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Nick Greene


Piper Jackson


Taylor Dennis


Caitlin Webster


Joshua Torrence


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Kason Bonds


RéVyn Smothers

Rafe Johnson

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re in the zone, you’re just on the ball, and then you ran over a pothole on your road or stardom. That happened to me one day and it went over like a turd in a punch bowl. Oh by the way my name is Rafe Johnson and I’m just your average middle school kid. Going to school day after day giving you useless topics to study about like the War of 1812, the Revolutionary War and after that you get quizzes, chapter reviews, tests, essays. Well you might not think that those topics are stupid and useless but you don’t know a thing about me. Well anyway let’s get back to the real story.

So I’m walking into world cultures (P.S. the teacher here is the pits. His name is Mr. Griffin) and I go over to my seat and start to pull out my homework when Mr. Griffin tells everybody to pass in our homework. I give him mine and he walks over to his desk to grade them. He tells everybody to work on some useless worksheet he gave us. I just sit there and wait until the mod is over. Then Griffin calls me over to his desk. I go over to his desk and is blabbering to me about my homework. But I tell him that I got all the answers right. But he said that he couldn’t read my hand writing. The whole class is snickering and giggling behind me. Seriously, you couldn’t have took me outside to chew me out big time. I take the paper from him. As I walk back to my seat, he tells me to hand it over tomorrow redone and neat. Then he tells everybody to hand in their worksheet. I give it to him and tells me that I got a lunch detention tomorrow at lunch.

When the day is over, I head home and into the front door. My uncle is already waiting for me at the front door. He takes me upstairs to his room and chews me out big time. He yells at me about how bad I’m doing in world cultures; my grade, the amount of missing work, and my lunch detention. Then he tells me that I got to shape up if I want to end up into a good college and job. That night I think about what my uncle said earlier. He’s right though. I really do need to straighten up or else I’m in a whole lot of trouble when I get out there in the real world.

The next day at lunch I go over to the desk facing the wall at the cafeteria. I just about to eat when I hear a familiar voice right next to me. It was Horton. He asked me what I did to get lunch detention. I told him that I didn’t do my work. I asked him what he did to get in trouble and he said that he was talking in art class. We sat there quiet for a long time until I said something. I told him that we need to shape up before we got a whole lot of trouble when we get out of school. He thought about it for a long time. I was about to say something else to break the dull silence until I got caught by one of the teachers.

The next semester my grades jumped up a mile. Even though my grades were good in Mr. Griffin’s class, I don’t think he still likes me. But it doesn’t matter because I got a whole different future ahead of me. Nick Greene Apple. Apples are brimming with symbolic meanings and mythic associations. In China they represent peace, and apple blossoms are a symbol of women's beauty. In other traditions, they can signify wisdom, joy, fertility, and youthfulness.


My name is Dori. I am a 13 year old girl that goes to Pine Grove Middle. One day, when I was in sixth grade, I got onto the bus with my sister, Tracey, and sat down in the middle seat where I usually sit alone, reading a book. That day, however, the people behind me were being more obnoxious and loud than usual. As you could imagine, it is incredibly hard to focus on what you’re doing when all you hear is the sound of annoying laughs and irritating yelling. I still don’t understand why they were yelling, they were sitting so close next to each other. They were also talking about John and Kathleen since they had not yet gotten onto the bus. I looked at Tracey and we rolled our eyes, an activity we do often. At the next stop, I saw Carly eagerly hop onto the bus. Behind her was a boy named Rafe. Rafe always picked on Carly. Behind Rafe was John. John dropped his book, so Carly stopped to help pick it up. This angered Rafe, so he pushed Carly out of the way and impatiently stepped around her to his seat. Some of the kids behind me, like Kathleen, Rachael, and Robert, laughed and teased her. Robert was a very dumb ignorant person and often made me angry and frustrated, but so did eighty percent of the people that went to my school. When John and Kathleen got into their seats with Rachael and Robert, they talked to them like nothing was wrong, even though they were just talking about them. Wow, if only I was as lucky as they are, with such good friends, I thought to myself sarcastically as I laughed. When Carly got up she walked passed my seat. But instead of sitting there reading, I motioned for her to come into the seat with me. She sobbed as I tried to calm her down. We talked and made jokes who and Rachael talking about Kathleen and le time. When we got off the bus, I walked to class with her. On my way I heard Robert and Rachael gossiping again. That day I learned that friendship was rare and valuable, and you shouldn’t trust just anyone. However, I felt like Carly was a good friend and would never betray me. I felt true friendship that day. I knew if I felt the feeling that feeling again I should trust them and return to them the friendship they would give to me.

African Violet

The African Violet grows through early spring to fall. The flower represents devotion and loyalty. This shows the story of Carly and Doris because they are loyal to each other’s friendship, even though others around them are setting bad examples of friendship. They treat each other’s friendship as you have to treat the flower, with care and kindness.


When I was in school today my teacher, Ms. Holland, called me to the front of the room and handed me a pass during homeroom. The pass was for me to go to notebook doctors, which is where I help other students organize their binders. On the way to notebook doctors, I saw my friend VyñRe. When we all got there we received patients and went to our spots in the room and started to organize binders. VyñRe was talking to her patient, Marvin and Marvin was mad because she didn’t like how VyñRe was organizing her papers. I had to talk to Marvin and she told me that she didn’t want her papers organized that way. I continued to try and calm Marvin down, because VyñRe is very timid. I reassured her that her papers would not be like that in her binder and that those were the steps Ms. Jaqueline told us to use. Marvin was still mad and being rude, she continuously told VyñRe to shut up and to get off of her things. I took Marvin outside the room into the hallway and I told her that she needed to calm down and that her papers would be organized well so she could find everything easily. She told me to shut up so I got Ms. Jaqueline. She told Marvin to go to the office and I had to walk her up. When I got back VyñRe was upset and I helped her finish organizing Marvin’s things then I walked her back to class.

Geraniums represent true friendship. This connects with my story because I help VyñRe through her issues and stood up for her.

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