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On entering S3 all pupils will undertake a two-year course following the SQA Standard Grade English syllabus. Departmental policy is to regard S3 and S4 as a single entity and the same teacher will, normally, teach the class over the two-year course.
Classes will be broadly set at three levels – Credit/General, General/Credit and General/Foundation. This means that pupils can move from one level to another because the skills – of Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening – taught and practiced are more or less the same at each level. The difficulty of the texts studied and the quality of work expected are the main differences between the classes. The final grade is determined by the quality of work that the pupil produces, not by which class he/she has been placed in.
The Standard Grade course provides a balance of classroom activities in all four modes:

 The reading and appreciation of literature (to include Drama, Poetry, Novel and Short Story)

 The study of language

 The study of methods of written and oral communication

 The opportunity to express and practice what is learned above.


What is assessed

How assessed


to final grade



Three Critical Essays on Literature.

At least two genres must have been studied.

Internally produced

Externally Graded

One third


Two Close Reading Papers

either General and Credit or General and Foundation

External Exam



Transactional – Factual or Discursive essay

Expressive – Personal /Reflective essay or Short Story

Internally produced

Externally Graded

One third


One piece of writing in response to a Writing Paper

External Exam


Individual Talk
Group Discussion

An holistic assessment of all assessable talk done over the S Grade course. Internal

One third

S3 Drama is open to all pupils regardless of previous experience. However, it is important, that pupils wishing to study drama recognise that the course involves both practical and written work. Pupils will undertake a two-year course following the SQA Standard Grade Drama syllabus.
Standard Grade Drama involves the following elements:

  • Creating : the process in which pupils are involved in order to progress through a given learning task. Pupils should be able to:

  • explore a variety of stimuli

  • initiate and select ideas

  • contribute to and negotiate in group discussion

  • cooperate and participate in group activity

  • make real and symbolic use of space and resources

  • adopt and work out a variety of roles, using appropriate language and movement.

  • Presenting: the product of dramatic exploration which can be shared with an audience outwith the group i.e. a performance. Pupils should be able to:

  • portray a variety of characters by using appropriate language, voice and movement

  • portray ideas, actions and emotions through language, voice and movement in a variety of situations

  • demonstrate technical skills in aspects of drama

  • evaluate the work of self and others

  • use presentation skills to show drama work to an audience.

  • Knowledge and Understanding.


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