Harry F. Byrd, Jr. Leadership Award

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Harry F. Byrd, Jr. Leadership Award

The Harry F. Byrd, Jr. Leadership Award seeks to reward high school students who demonstrate academic accomplishment and also embody excellence of character, leadership, and good citizenship. Winners will receive $10,000. This is a nomination only scholarship application. Only one student from Brooke Point can submit an application.

If you are interested in being nominated for this scholarship, please answer the following six questions about your leadership and service to be considered. From these essays, the scholarship committee will meet to decide who our nominee is and contact that student, who will fill out the application. Only one student from Brooke Point can be nominated.

Please attach on separate pages your responses to the following questions and put your name at the top of each page. Due to Ms. Williman in the Counseling Office no later than October 23, 2017.

  1. What event in your life has been the most meaningful in developing your character? Explain why.

  2. In what circumstances have you exercised leadership skills? How did you affect others? How were you affected by these experiences?

  3. In what manner have you engaged in service to others? What have you learned from these experiences?

  4. What event or circumstance in your family life has had the greatest impact upon who you are today?

  5. Of the many current issues of public concern in our nation today, pick one and explain how you would address the question.

  6. Who is or has been this nation’s greatest leader? Explain why.

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