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Best Practice –III
Title of Practice: Title of Practice: Mentoring Scheme

(1) To provide personal attention to each student.

(2) To emphasize personal relationship, based on trust and confidence.

(3) To develop periodic conversation with student to understand their problems and issues;

The context:

In a fast changing world with a constant demand from parents and society for academic achievements and other stresses, the students live in a world of utter confusion and tension. Looking at the need to provide them moral support and give them a proper direction for prosperous future we felt need to initiate mentoring scheme for character development of the student through personalized education for holistic development of students.

The Practice:

1. Under this scheme, a mentor who is a member of the college staff is assigned with 20-30 students each and personal relationship, based on trust and confidence is forged between the mentor and the student through periodic conversations.

2. The mentors’ task is to take a direct and personal interest in each student’s academic development through periodic meets with student and parents.

3. The mentoring system is a sort of home-college collaboration. Based on the mentoring, parent of the student are regularly informed about students’ progress their behavioral lapses by sending letters to their students.

4. Counseling and direct help is offered to the student for his academic, personal problems.
Evidence of Success:

1. The attendance of students has increased after the initiation of mentoring scheme.

2. Helped in forging a strong relationship between staff and student based on mutual trust.

3. The scheme has resulted in 100% students getting some sort of counseling (academic, personal, psycho-social and others)

4. Meeting with parents has helped in establishing home-college collaboration. This has helped in flourishing of students and has brought positive outcomes in the form of better results and forging of constructive relationships among parent-teacher.

5. Teacher offered personal help to students for their studies, exchange of books, notes, power points etc.

6. Recommended students for in-house schemes like TS-SAF based on their needs.
Obstacles faced/Problems encountered:

Some students and parents are averse to meet faculty and hesitated to participate in teacher meets.

Resources Required:

Communication with parents through letters, e-mail and mobile messaging etc. about meeting with staff and student.

Contact Details:

Name of the Principal: Dr. C. S. Chavan

Name of the Institution: Shri.A.P.D.Jain Pathashala’s Walchand

College of Arts and Science, Solapur

City: Solapur

Pin Code: 413 003

Accredited Status: NAAC re-accredited with ‘A’ Grade

Work Phone: 0217-2651185 Fax:0217-2391849

Website: Mobile: 09850336338

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