Graduate Student Orientation 2018 Sept 4, 2018

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Graduate Student Orientation 2018 Sept 4, 2018

Key to success: Get involved

  • GSA:
  • Clubs:
  • Intramurals:
  • Etc.

The Department

  • Chair: Prof. Yasser Hassan
    • Faculty: 29 full time & several adjunct
    • Staff: 8 full time
  • Associate Chair for Graduate Studies: Prof. Onita Basu
    • ME 2366;
  • Main Office: Room 3432, Mackenzie Building (3432 ME)
  • Office Staff:
    • Departmental Administrator: Payal Chadha (3432 ME)
    • Graduate Administrator: Jennifer Harris (3452 ME)
    • Undergraduate Administrator: Kay Casselman (3432 ME)
  • Web:
  • Twitter: Carleton CEE Grad @civilenvirograd

Program Related Queries ?

  • Graduate Calendar & FGPA policies
    • for general regulations
    • for the academic year
  • Thesis Supervisor/Program Advisor
    • Must consult prior to course selection
  • Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs
    • 512 Tory Building;
    • Student/Supervisor responsibilities and expectations at

Graduate Programs

  • Joint Programs with University of Ottawa (UO)
  • Civil Engineering Institute
    • Ottawa – Carleton Institute for Civil Engineering (OCICE)
      • Director: Dr. Ahmad Jrade, UO
      • Associate Director: Dr. Abass Braimah, CU
  • Environmental Engineering Institute
    • Ottawa – Carleton Institute for Environmental Engineering (OCIENE)
      • Director: Dr. Mamadou Fall, UO
      • Associate Director: Dr. Paul Simms, CU

OCICE: Fields of Study & Research Interests

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Architectural Conservation
  • Green Buildings
  • Construction Management

OCIENE: Fields of Study & Research Interests

  • Air Pollution
  • Water Resources Management, Groundwater Management, and Contaminant Transport
  • Management of Solid, Hazardous, and Radioactive Waste, and Pollution Prevention
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Green Buildings

Within both Institutes: OCICE and OCIENE

  • Ph.D., M.A.Sc., and M.Eng. programs at the graduate level
    • Access to courses at both Universities
    • Can share laboratory facilities & computing facilities with prior arrangement
  • Each student has a “Home” University
  • Parking at University of Ottawa
    • Students from Carleton University who are registered to attend University of Ottawa classes, and have a valid parking permit from Carleton U, can park in lot M only after obtaining authorization from Parking Service at Ottawa U.
    • The application process is now done online.
    • Please follow the steps on their website:

Library Resources

  • Carleton University Library
  • University of Ottawa Library
  • CISTI Source (document delivery)
  • NRC & Other Government Libraries
  • RACER, & Inter Library Loan
  • Carleton Library
    • Tours
    • Workshops
      • Dates on the web at

Degree and Program Requirements: PhD

  • Coursework Requirements
    • Civil: 2.0 credits
    • Environmental: 1.5 credits
    • At least one half of the course work must be taken within your field (Civil or Environmental).
  • Comprehensive exam
    • Civil – within 3 terms FT or 6 terms PT of initial registration:
      • registration in CIVE 6902 (only offered Winter & Summer)
    • Environmental – within 4 terms FT or 8 terms PT of initial registration:
      • Combined with thesis proposal
  • Thesis Proposal:
    • Advisory Committee: 3 to 4 members
    • Civil: within 2 terms FT or 3 terms PT of Comprehensives, and 5 terms FT or 9 terms PT of initial registration
    • Environmental: within 4 terms FT or 8 terms PT of initial registration
  • Seminar
  • Thesis and thesis defense
    • Check information about thesis preparation, timeline for thesis submission & defense, and thesis examining committee:
  • Time Limit:

Degree and Program Requirements: MASc

  • Coursework Requirements:
    • Civil and Environmental:
      • 2.5 credits (5 graduate courses)
    • At least one half of the course work must be taken from the respective Institute.
    • Environmental:
      • Breadth requirement: at least one course from three of the five “areas”
  • Seminar
  • Thesis and thesis defense
    • Check information about thesis preparation, timeline for thesis submission & defense, and thesis examining committee:
  • Time Limit:
    • FT: 2 calendar years
    • PT: 6 calendar years

Degree and Program Requirements: MEng

  • MEng (Project)
    • 4.0 credits (8 graduate courses)
    • Project: 1.0 credit
  • MEng (Coursework)
    • 5.0 credits (10 graduate courses)
  • At least one half of the course work must be taken from within your field (Civil or Environmental).
  • Breadth requirement applies for Environmental students:
    • At least one course from three of the five “areas”
  • Time Limit:
    • FT: 2 calendar years
    • PT: 6 calendar years

