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The bell had just rung and the class was taking their seats. I was sitting at the table with closest friends: Roberto, Jackson, Sunny, Anna, Debbie, Holly and Ralph. We are a very talkative table. Our teacher Mr. Zim was an extremely strict teacher and always yelled at us! Once we all got settled and class was started, Mr. Zim began to show us how to paint the clay pot the class was beginning to make. The class began to get very loud and Mr. Zim was furious. He screamed at the class and began giving out detentions. Ralph and I started to play around in the paint and smeared it on our hands. Also, we began to sing at the top of our lungs and talk very loud. Mr. Zim was annoyed at us and gave us a warning not to disobey the classroom rules. We just kept talking and painting our hands. Unfortunately, Mr. Zim was so mad at us that he gave both of us lunch detentions for two weeks for our bad behavior. Ralph and I were so upset, so we tried to talk him out of it, but he followed through with his punishment. He explained that we should learn our lesson and follow the rules of the classroom. We soon realized that it was our fault and we deserved the punishment that was given to us. The class had begun to settle down after they saw what the punishment was. So, the lesson we learned was, follow the classroom rules or expect the punishment.
The white Chrysanthemum goes along with my vignette because it symbolizes truth. In my vignette Ralph and I told Mr. Zim the truth about disobeying the rules of the classroom.


It was dark behind the stage in the cafeteria. I kept pacing, left and right, scanning my script with frantic eyes. It was the opening night of the school play, and I was playing the lead role, Danny Zuko. I was in almost every scene, with tons of lines and blocking that was memorized. Although I knew my part, my lines, and my blocking, I was so fearful that I would blank out on stage, where it really mattered. I whispered my lines to myself, over and over again, making them impossible to forget. The dress rehearsal was awful, I thought to myself. What if tonight was the same way! I started to take deep, calm breaths. I couldn’t afford to be negative right now; this was definitely not the time. All I could do to make this play a success is to concentrate, to focus on the tasks at hand. The show was already sold out, a first in Pine Grove. I could hear the audience talking, muffled voices jumbled all together, resulting in a joyous cacophony. This was my time to shine.

“Josh, come over here. I need some moral support.” said my friend, Jolene. She played the mean old principal at Rydell High, and she had long monologues to memorize. Jolene always got nervous about things like this, so I needed to be as calm and amiable as possible in order for me to help her. I walked over to Jolene.

“Hey, are you nervous for tonight?” She looked at me in a condescending, sarcastic way.

“What do you think Josh! I have all of these monologues to say up on stage, so of course I’m nervous. How about you?” I contemplated on what to reply.

“Yeah, pretty much. My heart is beating really fast and I can barely think straight. I think that’s pretty much everyone here.” Jolene nodded in agreement.

“Hey guys!” whispered my other friend Jason. He played Sonny in the play. “So, you guys nervous?” I looked at Jolene and she looked back at me. We started laughing.

“You just missed us talking about how nervous we are. Are you?” I said. Jason put his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket.

“Not really. I’ve done this thing before, so I think I have this.” Although he said he wasn’t nervous, I could see in his eyes that he was terrified. Who wasn’t? I decided to walk over to Diana to see how she was doing. She played Sandy, the other lead, and she was one of my closest friends in the play. She was pacing and staring at her script, mouthing lines. I smiled, thinking about how I was doing the same thing a few minutes earlier.

“Hey, so, how’re you holding up?” Diana didn’t look up from her script. It took her a few moments to respond.

“How do you think Josh? I’m so nervous to go on stage, it’s not even funny.” She said all of this without even looking up from her script.

I knew that I could offer no help for Diana. When she got this way, it was best to leave her alone for a while so she could sort it out herself. I went back to where I had put my script and read over the hardest scene I had in the play again. It was the scene where Danny and Sandy were at the drive-in-movies, and I always had trouble with it, especially while first learning it in blocking. It was because my solo came right afterwards, and it was a very hard solo. I started to get really nervous again this time, and I tried to breathe in deeply, but that wasn’t working anymore. That was when I saw Mr. Ford, one of the directors of the school play. I decided I needed to talk to him about how nervous I was. I couldn’t afford to mess up on stage, so maybe he had some pointers for me to not get so nervous.

“Mr. Ford, can I ask you a question?” I said to him as I walked over.

“What do you need, Josh?” he said nervously. He was probably just as nervous as the rest of the cast; it was his show after all.

“How do you control your nerves before going on stage? I’m really anxious, not about going on stage, but about messing up and embarrassing myself.” Of all the things Mr. Ford could do, he just laughed nonchalantly.

“You of all people shouldn’t be the least bit worried. You’re a triple threat; you can act, dance, and sing. We chose you to be the lead for a reason Josh.”

“Thank you, but I’m still nervous, everyone gets nervous.” He looked back at me with slight amusement in his eyes.

