Grade : 6 Date: 02. 2016

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Grade :


Date: 4.02.2016

Theme :

I'll be a doctor

Aim of the lesson:

a)To develop pupils knowledge of the English in writing, reading, speaking

b) to introduce pupils with new material

c) to bring up pupils interests in different professions and to help them to love them, to enlarge pupils' vocabulary

Results of the study:

Will be able to introduce the new material , express their opinion

Will be able to apply the knowledge

Visual aids:

Cards, computer, interactive board, pictures


Оқыту мен оқудағы жаңа тәсілдер, сыни тұрғыдан ойлауға үйрету. Оқыту үшін бағалау және оқу үшін бағалау. Ақпараттық-коммуникативтік технологияларды оқыту.

Бекітемін: ___________ Қ. Наубетов Мектеп директорының оқу-тәрбие ісі жөніндегі орынбасары

Parts of the lesson:


Teacher's actions:

Pupils' actions:



visual aids

I. Organization moment.

II. Checking up the homework.

III. Learning the new vocabulary.

IV. Explanation of the grammar structure

V. New lesson.

I'll be a doctor

VI. Phonetic drill

VII. Conclusion

VIII. Giving homework
IX. Reflection

X. Marking

5 minutes

5 minutes

5 minutes


5 minutes

3 minutes

5 minutes

2 minute

3 minutes

2 minutes

a) greeting with the pupils

b) Divide into groups

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