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7.3 Give two Best Practices of the institution (please see the format in the NAAC Self-study Manuals)

Contact Details:

*Provide the details in annexure (annexure need to be numbered as i, ii,iii)

7.4 Contribution to environmental awareness / protection:

1) Tree Plantation at college campus – On the occasion World Environment day in presence Dr. Satish Deshpande (J. D. Solapur region HE Dept.)

2) Swatch Bharat Abhiyan- Campus cleaning drive was under taken by the students and faculty on 13-08-2016

3) Celebration of World Animal Day – In presence of Dr. Satyajeet Patil of ‘People for animal welfare trust ‘on 04-10-2016

4) Rural Social Camp at Vadaji village, Solapur – Villagers were made aware of environmental issues in the camp organized from 23/01/2017 to 27/01/2017

5) Organization of ‘Wild-life Week’ to create awareness about wildlife and conservation issues;

6) Celebration of various ‘Environmental Days’ to involve students in action based solutions for environmental conservation for eg. Celebration of Grassland Day, Tiger Day, organization of wild-life photography competition etc.;

7) Students and faculty Participation in census of critically endangered bird GIB & other wild animals held at Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Nannaj, Solapur;

7.5 Whether environmental audit was conducted? Yes No

7.6 Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add. (for example SWOT Analysis)

1) The college has secured overall runners up championship in youth festival organized by Solapur University, Solapur.

2) College has received third installment of college development grants under XII plan and plan for utilization of funds has been worked out.

3. Research output in the form of quality publications.
4. Initiation of new P.G. Programme M.Sc. (Nanotechnology) – The only programme in this modern science implemented in Solapur University area.
5. As per SWOC analysis carried out by members IQAC unit of HN College of Commerce, measures were taken for quality enhancement.

8. Plans of institution for next year

1. Implementation of plans of action of CPE scheme.

2. Organization of seminars, workshops, training programme etc. for faculty development and for imparting skills.

3. Up gradation of science laboratories.

4. Purchase of new sophisticated instruments for the education, research and consultancy.

5. Enhancement in use of ICT in teaching, learning and evaluation.

6. To increase the number of research guides this will benefit the students for perusing doctoral programme.

7. To apply for ‘Best College’ and ‘Best Principal’ award of Solapur University, Solpaur.

Name Dr. Satish D.Mitragotri Name Dr. C .S. Chavan

Signature of the Coordinator, IQAC Signature of the Chairperson, IQAC


CAS - Career Advanced Scheme

CAT - Common Admission Test

CBCS - Choice Based Credit System

CE - Centre for Excellence

COP - Career Oriented Programme

CPE - College with Potential for Excellence

DPE - Department with Potential for Excellence

GATE - Graduate Aptitude Test

NET - National Eligibility Test

PEI - Physical Education Institution

SAP - Special Assistance Programme

SF - Self Financing

SLET - State Level Eligibility Test

TEI - Teacher Education Institution

UPE - University with Potential Excellence

UPSC - Union Public Service Commission

Annexure i

Walchand College of Arts and Science, Solapur




02nd June 2016

Grantha Puja on “Shrutpannchami”

13th -30th June

Admission Process wcRnb

15th June

Beginning of the Academic Year for Arts/Science/Bio-tech

17thJune onwards

Admissions to BA and B.Sc. classes

21st June

International Yoga Day

26th June

Rajarshi Shahu Birth Anniversary-NSS

Enrollment of the students to NSS

30th June

Monthly Faculty Feedback meet of Bio-tech

01st July 2016

Beginning of the Academic Year for MSW

Tree Plantation WCSC

1st -15th July

Awareness creation CECC

01st -05th July

MSW-I Selection and Admission Process

MSW-II Admission Process

4th July

Classes start for M.Sc (Nano) – SEM-I wcRnb

05 – 07 July

Course Orientation to social work students

Welcome Function of MSW-I

Fieldwork induction program

07th July

Guru Pournima Celebrations

08 July to 30 July

Orientation visits of MSW-I & II (Group-A,B,D&E)

