Growing Gains" "

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I was in notebook doctors and it was kinda cool. I mean, aside from the fact I had to help and talk to complete strangers. I got to help people. I liked to help because it gave me a really good feeling. And it was pretty simple, really. You talk to the people, help them clean out their binders and organize it, and go on about the rest of your school day until the next time you went for notebook doctors. Notebook doctors was also like an experience for me 1. to meet new people which I love and 2. help others. Then one day, there was this person and they had an attitude towards me and I was just trying to help. 'Cause I mean, why go to notebook doctors if you don't want to be helped by someone. Anyway, Ralph was there, and helped me out with the person and we became friends. Later that day, I thought about the fact that Ralph wasn't always gonna be there to help me out, so I needed to learn to stand up for myself. Sometime after that incident, some people were talking about me and my friends, so I respectfully told them that they needed to back off and shut their faces and that they shouldn't talk about me and my friends because I don't go around talking about them and their friends. I know that wasn't as respectful as I made it out to be but they sure needed someone to tell them that and they're luck to have someone as nice as I am to be the "someone" them. I liked being that someone. It felt good.

I chose the Peruvian lily because it symbolizes friendship, devotion, love, and support. This ties into my vignette because Ralph helped me and I supported and helped others and I was patient with the notebook doctor patients.

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