Hand in on Write between 3-4 pages about yourself

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My Own Newspaper.

Hand in on _____________

Write between 3-4 pages about yourself

  1. .Choose a name that reflects your own name.

  2. Write a price , editor's name, and date.

  3. All the information must be public because we will hang it in class .Don't write things you don’t want people to know.

You may write about the following :

  1. Childhood memories.

  2. My hobbies

  3. Future plans

  4. My dream

  5. Interesting facts about myself.

  6. An interview with someone you admire.

  7. An imaginary article / invention you dream of making or just want to have one.

  8. A book/ TV show/ Movie review and/or recommendation.

  9. A trip you took or one you are planning,

  10. An article about yourself winning a prize you want.

  11. An opinion essay about something that matters to you.

Other options:

  • Add advertisements for products or services you can supply.

E.g A babysitter / a food you prepare well, homework help for kids etc.

  • For a bonus you may prepare a PowerPoint presentation or a video clip to be used in your speech in class.

  • You can do a cover page with short sentences about each article and include a page number.

  • Puzzles like crossword or search a word in which the clues are about you.

You can use websites that create them . Look for crossword maker on Google.

The Speech. We will start after Passover .

I will let you know the date.

You may present yourself using the newspaper or speak

about anything else .Time frame – 5 minutes. It's a separate grade.

Any special effort beyond these requirements will get you a bonus.

Good Luck! Ayelet

Download 95.49 Kb.

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