9th July

Welcome Function cum orientation program for Fresh students (B.Sc. I &M.Sc. I) Bio-tech BA-I/B.Sc.I/B.Sc.(Biotech)-I/ MA-I/M.Sc.I

10th July

E-newsletter publication wcRnb/Bridge programmes for freshers

11th July

World Population Day Celebration/rally-NSS/Self defence programme for girls

15th July

Staff secretaries & faculty heads meeting

Admission committee meeting

Mentoring system & Result analysis committee meeting

15th July Onwards

Field Work Placement of MSW–I & II (Group-A,B,D&E)

Rearrangement of Field Work syllabus and Field work setting of MSW–I & II (Group-A,B,D&E)

Social Work/Field Work Experience Sharing by Senior and experts

Fieldwork supervision

Individual/group conferences

SPT presentation

Administrative Support work

16th July

Result analysis committee meeting

Discipline , academic observation committee meeting

Evaluation committee meeting- examination

Remedial coaching committee meeting

Students feedback committee meeting

Best student award committee meeting

17th July

NSS committee meeting

Special cell for welfare of BC candidates

UGC & Research committee meeting

SAF Committee Meeting

20th July

Entrance test of CECC

Grievance ( students & staff) committee meeting

Sexual harassment prohibition & Anti ragging committee meeting

Publicity committee meeting

Tour committee meeting

IQAC,NAAC & Vision 20-20 committee meetings

21st July

Employment cell committee meeting

Competitive Exam. NET,SET & personality development committee meeting

Magazine committee meeting

Third party verification committee meeting

YCMOU meeting

Staff welfare & ICT training committee meeting

Result of entrance test of CECC

Instrumentation Orientation for B.Sc. I & M.Sc. I students

22nd July

Alumni & Parent -teacher Association committee meetings

Disaster management committee meeting

Library advisory committee meeting

Gymkhana committee meeting

22th- 30th July

Admission to CECC

23th July

Career oriented courses committee meeting

Consultancy & consultancy collaboration committee meeting

Committee for collaboration(MOU) & college industry association

Accounts committee meeting

Management information committee meeting/LMC

24th July

Development fund committee meeting

Science club meeting

Arts circle & foreign language committee meeting

Annual Prize Distribution committee meeting

25th July

Scrutiny committee for PBAS & CAS

Paryushan & Kshamawali Meeting

Earn & learn committee meeting

Project Funding Proposal to be sent to DST wcRnb

25th – 30th July

Internal Unit Test no. 1 for B.Sc. & M.Sc. Bio-tech

26th July

Inauguration of English Literary Association

27th July

Governing council committee meeting

28th July

Women counseling and Study Centre (WCSC) Inauguration

TS-SAF committee meeting

Staff approval committee meeting

29th July

Ganesh Festival Meeting

Mahila TakrarNivaranSamiti

College Youth Center

30th July

Monthly Faculty Feedback Meet. Bio-tech

01st August 2016

Inauguration of N.S.S. Annual Program/Solapur University foundation day

Annual commencement day CECC

Felicitation of successful past students, Distribution of certificates CECC

Gust Lecture by CECC

Practical's to be conduct wcRnb

02nd August

Lokmanya Tilak Death Anniversary

Annabhau Sathe Birth Anniversary

03rd August

Formation of Students’ Council

06th August

Selection process for Youth Festival

09th August

Kranti din by WCSC

10th August

Field work/ research activities

11th August

Personality development course- MSW-I

11th -17th August

Karate camp WCSC

13th August

Individual/group conferences MSW

Fieldwork supervision MSW

13th -14th August

College Maintenance by N.S.S. Volunteers

Visit to Zilhaparishad by CECC students

15th August

Independence Day Celebrations

Inter-Collegiate Patriotic Song Singing Competitions

Inauguration of Biotechnology Club (Committee Framing)

Celebration of 15th August

16th Aug

Project Funding Proposal to be sent to CSIR wcRnb

17th August

SPSS course- MSW-II

19th August

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

20th August

Sadbhawna Din by NSS/ Orientation of NSS Volunteers

Inauguration of Marathi VangmayaMandal

Guest lecture wcRnb

21st August

Fieldwork supervision MSW

22nd August

Inauguration of Hindi SahityaMandal

23rd August

Individual/group conferences MSW

24th August

Field work/ research activities MSW

25th August

Special Guest Lecture MSW

Administrative Support work MSW

26th August

Gust Lecture on Total Health Care by WCSC

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

30th August

Monthly Faculty Feedback Meet. Bio-tech

Gust Lecture by CECC

Paryushan & Kshamawali

03rd Sept.

