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Eliane Agra


ED 421

Technology-Rich Unit of Instruction

Grade Level


Content Area

 Science and Literacy

-Studying, learning about, and teaching different biomes to your peers


-Writing an essay on assigned biome

-Reading about different biomes

-Listen to peers speak about different biomes

-Speaking about your groups assigned biome

Title of Unit

An quick look at the world’s different biomes

Learning Goal

The goal of these lessons will be for students to focus and learn about one certain biome in a group of 3 and then teach the class their findings through a PowerPoint and a Photoshop picture. Before doing so each group will need to compile an essay into a Word document and answer certain assigned questions.
Students will be exposed to each biome by listening and engaging themselves in each presentation made by the 4 different groups of 3. Also they will learn to work with different technologies, such as PowerPoint, a Word document, the internet for resources, and Photoshop/ Clip art, Paint and other drawing programs.
This unit is a good place to start when teaching biomes because you let students explore, use any prior knowledge they may have about the subject, and make them feel like they have the authority to direct their learning and teaching.
Students will be able to demonstrate and use critical thinking skills by comparing and contrasting each of the group’s biome presentations and furthering their knowledge on the topic.

Technology Standards

• TG.01 Demonstrate proficiency in the use of technological tools and devices.

• TG.02 Select and use technology to enhance learning and problem solving.

• TG.03 Access, organize, and analyze information to make informed decisions, using one or more technologies.

• TG.05 Design, prepare, and present unique works using technology to communicate information and ideas.

• TG.06 Extend communication and collaboration with peers, experts, and other audiences using telecommunications.

Technologies Integrated

  • PowerPoint

  • Word Document

  • Database Document

  • Clip Art, Paint, and other Drawing programs

  • Photoshop

  • Internet for resources




- Library fact books

- Encyclopedia

- Dictionary

Unit Outline

1st day (60 minutes)

-Teacher introduces different Biomes by giving a brief description of each Biome in the form of a Database Document






-Tropical Rain Forest

-Deciduous Forest

-Coniferous Forest (Taiga)

-Have students in the class get into groups of 3 by choosing who they would like to work with

-Teacher will assign each group of 3 a different biome to learn and eventually teach the class about looking on the internet and library books for resources

-Teacher will go over rubric expectations of the final project and what the students need to do

-Students go to computer lab and look for facts and gather as much information as possible of their assigned biome

2nd day (45 minutes)

-Students will go to computer lab and continue to look for facts as a group on their biome

-Students will begin to compile an essay on their biome into a Word document
3rd day (50 minutes)

-Students will work on their essays in the word document that will be a minimum of 2 pages double spaced, what kind of animals and plants live in their biome, where can their biome be found (locations), what is the climate like, something the group found interesting, and would each person in their group like to live their or not and state why

-Each student in the group will make input on the paper and one person will write the actual paper so that the essay flows in the same person’s voice
4th day (50 minutes)

-Groups will finalize their essay with their assigned biome and turn in their paper into the teacher

-Students continue to stay in the same group and begin to construct a PowerPoint presentation on their biome

-PowerPoint Presentation will consist of a minimum of 10 short facts of the groups biomes, at least 5 different pictures of their biome, a title page, and a resource page,

-Slides are limited to 15 and consist of at least a total of 10
5th day (60 minutes)

-Students finalize their PowerPoint presentations

-Teacher introduces the Photoshop program and demonstrates how to make a believable picture

-Students begin to make a Photoshop picture of their biome

-Photoshop picture will include at least 5 different animals (if possible), 3 different plants (if possible), and correct climate
6th day (60 minutes)

-Students continue and finalize Photoshop biome picture

-Teacher put each biome name on a piece of paper and then draws it from a hat to see the order of group presentations that will go on for day 7, 8, and 9

7th day (30 minutes)

-3 different biome groups will present their PowerPoint and Photoshop projects to the class and give a quick overview of their biome
8th day (30 minutes)

-3 different biome groups will present their Power Point and Photoshop projects to the class and give a quick overview of their biome

9th day (45 minutes)

-Last 2 biome groups will present their PowerPoint and Photoshop projects to the class and give a quick overview of their biome

-Teacher takes each groups Word document essay and points out great ideas in the essay to the class
10th day (50 minutes)

-Teacher finishes up biome lesson by covering anything else she or he thought the students missed

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