Government Social Studies 9 Agenda

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  • Social Studies 9


  • Current Affairs
  • Questions about:
  • Newspaper assignment
  • Exploring Canadian Government
  • Cartoons!
  • Discussion Questions: Rights and Responsibilities!

Current Affairs Journal

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What is Government?

  • 1. Why do we have government? 2. Why is government necessary? 3. In Canada, what type of government do we have? 4. What are some of the important things in a democracy? Upon what is democracy based? 5. What rights do you think you have? List 10 of the rights you think you have as grade 9 students at RVLC.


  • As a citizen, you have the following responsibilities…..

How effectively Does Canada's federal political system govern Canada for all Canadians?

  • 1. As prime minister, how could you use cabinet positions to respond to issues about government that concern Canadians? 2. What qualities must a person have to become a minister? How do these qualities help the government meet the needs of all Canadians? 3. What is a political party? How do political parties help Canadian citizens influence the political system? 4. To what extent do you feel the prime minister should work with the opposition.
  • 5. Does the current electoral process adequately meet the needs of all Canadians, or does it require changes? 6. What impact does the popular vote have on the results of an election? 7. In your opinion, which system represents voters more effectively - regional representation OR representation by popular vote? Explain. 8. How does the structure of the Senate represent Canadians in a different way than the House of Commons? How does this structure help the Senate act in the interests of regions and minority groups?
  • 9. How does the judicial branch connect to peace, order and good government for all Canadians? 10. How does the Federal Accountability Act contribute to good government for all Canadians? 11. How does the process of passing a law create opportunities to build Canada as a society where people of many perspectives and views belong? What challenges does this process create, in your opinion?
  • 12 a. Brainstorm some ideas for a new law and create one you feel would make it all the way through the stages to receive Royal Assent. Your law should be practical and logical and focus on making Canada's federal political system more effective for all Canadians. Remember, to become law, a bill must first be introduced in either the Senate or the House of Commons. It must then pass through various stages in each House: first, second and third reading. Finally, it must receive Royal Assent. How will your law do? Read through the notes on how a bill becomes law. i. Why is your proposed law needed? ii. How would it improve the quality of life of Canadians? iii. What groups might support it? What groups might oppose it?

Lesson 2 Lobby Groups and Media

  • OR 12b. Assess the effectiveness of our current federal practices in promoting and holding accountable elected and nonelected (Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators) government officials. Write a persuasive paragraph arguing in favour of or against the effectiveness of Canada's current processes for selecting government officials. Read through the notes on Senators and MP's.

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