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

05th Sept.

Teacher’s Day Celebrations

Teachers Day Celebration. Bio-tech

05th –15th Sept.

Ganesh Festival Celebrations

08th Sept.

Literacy Day by N.S.S.

09th Sept.

Fieldwork supervision MSW

10th Sept.

E-newsletter publication wcRnb

Individual/group conferences MSW

11th Sept.

Field work/ research activities MSW

12th Sept.

Special Guest Lecture MSW

Administrative Support work MSW

13th Sept.

Fieldwork supervision MSW

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

14th - 30th Sept.

Hindi Fortnight Celebrations

17th Sept.

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

Guest lecture wcRnb

17th to 24th Sept.

Videoconferencing Program: Experts from Hyderabad, Bangalore & Gulbarga.( Lecture Series)

22nd Sept.

Vishwa Din by Dept of Geography

24th Sept.

Girl child day MSW 1&2

N.S.S. Day Celebrations

Advance test series CECC

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

24th - 30th Sept.

‘NSS WEEK’ celebration

Orientation for NSS volunteers

Blood donation camp NSS

26th Sept.

Guest Lecture on Career Opportunities in Biotechnology

29th Sept.

First Parent meets. Bio-tech

30th Sept.

Monthly Faculty Feedback Meet. Bio-tech

02nd Oct. 2016

Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi

Birth Anniversary Celebrations of LalBahadurShastri

Jan Jagaran Rally by NSS

Ahinvhsa Din by NSS

03rd Oct.

Paper settings MSW

03rd -08th Oct

Unit test 1 for Arts & Science /Bio-tech & wcRnb

05th Oct.

Field work/ research activities MSW

06th Oct.

Fieldwork supervision MSW

07th Oct.

Individual/group conferences MSW

03rd - 05th Oct.

Youth festival

03rd - 08th Oct

Internal Unit Test no. 2 for B.Sc. & M.Sc. Bio-tech

10th Oct.

Guest Lecture on Nanotechnology

12th – 18th Oct

University semester examination

15th - 25th Oct

MSW 1 mid term exam./test/assignment

15th Oct.

Monthly Faculty Feedback Meet. Bio-tech

16th Oct.

Workshop on NET/ SET by CECC

17th Oct.

University Exams wcRnb

25th Oct.

End of First Term Arts/Science/Bio-tech

26th Oct.–20th Nov.

Winter Vacation for Arts/Science/Bio-tech

25th Oct.

Advance test series CECC

31st Oct.

National Integration Day Celebrations

01st- 10th Nov.

Study Tour: Dept of Geography Dept.of Science

10th Nov.

E-newsletter publication wcRnb

12th Nov.

Visit to Bank by CECC

14th Nov.

Biotechnology Day Celebration.

Visit to Railway department by CECC

16th Nov.

Field work/ research activities MSW

17th Nov.

Individual/group conferences MSW

18th Nov.

Fieldwork supervision MSW

19th Nov.

Preparation for tour/camp MSW

Guest lecture wcRnb

20th Nov.

University exams and Viva voce MSW

21st Nov. 2016

Beginning of Second term for Arts/Science/Bio-tech

Classes start for M.Sc (Nano) – SEM-II wcRnb

21st – 26th Nov.

Workshop on Basics of Nanotechnology for Faculty member and Researchers

26th Nov.

Advance test series CECC

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

31st Nov. -01st Dec.

Winter Vacation for Social Work

01st Dec. 2016

Organization of Rally on occasions of World’s AIDs Day-NSS

05th - 07th Dec.

Excursion Tour (B.Sc.I) Local Tour to IVF Centre.

