High School and Middle School a cappella: Ian Sanchez and Joseph Stellino Who

Who: Entering grades 5th and 6th What

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Who: Entering grades 5th and 6th

What: Developing singers will exercise their voices with warm-ups, various rehearsals, and music games. This class will culminate with a public concert at the end of the week!

Where: Jamison Elementary School

When: July 9th- 12th Time: 9am-noon

Fee: $90.00
Let’s Cook!! with Monica Sellecchia

Who: Ages 8 and Up

What: Join Chef Monica in this exciting and educational Health and Culinary Arts Training Program. You will learn how to make healthy, fun AND delicious snacks and dishes. You will also learn how to balance meals, identify food groups, and more! There will be plenty of delicious dishes to be sampled and enjoyed. Let’s get Cooking!

Where: CB West

When: June 25th-June 28th

July 9th-July 12th

July 23rd -July 26th

TIME: 10am – 12am

Fee: $150.00

Note: $30.00 cash materials fee will be due on the first day.
Science Explorers® (Science Camp)

Who: Ages 7-11

What: Summer Science Camp (See more info. Below)

Where: CB West

When: 8am-2:30

Fee: $348.00

For more information or to register your child, please visit our website at www.scienceexplorers or call our office at 1.877.870.9517.

  1. Ready, Set, Science!: July 9-July 12

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domain -> The Problem With Power Source List
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