“Nerves are good for you Josh. Once you get anxious, then adrenaline kicks in and you’ll get more energy. Once you get the energy, nothing’s gonna stop you from ruling that stage.” I thanked Mr. Ford and walked away since I knew he was busy talking with the tech crew.

I wanted to be alone for a while, and I needed to go to a separate hallway for my first scene. As I was walking down the hallway, alone, without anyone to talk to, I thought about how much fun the play would be, and other positive thoughts in my head. Negativity wasn’t an option anymore; I needed to be as optimistic as possible in order to succeed. But I kept thinking that awful thought at the back of my head; there was a looming, undeniable possibility that I would fail. It was my first time acting before, my first time in a real school play. So many things could happen when I go up on stage. I could be mediocre, a revelation, or a failure. As I was walking down the hallway, I saw my close friend Dori. She had said she was coming to the play that day, and I was so relieved to see her.

“Dori, you actually came!” Dori looked up from the water fountain.

“Of course I came, I said I would, didn’t I?” I had gotten used to this sarcastic, submissive personality that was Dori. It was actually pretty funny after I accustomed to it.

“Thanks for coming. I needed some support for this because I am so nervous.” I said.

“Aren’t, like, fifty people from your family coming tonight? It’s not like you need more support; half of your family is here.”

“Yeah, but still. I’m really nervous so I need all the support I can get.” Before she could respond, the lights dimmed in the cafeteria, and it was time for the play to start.

“I gotta go find my seat. Good luck, Josh.” When Dori left I was alone. I had to deal with this unshakable apprehension alone.

It’s like time was obsolete when I’m nervous. In no time at all it was my time to enter the stage. I was almost late! But thankfully, it was my only mistake that night. The rest of the play was smooth sailing. At the end at final bow, the play was so good we got a standing ovation. My family was impressed and so was the rest of the audience at our ability to act as well as we did. Loch Raven High also did Grease that year, and they came up to the cast and asked to take pictures because we did such a good job. I was really a revelation, not a failure, or a mediocre wannabe. I finally realized what I wanted to do! I wanted to act, to be on stage or on film. My ambition soared high that night, and I understood that my dream of becoming an actor needed to be achieved.

A forget-me-not signifies that once you see me on stage, on film, or on television you won’t forget me easily. The name “forget-me-not” is derived from a German folk-tale about how God named the flower. The flower cried out “Forget me not, Father.” So God decided that would be the flower’s name.

I woke up that warm June morning feeling excited that the day had finally come. I had spent that last month preparing for my audition for Peabody Chorus. I spend all school day excited and unfocused wondering what would happen. Afterward, I felt nervous as my mom drove me to the audition. When we got there we were called in alphabetically by last name, so when the lady started calling "S", I knew I was soon. When my name is called, I stand up nervously, audition, and hope for the best.

One week later, a letter in the mail comes addressed to me from Peabody. A rush of excitement fills my body as I rip open the envelope to read the following, "Congratulations, Lindsey Taylor, you have been accepted into the Peabody Children's Chorus."

Three months later Peabody starts as well as the new school year. At school I realize that I can use my skills in chorus class. Then I met Ralph during class. Ralph is friendly so we started talking and I found out that Ralph loves music as well. During class we learned things that I didn't even learn at Peabody. As the year went, we built our skills and applied them to the winter concert. We would help each other in class by practicing rhythms and beats. Now as the year goes on, we apply all of our skills to class in order to do the best work possible.

The marigold is associated with the sun - being vibrant yellow and gold in color. The marigold is also called the “herb of the sun”, representing passion and even creativity. The marigold is associated to me because I am creative and passionate about music.


I`m Kason I was in grade 6, I was about to leave the class room when my science teacher, Ms.Marvin, asked if I could help wipe the boards, clean the desks, and stack the chairs. I said yes and I came after school I wiped all the boards including the chalk boards and the word of the day boards. I also clean the desk and stacked the chairs. She thanked me with some TRACS and I left. I liked the feeling of helping people so I came the next day to help her but I couldn’t because she didn’t go to school that day. So I wondered around asking my teachers if they needed any help after school.

I found a teacher Mr.han, He asked if I could wash all the wipe boards so I did and I washed them with water just to be nice. He thanked me and I asked does he know anyone who needs help, He said the math teacher, Mrs.Kimm, needed help. So I went to the math teacher and asked if she needed me to do anything. She started to shake her head no but then I gave her some ideas, I said I would stack the chairs, wash the boards, gather papers, or wash the desks. She answered no not that but I do need someone to help me rearrange the books for next year. So I did then left.

The next morning, I went to the notebook doctor 'cause' when I thought about it I wasn't very organized myself. They cleaned my notebook and it was very disorganized. All my papers were in the wrong places. This is where I met my good friend, Ralph, who helped me not only helped become organized she also helped me stay organized.

The aloe Vera plant is very helpful by cleaning the air and helping cope with a burn.

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