Greece Review Game

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Greece Review Game

  • Divide into teams of 3.
  • Save this document onto your network drive. Click “file” then “save as” then select “my documents” and then your history folder.
  • Use separate score sheet as instructed.
  • Players sit at adjacent computers.
  • Players press “Page Down” key simultaneously to progress through slides.

1. Polis

2. Solon

3. Pisistratus

4. Clisthenes

5. Helots

6. Delian League

7. Peloponnesian League

8. Hoplite

9. Lysander

10 Periclese

11. Trojan Wars


13. Helen

Paris (person in story, not city in France)

15. Agamemnon

16. Odysseus

17. Achilles

18 Hector

19. Andromache

20. How did the Minoans and the Mycenaeans differ?

21. Who won the Great Pelloponesian war and why?

22. How did the mountains of Greece influence the way city states developed?

23. As evidenced in the Illiad and the Odyssey, what did Homer value?

24. See Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea pages 27-34. Compare how Homer sees ancient war to how you see modern war.

25. Explain why Alexander chose to attack types of cities in the order he did.

Essay 1: Greece is called the “birthplace of democracy.” Explain how democracy developed, and how it on occasion went awry.

Essay 2. Athens and Sparta were so close, yet so far. Compare and contrast their political, economic and social characteristics.

Download 3.13 Kb.

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