Guide to Surviving Your Student’s College Application Process

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Senior Parent Workshop

  • A Guide to Surviving Your Student’s College Application Process

Graduation Requirements

  • 23.5 credits
  • Culminating Project
  • Meetings with Counselors through October as well as on going.

College Search Process

  • College Board
  • Naviance
  • Educationplanner
  • Princeton Review
  • Individual College Websites


  • Introduced to all current seniors last spring
  • Ability for students to compare themselves with past Methacton grads
  • College and Career Search programs
  • Top 20 schools for our students
  • Ability to sign up for college reps @ MHS
  • Track applications online

Application Process

  • Online vs. Paper
  • Common Application
  • MHS Process
    • 12 day advance request
    • Release form signed once by parent
    • Transcript requests go through Miss Fisher, not the counselor
    • Hand things in together, except for teacher recs, not piecemeal.
    • Official vs. Unofficial Transcript

Admissions Terms

  • Early Decision - binding
  • Early Action – non binding
  • Rolling Admission - ongoing

SAT/ACT Scores

  • Be Aware of Individual School requirements
  • SAT Subject Tests
  • AP Scores
  • Score Choice Process
  • To Do or Not to Do
  • Don’t wait for scores to apply to colleges
  • Dates of tests

College Visits

  • Campus visits – IMPORTANT
  • Representative Visits at MHS
  • College Fair Dates
    • Montgomery County -
    • Philadelphia -
  • Group Meetings at area locations
  • Student being the main communicator

Letters of Recommendation

  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Outside people
  • Forms, letters, etc.
  • Give a 2 week notice and then follow up with the person to make sure letter was written and sent.


  • Would like one sent with each transcript
  • Upload as supplemental or bring in with transcript request form


  • Required vs. Optional
  • English class assignment after summer reading
  • Examples: Common Application
  • Have someone proof read it before sending electronically!

Scholarship Information

  • Local ones will be posted on Naviance
  • Check with parents employers and other local organizations

Penn State Expectations

  • Bubble chart
  • Expectations for main campus
  • Deadlines
  • Use student example from Class of 2007

Common Mistakes

  • Not taking challenging courses senior year
  • Not keeping grades up senior year
  • Missing deadlines
  • Choosing a school because a friend is going there

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should student apply before test scores are in?
  • Should I take SATs my senior year?

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