Gpa: 74/ 4 College of Engineering Major: Nuclear Engineering Miller School of Albemarle

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Jun Teak Hwang

506 Shunk Hall University Park, PA 16902 l (916) 622-5005 l


Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 08/2013 – 05/2017

GPA: 2.74/ 4

College of Engineering

Major: Nuclear Engineering
Miller School of Albemarle, Charlottesville, VA 08/2010 – 05/2013

GPA: 4.54/ 5 (unweighted)

High Honor: Grades 10, 11

Honor Roll: Grade 11
SAT: 1920 Total l 490 Verbal l 800 Math l 630 Writing

SAT II: 800 Math IIC

AP: 5 Calculus AB

Soccer: Varsity Grade 10

Most Improved Player
Soccer: Junior Varsity Grade 11

Most Valuable Player

Soccer: JV & Varsity Grades 10 - 11

Striker, Right Wingback, and Defender

  • Platrriker in JV soccercer ( scowardJV: scored 9 goals during the team’s 5-4 season and won the team’s Most Valuable Player award

  • VarfVardVarsity: contributed to the team by playing three different positions during games and practices

Pre-engineering Club Grade 11


  • Participated in an advanced class on Design & Build, and wrote reports, essays, and research papers

  • Constructed a go-kart with wood frames and bicycle chains and wheels, and wrote an essay about how the mechanism between chains and wheels works

  • Designed and constructed a glider, and wrote an essay about how the angles between wings and tail-wings impacts the glider’s aerodynamics

  • Invited to visit the University of Virginia to listen to a presentation on the true meaning of engineering and how it affects society

Lacrosse Team: Varsity Grade 11


  • Learned to cradle, pass, and shoot effectively during the 8 game season

Table Tennis Team Grade 11

  • Participated in 2 tournaments and advanced to the quarterfinals in the Miller – Blue Ridge tournament

  • Represented the team as one of the top 5 players

Ski Club Grade 11

Golf Team Grade 10

  • Improved handicap to double-bogey from double-par, and increased 7-iron driving ability to 270 yards

Martial Arts Grade 10

  • Trained in defensive mixed martial arts and learned the art of discipline and self defense


Engineering Service Grade 11


  • Constructed projects to improve school community, such as wooden bird houses for birds, posts through roads to prevent car accidents, lecterns to improve school facilities, and wooden shelves for student made sculptures

Charlottesville Korean School Service Grade11

  • Taught 5-6 year old kids Korean, and assisted teachers with classroom maintenance and student management


Languages: Korean and English

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