05th – 06th Dec.

Industrial Visit wcRnb

06th Dec.

Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar Death Anniversary programme

07th Dec.

University Assessment MSW

08th Dec.

MSW-II research data collection

10th Dec.

Intercollegiate Poster presentation, Seminar presentation ,Extempore, Debate & Quiz competition

12th Dec.

Bone density checkup camp WCSC

12th - 14th Dec.

Excursion Tour (B.Sc. II) Waste Water Treatment Plant.

12th – 19th Dec.

Visit of Prof. Michael Neumann-Spallart from France wcRnb

15th Dec.

Guest Lecture on Animal Cell Culture Techniques.

Guest lecture by Prof. Michael wcRnb

17th Dec.

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

23rd Dec.

Advance test series CECC

Village camp by NSS

24th Dec.

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

26th Dec.

Gust Lecture by CECC

26th – 31st Dec.

Excursion Tour (B.Sc. III) Long Tour – Industrial Visit.

28th Dec.

Village Survey by Dept of Geography

30th Dec.

Monthly Faculty Feedback Meet Biotech

31st Dec.

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

January 2017

Annual Prize Distribution Function

01st Jan. 2017

Traditional Day Celebrations

01st to 10th Jan.

Campaigning Program ( 12th Students, B.Sc. III students from Solapur District)

03rd Jan.

Mahila Mukti Din: Birth Anniversary of SavitribaiPhule WSC

07th Jan.

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

10th Jan.

E-newsletter publication wcRnb

10th – 12th Jan.

Workshop on Nanotechnology Instrumentation for UG/PG students wcRnb

11th Jan.

Study tour of MSW-II (Group A,B,D,E)

12th Jan.

Hutatma Din programme

Gust Lecture by CECC

Swami Vivekanand Birth Anniversary celebrations

13th Jan.

PRA training for MSW-I

14th Jan.

Social work Rural camp MSW

Workshop on Advanced techniques for Biosciences for B.Sc. III students from Solapur District

Visit to Solapur Science Centre, Solapur. Bio-tech.

Guest Lecture on Use of Radioisotopes’ in Biotechnology

Campus Recruitment Drive For B. Sc. III Biotechnology Students

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

18th Jan.

Student Visit to Shah Agricultural &Biofertilizer Farm at Mohol

19th Jan.

Field work/ research activities MSW

20th Jan.

Individual/group conferences MSW

21st Jan.

Field work activities MSW

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

Guest lecture wcRnb

22nd Jan.

Workshop on Instrumentation in collaboration with Bangalore Genei.

24th Jan.

Advance test series CECC

25th – 28th Jan.

Internal Unit Test no. 3 For B.Sc. & M.Sc.

25th Jan.

Campus Cleaning Drive by N.S.S.

26th Jan.

Republic Day celebrations

Inter-Collegiate Singing Competitions

27th Jan.

Camp by N.S.S. Unit

28th Jan.

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

30th Jan.

Monthly Faculty Feedback Meet Biotech

February 2017

Post Graduate Seminar

01st Feb.2017

Workshop on Advanced Tech. in Life Sciences. Bio-tech

02nd Feb.

Individual/group conferences MSW

03rd Feb

Paper settings MSW

04th Feb.

Presentations on study tour and camp MSW

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

05th Feb.

Fieldwork supervision MSW

06th Feb.

Field work/ research activities MSW

07th Feb.

Excursion Tour (M.Sc. II) Industrial Tour

10th -15th Feb.

Videoconferencing Program: Experts from CCMB, IISc, BARC, IIM, IIT ( Lecture Series)

11th Feb.

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

13th – 17th Feb.

Internal exams to be conducted wcRnb

18th Feb.

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

Guest lecture wcRnb

19th Feb.

King Shivaji Birth Anniversary celebrations

22nd Feb.

Project Funding Proposal to be sent to MNRE wcRnb

24th Feb.

Advance test series CECC

25th Feb.

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

28th Feb.

Celebrations of National Science Day Bio-tech.

