Graciela Chichilnisky Curriculum Vitae

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Graciela Chichilnisky

Curriculum Vitae

June 2015
1013 International Affairs Building

Columbia University

420 West 118th Street

New York, NY 10027 USA

(212) 854-4641(p)

(212) 678-1148 (p)

Recent Positions:

2015 - Visiting Professor of Economics, Stanford University
2013 - Member of Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Institute for Economics Research (WIFO), Vienna, Austria
2012 - Board Member, Ethical Markets Media, Florida
2011 - Member, Board of Advisors, The Capital Institute, New York
2011- Executive Advisory Board, The Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) at Columbia Business School
2010 - Advisor to the Climate Bonds Initiative, London, United Kingdom
2010 - Member, Board of Advisors, Green Economic Institute, Oxford University, UK
2010 - Distinguished Guest Professor, Nankai University, China
2010 - Distinguished Visiting Professor, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
2009 - Managing Director, Board of Directors Global Thermostat
2009 - Consultant to the European Environmental Agency (EEA) of the

European Union
2009 - Scientific Editor for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

2009 - Consultant to World Bank "International Perspective on Gender Gap"

2008-2012 Principal Investigator, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) project, “Optimal Statistical Decisions with Catastrophic Risks” (FA-9550-09-1-0467)
2008 - 2012 Senator, Columbia University, New York
2007 - 2011 Sir Louis Matheson Distinguished Professor, Monash University,

Melbourne, Australia
1998 - Director, Columbia Consortium for Risk Management (CCRM) Columbia

University, New York
1996 - Professor of Statistics, Columbia University Tenured since 1996
1995 - 2008 UNESCO Professor of Mathematics and Economics
1994 - Director, Program on Information and Resources (PIR)
1979 - Professor of Economics, Columbia University Tenured since 1979
- Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

- US citizen since 1991

- Two children

- English, Spanish, and French

Academic Positions:
2010- 2012 Referee for the Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economist

2011- 2012 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

2010 - Distinguished Guest Professor, Nankai University, China
2007 - 2010 International Monetary Fund Institute, Washington DC, June, 2007
2007 - 2012 Sir Louis Matheson Distinguished Professor, Monash University,

Melbourne, Australia

1998 - Director, Columbia Consortium for Risk Management (CCRM)
1996, 2002 Visiting Academic, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, August

1996, July, 2002

1996 Visiting Professor, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and University of Paris X, Nanterre, June-July, 1996

1995 - 2008 UNESCO Professor of Mathematics and Economics
1994 - Director, Program on Information and Resources, Columbia University

1994 - 1995 Salinbemi Chair, Universita di Siena, Italy

1993 - 1994 Visiting Professor of Economics and Operations Research, Department of Economics, Department of Operations Research, and Institute for International Studies, Stanford University
1993, 1994 Profesor Visitante, Universidad Catolica de Buenos Aires, Argentina,

August, 1993, April, 1994

1991 - 1993 Visiting Professor, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics (SITE),

Stanford University, Summers of 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994

1991, 1992 Visiting Professor, University of Siena, Italy, Summer Terms of 1991, 1992, and 1993
1984 - 1985 Professeur Missionaire, Universite des Antilles et de la Guyane, Short Term visits, Spring terms
1983 - 1984 Visiting Professor, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications,

University of Minnesota
1980 - 1981 Keynes Chair in Economics, University of Essex, United Kingdom
1979 - Professor of Economics, Columbia University, Tenured since 1979
1978 Fellow, Harvard Institute of International Development, Harvard

1977 - 1980 Associate Professor of Economics, Columbia University, Tenured since

1977 - 1978 Lecturer, Department of Economics, Harvard University

1977 Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Professional Positions:

2011 - Guest Editor, Economic Theory: Special Issue on Economic Theory and the Global Environment. Vol. 49, No. 2, February, 2012.
2009 - Editor for the Journal Environmental Economics
2009 - Member, Board of Directors of Global Thermostat
2006 - Editorial Board, Scientific Journal International
2002 - Editorial Board, SocioTopology, VNTL Publishers
2002 - Editorial Board, Nonlinear Analysis, Pergamon Press
2002 Member of Board of Trustees, Mediterranean College, Athens, Greece

2001 - Member of Editorial Board of Risk Decision and Policy

2001 - Editorial Advisory Board, Arthaniti, Department of Economics,

University of Calcutta, India

1999 - 2000 National Selection Committee, Fulbright Fellows, USA
1999 - Member of Advisory Board of Metroeconomica
1996 - 1998 US Lead Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
1999 - Member of Board of Editors, Review of Development Economics
1998 - Member of the Editorial Advisory Council, Pacific Economic Review
1997 Advisor, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Lead Negotiator of Kyoto Protocol , EU Committee member and Advisor to Ambassador Raul Estrada Oyuela. In charge of writing carbon market into Kyoto Protocol
1997 Member of Board of Editors, Journal of Economic Integration, Institute

for International Economics Sejong Institution, Seoul, Korea

1997 - Member of Editorial Board, Advances in Applied Mathematics, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1997 - Member of Editorial Board, Non Linear World, International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts (IFDA)
1997 - Member of the Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee for the