OCICE and OCIENE Seminars

    • Program requirement for PhD, MASc, and MEng-Enviro-project
    • Only register in the seminar course for the term you plan on presenting
    • The seminar course is only offered in the Fall & Winter term:
      • PhD - Civil : CIVE 6901
      • PhD - Environmental : ENVE 7800
      • Master’s - Civil : CIVE 5901
      • Master’s - Environmental: ENVE 5800
    • All students are encouraged to attend the seminars each term

Course Approvals

  • At least one half of the course work must be taken from within your field (Civil or Environmental):
    • Civil - OCICE:
    • Environmental – OCIENE:
  • Non-institute courses need course approval:
    • Institute and Departmental approval only if supervisor/advisor approves courses, which are outside the institute.
    • Good practice: get the approval before course registration.
    • Use the form available at:

Registering for Courses

  • Must Register online in Carleton Central:
  • Directed Studies
    • 0.5 credit accepted towards the graduate degree program
      • different course numbers for Master’s (CIVE/ENVE 5906) and PhD students (CIVE/ENVE 6906)
    • Agreement signed by Instructor & student, and approved by the Chair:
      • Agreement must be signed during the registration period
      • Form is available at:
  • Course offerings might change during the registration period:
    • Keep double checking the schedule in Carleton Central

Important Forms

  • Forms you may need during your program can be found on our website:
    • Directed Studies Agreement Form
    • Course Approval Form
    • Change of Program
    • Audit a course
    • Registration Change Form
    • Academic Change Form:
      • Extension of time limit, leave of absence, reinstatement, status change
  • This presentation can be found at:

Academic Standing

  • GPA requirement of 7.0 at Masters level
  • GPA of 7.0 or better in each course for Ph.D. students
  • Only grades of B- or greater count towards degree requirements
    • This same rule applies for undergraduate courses that are required to be taken as an additional requirement.

Continuous Registration & Status

  • PhD, MASC and MEng-project: must maintain continuous registration after registering for thesis or project
  • 8.2 Continuous Registration in Thesis, Research Essay, or Independent Research Project Any student (full-time or part-time), after initial registration in a thesis, research essay or independent research project, must maintain this registration in all successive terms (including the term in which the student is examined) until his/her thesis, research essay or independent research project is completed.”
  • Failure to maintain continuous registration will result in a loss of a status.
  • Cannot go more than 2 consecutive terms without registering; these terms count towards your time limits
  • Any candidate who remains unregistered in his/her degree program for three terms (twelve months) will lose his/her graduate status
  • Part-time or full-time status based on application and offer of admission
    • Part-time (1.25 credits or less)
    • Full-time (no specific credit value)
    • Must make a request to the Department to change status by completing the Academic Change form request (i.e. Full time or Part time) and must provide appropriate reason and state duration

Instructional/Conduct Offences

  • Calendar
    • Section 18: Academic Integrity (link to Academic Integrity Policy)
    • Section 19: Offences of Conduct
  • Plagiarism is presenting, whether intentional or not, the ideas, expression of ideas or work of others as one's own.
    • Plagiarism includes reproducing or paraphrasing portions of someone else's published or unpublished material, regardless of the source, and presenting these as one's own without proper citation or reference to the original source.
    • Examples of sources from which the ideas, expressions of ideas or works of others may be drawn from include but are not limited to: books, articles, papers, literary compositions and phrases, performance compositions, chemical compounds, art works, laboratory reports, research results, calculations and the results of calculations, diagrams, constructions, computer reports, computer code/software, and material on the Internet.

Examples of Plagiarism

  • Submitting a take-home examination, essay, laboratory report or other assignment written, in whole or in part, by someone else;
  • Using ideas or direct, verbatim quotations, paraphrased material, algorithms, formulae, scientific or mathematical concepts, or ideas without appropriate acknowledgment in any academic assignment;
  • Using another's data or research findings;
  • Submitting a computer program developed in whole or in part by someone else, with or without modifications, as one's own;
  • Failing to acknowledge sources through the use of proper citations when using another's works and/or failing to use quotation marks.

Additional Items

  • Office space
    • Limited space available
    • Allocated on a priority basis
    • If you require a space, contact the graduate administrator with a supervisor recommendation
    • We will try to accommodate the request but it is not guaranteed
  • Office Usage
    • Open door policy, security, phones
    • Only for your educational/professional activities
  • Graduate student’s mail is in the main office – check regularly.
  • FIPPA form for your grad profile on our website:
  • Teaching Assistants
    • Duties & Responsibilities

Scholarships & Funding

  • Eligible to students that have a full-time status, and a GPA of 10 and above.
  • Departmental deadline for NSERC applications:
    • NSERC PhD: September 28th, 2018
    • NSERC Masters : December 7th, 2018
  • Departmental deadline for OGS applications: November 15th, 2018
  • Internal Carleton Scholarships: Nomination by the Department based on the recommendation of your supervisor(s)

Get involved

  • GSA:
  • Clubs:
  • Intramurals:
  • Etc.


  • Questions???

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