02nd March 2017

Celebrations of Science Day by Science Club

Gust Lecture by CECC

03rd March

Field work activities MSW

04th March

Individual/group conferences MSW

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

06th March

Checking research reports MSW

07th March

Fieldwork supervision MSW

08th March

Women’s day celebration by MSW & WSC

09th March

Send-off MSW

10th March

E-newsletter publication wcRnb

11th March

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

18th March

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

Guest lecture wcRnb

20th - 30th March

Unit test 2 for Arts & Science & Bio-tech

24th March

Advance test series CECC

25th March

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

28th March

Governing counsel committee meeting

01st April 2017

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

08th April

Seminar for M.Sc students wcRnb

14th April 2017

Celebrations of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary

15th April

Guest lecture wcRnb

16th April.

Exams wcRnb

Apr-May 2017

University Examinations

Internal examination and viva-voce MSW

University examination Supervision and viva-voce MSW

University Examination Supervision and Assessment MSW

Preparation for SPT MSW

Preparation for BPT MSW

University Assessment MSW

01st May 2017

Maharashtra Day celebrations

Summer vacation for Arts/Science/Bio-tech

24th May to 30thJune 2017

Summer vacation for MSW

Annexure ii

Feedback from students and parents:



No of teachers


Less than 60









Above 80



Annexure iii

Best Practice –I

Title of Practice: Teacher Sponsored-Student Aid Fund (TS-SAF):-

(1) To provide educational and psycho-social support to needy and poor students

(2) To reduce chances of drop-out of students for lack of any institutional support

(3) To help girl students through donation of bicycles and other educational material for continuation of their education.

The context: The basic motive of this scheme is that ‘no student should drop his/her education for the want of money’. As Solapur region falls under drought prone area and students community from our college belong to poor to average background there is need to provide financial support to sustain their education.
The Practice: Under this innovative scheme all our teachers unanimously came forward with a genuine motive to help poor and needy students. The basic aim is that ‘no student should drop his/her education for lack of money, personal and social problems’. This scheme since its inception from academic year 2011-12 has been appreciated and hailed by print media as well as general public of this region. This initiative works in following steps.

1. Applications are invited from students who wish to avail support, guidance and help from TS-SAF.

2. The applications are then scrutinized by college committee to verify the needs and demands of students.

3. Students are called for interview and the committee members then identify the nature of problems the students face (personal, academic and social) and they are counseled.

4. After proper verification the students are offered necessary support for their continuation of education.
Evidence of Success:

1. Each year we receive more than 150 applications for various kinds of support from poor and needy students.

2. Direct interaction with students helped in establishing an emotional bond student fraternity. Students freely shared their academic, social and personal problems during their interaction with teachers. This has also helped us in extending them moral, personal, psycho-social support for students.

3. The process has till now helped more than 600 poor students in continuining their undergraduate education.

4. Students were offered help in the form of college uniform, college bags, admission fees, examination fees, bus passes, note-books, books, Study tour fees, apron, dissection box etc. as per their requirement.

5. Additionally, ‘Bicycles for Girl Student, another scheme launched with the generous donation from faculty has helped poor and needy girl students who cannot manage to afford to even pay for regular bus charges to reach college. As of today more than 35 girls have taken benefit of this scheme and could continue their education.

6. This scheme since its launch has really helped us to tackle the absentee and has reduced drop out too.

7. This scheme has received accolades from management, print media and civil society.

Resources Required:

  1. Corpus fund as necessary for the number of applicants

  2. Human resource

Obstacles faced/Problems encountered:

1. The scheme received overwhelming response and hence the number of application received is more than the available fund.

2. We also received few proxy applications from students from well-to-do families. The problems were faced with proper discussion and counseling of students.
Contact Details:

Name of the Principal: Dr. C. S. Chavan

Name of the Institution: Shri.A.P.D.Jain Pathashala’s Walchand

College of Arts and Science, Solapur

City: Solapur

Pin Code: 413 003

Accredited Status: NAAC re-accredited with ‘A’ Grade

Work Phone: 0217-2651185 Fax:0217-2391849

Website: Mobile: 09850336338
List of benefited students for the year 2016-17

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