International Program on Research and Development, Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Legal Amazon, Brazil
1996 - 2000 Editorial Board, International Review of Economics and Finance JAI

Press Inc, 55 Old Post Road No 2, PO Box 1678, Greenwich, Connecticut 06836-1678

1996 - 1997 Member of the Second National Forum on Biodiversity, National

Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC

1996 - Editorial Board, Risk, Decision & Policy Chapman & Hall, 2-6 Boundary Row, London SE1 8HN, United Kingdom
1996 - Member of the Editorial Advisory Council, Pacific Economic Review,

Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, United Kingdom and Cambridge, Massachusetts

1994 - Member, Advisory Board, Metroeconomica, Blackwell Publishers

Journal, PO Box 805, 108 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1FH, United Kingdom
1993 - 1996 Contributing Author and Advisor, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate

Change (IPCC)

1993 - 1996 Editorial Board, Economics Letters Elsevier Science SA, PO Box 564,

CH-1001, Lausanne, Switzerland

1993 - 1994 Chair, Organizing Committee, Conference and Workshop on Geometry,

Topology and Markets, The Fields Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Canada

1993 - 1994 Member, Program Committee, Econometric Society North American

Summer Meetings, Toronto, Canada

1993 - Editorial Board, Journal of International Trade and Economic

Development, Routledge, 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE, United Kingdom

1993 - Editorial Board, Journal of International and Comparative Economics

Physica-Verlag, Tiegarten Strasse 17, D-69121, Heidelberg, Germany

1991 - 1996 Member of the Council of Social Choice and Welfare Society, Editorial

Board, Social Choice and Welfare, Springer-Verlag, Postfach 31.13.40, D- 10643, Berlin, Germany
1985 - Editorial Board, International Journal of Development Planning Literature

Spellbound Publications PVTLTC 177/28, Model Town, Delhi Road, Medical Mor, Rohtak 124001, India

1984 - 1996 Editorial Board, Social Choice and Welfare, Springer-Verlag, Postfach 31.13.40, D-10643, Berlin, Germany

1981 - 1986 Editorial Board, Review of Economic Studies, Blackwell Publishers,

108 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1JF, United Kingdom
1980 - 1985 Editorial Board, Advances in Applied Mathematics Academic Press, 6277

Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, Florida 32887-4900
1976 - 1986 Associate Editor, Journal of Development Economics, Elsevier Science,

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Professional Associations:
Member of the American Mathematical Society

Member of the American Economic Association

Member of the American Statistical Association

Member of the American Chemical Society

Listed In:
“Great Minds of the 21st Century” 2008 – 2009

1000 Outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century

2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century

Dictionary of International Biography

Men of Achievement

Outstanding People of the 21st Century

Strathmore’s Who’s Who

Who is Who in America

Who is Who in American Education

Who is Who in the East

Who is Who in the World

Who is Who of Intellectuals

Who is Who of Science and Engineering

Top 10 Most Influential Latinos in USA – Hispanic Business Magazine 2007

High School: Instituto National de Lenguas Vivas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
No undergraduate studies
PhD Program in Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD Program in Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley Degrees: MA, PhD in

Mathematics, Thesis title: Lifting Action on Spin Manifolds

PhD Adviser: Professor Jerrold Marsden
PhD Program in Economics, University of California, Berkeley Degree: PhD in

Economics, Thesis title: Manifolds on Preferences and Equilibria

PhD Adviser: Professor Gerard Debreu, Nobel Laureate in Economics

Honors, Awards, and Selected Presentations:

2015 “2015 CEO of the Year Award”, Yale University Club, New York, IAIR, April 16

2014 “Global Leadership” Prize, American Renewable Energy Institute Aspen, Colorado, August 10 2014

