end of the course, students will gain a new appreciation for how math plays a vital role in various career fields.

Where: CB West

When: June 25- 28th

July 2-6th (Closed 4th of July)

July 9th- 12th

July 16th -19

July 23rd- 26th

Time: 8am – noon (Please bring a snack!) Fee: $95.00

Teacher Academy I – CB Teachers Kate Carroll and Darci Meehan

Who: 3rd – 6th What: Students will learn about classroom management, First Aid, icebreakers, planning field trips, and more! Each student will have an opportunity to plan and teach a lesson, design and produce bulletin boards, choose books and practice reading aloud.

Students need to bring a snack.

Where: CB West

When: June 25th-28th TIME: 9am-12pm

Fee: $100.00
Teacher Academy ll – CB Teachers Kate Carroll and Darci Meehan

Who: Graduates of Teacher Academy I (3rd-6th Exceptions can be made on the older end)

What: Graduates of Teacher Academy I, are invited to learn more about becoming a teacher! We will develop math lessons, learn about special education, write lesson plans, design parent newsletters and more!

Students need to bring a snack.

Where: CB West

When: July 9th July 12th Time: 9:00 – 12:00pm

Fee: $100.00
Technology Time – Melissa Hackett

Who: 2nd – 5th Graders

What: Students will spend time exploring the world of technology through various platforms. Some of the concepts we will work on are coding, team building and green screen work. Students will complete a project of their choosing by the final day.

Where: CB West When: June 25th-27th (3 day camp) Time: 9am- 12pm Fee: $150.00

Writing Camps

  • Poetry Writing 101:

Tyler Kline

Who: 9th-12th

What: Love writing and talking about poetry? With Poetry 101, you will engage in a workshop where you will gain all the necessary skills, information, and experience to improve your poetry and get published. We will study contemporary poets and poems, discuss and practice writing techniques and share and discuss work in a welcoming workshop environment. Be the end of the week, you will leave with new favorite poets to read, poems that you’ve written and revised, and insight into how to get your work published. Please contact Central Bucks English teacher Tyler Kline at tkline@cbsd.org with questions or inquiries into this wonderful workshop. No prior creative writing experience needed – just bring a passion for writing and an open mind!

Where: CB West

When: Mon. July-16th- Thur. July 19th Time: 9-12:30

Fee: $100.00

Who: 6th-9th grade

What: Students will explore their writer’s voices by participating in an array of creative writing exercises and prompts. We will dabble in a variety of genres, including spoken worked poetry, creative nonfiction and more……depending upon the students’ interest.

Where: CB West Time: 9am-12pm

When: July 9-12 Fee: $85.00

  • Creative Nonfiction: Writing Memoir and the Personal Essay Kate Rosselli

Who: Grades 9th through 12th

What: One of the most common pieces of advice given to budding writers is to write what you know. In this course we will follow this advice and explore how to approach writing memoir and the personal essay. We will look at models as well as experiment through several creative nonfiction exercises to help you develop your own unique voice. By the end of the week you will walk away with at least one finished piece that draws from the most authentic subject matter...your own experiences.

Where: CB West When: July 16th – July 19 Time: 9:30am-12:30 pm Fee: $100.00
Yoga and Kinesis: Jacqueline M. Podence

Who: 1st -4th graders

What: Students will be introduced to yoga and principles of movement where they will be encouraged to focus their imagination on exploring the concepts of:
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