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Award Scheme Development Accreditation Network

The ASDAN Awards programme offers pupils the chance to progress through Bronze, Silver and perhaps to the Gold level. Each programme contains a choice of challenges which encourage the pupil to develop core skills which are:

  • Improving Own Learning and Performance

  • Working with others

  • Problem solving

  • Communication

  • Application of Numbers

  • ICT

These skills are highly valued by employers and places of further and higher education.

To achieve an award, the pupil must keep a well organised file of their work. As each challenge is completed, evidence must be collected for the file which may include action plan, review sheets, written work, drawing, photographs, tapes, certificates or forms signed by someone who has seen the work. This file is inspected by an external verifier.
With effect from 2008, to achieve the Bronze Award, the pupil will need to gain a minimum of six full credits. This represents about 60 hours of work.
The pupil must

  • Complete the require number of challenges (signed and dated in the book)

  • Present an organised portfolio of work, including three examples of action plan/review sheets

  • Produce a summary of achievements

  • Ensure the Record of Progress is counter-signed by the Tutor

Challenges can be chosen from the 12 modules, which include: Information Handling, The Community, Sport and Leisure, Home Management, the Environment, etc.

This course shows pupils the relevance of Biology to themselves and the natural world in which they live. It is based on experiments and includes both study of plants and animals and their environment and includes recently developed areas, eg Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.
Standard Grade Biology is based on seven topics: the Biosphere, the World of Plants, Animal Survival, Investigating Cells, The Body in Action, Inheritance, and Biotechnology. Individual grades will be given for Knowledge & Understanding, Problem Solving and Practical Abilities. KU & PS are assessed externally by written examination. Assessment of Practical Abilities is carried out in school.
Pupils electing to follow the Standard Grade Course should have a good grounding in basic language skills as the subject involves a substantial amount of reading and writing. Comprehensive skills and the ability to organise thoughts upon paper are important. Pupils lacking these literary skills are likely to find the course frustrating. A certain level of numeracy is also required as the pupil will be asked to cope with graphs, percentages, ratios and other calculations. SG Biology is available at General and Credit levels only.


Knowledge & Understanding

Problem Solving

Practical Abilities





Contribution to

Final Grade




How Assessed

Final Exam

Final Exam

Class Project

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