2015 Keynote Speaker “Rethinking Capitalism: Sustainability with Graciela Chichilnisky.” The Buchanan Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland, May 14, 2015
2014 Opening Keynote Address “Avoiding Extinction.” Indian Institute for Foreign Trade (IIFT) New Delhi, India, December 13-19, 2014
2014 Keynote Speaker “Avoiding Extinction.” LUCID, Jazz Club 85 Ave A, New York, NY October 15, 2014
2014 Keynote Speaker “Avoiding Extinction” Closing the Carbon Cycle for Sustainability. I-SUP conference Antwerp Belgium, September 1-3, 2014
2014 Keynote Address “Avoiding Extinction.” American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) Aspen, Colorado, August 10-13 2014
2014 Keynote Speaker “International Seminar on Green Economics: the Road to a Balanced & Healthy Economy”, Meghalaya Economic Association, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong, India, August 7, 2014
2014 Keynote Speaker “Avoiding Extinction.” annual conference Green Economics Institute, Oxford University, Trinity College July 2014
2014 Opening Keynote Speaker “Green Capitalism: The End of Fear”, EuroMoney Conference on Sustainable & Responsible Capital Markets: Investing & Financing for a Better Future, The Pierre Hotel, New York, March 12, 2014
2013 Plenary Keynote Speaker “The Foundations of Probability with Black Swans”. International Congress of Mathematicians Annual Meeting, University of New South Wales, Australia, December 11, 2013
2013 Presentation “CO2 Capture: A Clean and Sustainable Alternative Applicable to Bioenergy”. Bio-energy Conference of the Americas, Medellin, Colombia, October 10-11, 2013
2013 “Avoiding Extinction” TEDx Talk, National Technical University NTU Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 4, 2013
2013 Board Member American Renewable Energy Institute. Aspen Colorado, May 2, 2013
2013 Keynote Speaker “The Economic Future of Europe”, In Modeling Growth and Socio-Ecological Transition Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO), Vienna, Austria, March 12-14
2012 Plenary Talk “The Foundations of Probability & Statistics with Black Swans”. Annual International Meeting of the Mathematical Society & the Canadian Mathematical Society, Montreal, Canada, December 8-10
2012 Keynote Speaker “Avoiding Extinction: Air Capture of CO2Air Capture Seminar, UK Institute of Mechanical Engineers, London, October 16
2012 “Avoiding Extinction”. Invited presentation to Department of Engineering Sciences, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, October 15
2012 Speaker, “Why Economists Disagree.” Helix Center Roundtable, Helix Psychoanalytic Society Institute, New York, October 13
2012 Panelist, Blouin Creative Leadership Summit. Louise Blouin Foundation, New York, NY, September 20-21
2012 Speaker and Moderator, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE), the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) and the University of Catania’s (UNICT) 2012 Belpasso International Summer School on Environmental and Resource Economics, Belpasso, Sicily, Italy, September 2-8
2012 Keynote Speaker, “Sex and the Ivy League” North Shore Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Legal Action Fund luncheon, Great Neck, NY, April 26
2012 Invited Speaker, “Markets with Black Swans”, Duncan Foley Festschrif, New School, New York City, NY. April 20th
2012 Keynote Speaker, “Carbon Capture and Use initiatives in US and Europe”, Calgary Economic Development, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, March 9
2012 Keynote Speaker, “The Kyoto Protocol Carbon Market: Reflections by its Author” Confluence Philanthropy Practitioners Meeting, Cavallo Point, Sausalito, CA, January 26.
2011 Major Keynote Speaker “History and Future of Economics and Its

Methodology,” Reform of Economics Workshop at Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom, November 19

2011 Speaker at “Calgary Clean Tech Summit,” Global Clean Energy

Congress (GCEC), Calgary, Canada, November 2

2011 Speaker “Virgin Earth Challenge Conference,” Pricewaterhouse

Coopers LLP, London, United Kingdom, October 26

2011 Keynote Speaker, “Global Efforts to Address Climate Change,” Sci-Fest

Presentation, St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis, Missouri, October 22

2011 Presentation, “The Global Commons,” Center in Political Economy

Seminar Series, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, October 21

2011 Keynote Speech “Avoiding Extinction”, at Back2Black Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 27
2011 Invited Presentation “Carbon Negative Technology” at American Renewable

Energy Day, Aspen, Colorado, August 18-21

2011 Keynote Speech “A Brief History of Western Economics”, New York University, June 15.
2011 Keynote Speech Plenary Panel of CO2 Utilization Workshop, UC

Berkeley, California, February 17-18

2010 Panelist “Reality Check – Information & Communication Technologies

for Development: what is holding us back,” United Nations, Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, December 5

2010 Panel Moderator “Broadband Networks and Smart Grids at the

Crossroad between ICT and Energy,” CITI Conference, Columbia University, New York, December 3

2010 Panelist, “Second Encounter: The Challenge of Perserving Life,” Encuentro en Mexico: Construyendo Futuros, Nonoalco-Tlatelolco, Mexico, October 20.
2010 Keynote Speaker Financial Times Conference on Sustainable Banking

Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel, London, United Kingdom, June 3

2010 Keynote Speaker “Sex and the Ivy League” American Association of University Women of New Jersey Annual, Forsgate Country Club, New Jersey, April 17
2010 Headline speaker "Names Not Numbers" Second annual Editorial

Intelligence symposium known as ‘British Davos’ – Rock Royalty, Business Leaders and Global Gurus, Portmeirion, North Wales, February 26-28

2010 Special lecture “What Happened in Copenhagen” Alcazar, Marseille

Public Library, Organized by Université de la Méditerranée, Greqam-

Idep and cosponsored by Université Montpellier – LAMETA, Marseille, France, February 5

2009 Main Keynote Address, “Saving Kyoto: Copenhagen: Do or Die” at the

American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce – The Greek Economy Conference, Athens, Greece, November 30

2009 Opening Keynote Speech, “Preparing for Copenhagen: Saving Kyoto” at

The Green Economics Institute conference on “Greening the Economy,”

Oxford University Club, Oxford University, Oxford, UK. November 28, 2009
2009 Keynote Address and Organizer "The Rising Tide at Copenhagen: A Win-Win Solution for Industrialized and Developing Nations” at United Nations Headquarters, New York, forum on "Developing Technical and Financial Solutions for the Survival of Small Island Developing States (SIDS): Looking Beyond Copenhagen" Cosponsored by the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) and the Columbia Consortium for Risk Management (CCRM), November 12

2009 Keynote Speech “The Gender Gap” at 24orMore International

Conference on Increasing the Labour Participation of Women, Warehouse de Zwijger, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 5
2009 Keynote Speech The Aspen Institute – Water Planted Dialogue, Wye River Conference Center, Queenstown, Maryland, October 20-23
2009 Keynote Speaker Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies Colloquium on Global Environmental Change and Its Impact on Human Societies, Geneva, Switzerland, October 8-9
2009 Public Lecture “Saving Kyoto” at Festival of Ideas, The Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, United Kingdom, October, 2
2009 World Economic Forum Global Risk Brainstorming Session, The Gore

Hotel, London, United Kingdom, October 1

2009 Public Lecture “Saving Kyoto: Copenhagen and Beyond,” Royal Society

of Arts (RSA), London, United Kingdom, October 1

2009 Keynote Speaker “Climate Change: Are we headed for a New Cold War?,” London School of Economics (LSE), Old Theatre, Old Building, London, United Kingdom, October 1
2009 Keynote Lecture “What is Sustainability?” INFER Workshop –

Sustainable Public Finances in a Turbulent Global Economy, Klagenfurt University, Klagenfurt, Austria, September 29

2009 Keynote Speech “Green Economics: Can it Avert Another Cold War” at

4th Annual Green Economics Conference, Mansfield College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK July 31
2009 Keynote Speech “How to Overcome the China – US Impasse in the

Global Climate Negotiations" at Expert Meeting on Trade and Climate Change: Trade and Investment Opportunities and Challenges under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Geneva, Switzerland, April 27- 29
2009 Keynote Speaker “Beyond the Global Divide: From Basic Needs to the Knowledge Revolution,” Gosnell Lecture Series, Golisano Auditorium, Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Liberal Arts, Rochester, New York, April 14
2009 Keynote Speaker and Organizer of one day event at US Congress, US Senate “Sustainable Energy and Environment Caucus” with participation 37 members of the House of Representatives, Cannon Building, Capitol Hill, Washington DC, March 31
2009 Panelist, “Environment & Development”, Energy Impact Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, March 16-17
2008 Keynote Address to Members of Australian Parliament on “Emissions Trading and Climate Change at the House of Parliament,” Melbourne, Australia, November 12
2008 Keynote Speech “Extreme Uncertainty & the Value of Life,” Seminar

Series in Economics at Greqam University of Aix-Marseille, December 15

2008 Keynote Speech “Sustainable Development – Cost Benefit Analysis

Balancing the Present and the Future,” University of Montpellier, December 10

2008 Keynote Speech “Tecnologia y el Sistema Productivo,” 8th Congreso de Economia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 19
2008 Keynote Speech “Averting Climate Change: New Financial Mechanisms and Technologies’, Governance, Organizations and Regional Development Conference, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, August 1

2008 Keynote Speech “Financial Mechanisms and New Technologies:

Bridging the Gap between Industrial and Developing Nations in the Global Climate Negotiations”, Monash University, Workshop on Emissions Trading for Australia, August 1
2008 Keynote Speech ‘Energy Security and Climate Change: Financial

Mechanisms and New Technologies”, Fundacion Rafael Del Pino, Rafael Calvo 39, 28010, Madrid, Spain, July 8

2008 Keynote Speech “Global Financial Mechanisms for International

Payments for Ecosystem Services: Watersheds, Forests, DNA & Indigenous Knowledge, and the Global Spectrum”, First UNEP Working

Group Meeting on Economics, Kenya, May 6-8
2008 Keynote Speech “The Carbon Market, Past and Future”, Carbon Finance North America 2008, New York, June 4-6
2008 Radio Interview “Understanding Carbon Markets,” The Sound Of Ideas,

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