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Hon’ble Minister during inaugration function of Depot Online system in Food Corporation of India



Reduction in Old Stocks of Food Grains

Food grain stocks available with FCI are now not more than two years old. This has been brought about by enhanced allocation in TPDS and disposal of surplus stocks through sale in market.

Increase in Storage Capacity

FCI has its own grid of covered godowns in all states to safely stock the Central Pool food grains. More than 814 lakh MT storage capacity was available for Central Pool stocks of food grains as in December, 2015. Since, higher MSP coupled with better outreach has led to higher procurement in the past few years, a necessity was felt to augment the storage capacity for food grains. The Department is implementing two schemes, namely Private Entrepreneurs Guarantee (PEG) Scheme and Plan scheme, for augmenting the covered storage capacity.

Under the PEG Scheme, godowns are constructed in PPP mode and the land and construction cost is borne by the selected partners. FCI on its part guarantees 10 years usage of storage capacities to the private investors and 9 years to CWC and SWCs.

PEG godown at Dhuri

nder the scheme, about 133.46 lakh MT capacity have been completed till 31.03.2016 and 124 lakh MT capacity have been taken over by FCI. A road map for creation of 100 LMT storage capacity in the form of Steel Silos by FCI and other agencies including State Governments on PPP mode for wheat and rice has been approved . Letter of Award (LoA) has been issued by Food Corporation of India (FCI) in March, 2016 to the selected bidders for total 2.5lakh MT capacity at 6 locations, namely Changsari (Assam), Narela (Delhi), Sahnewal (Punjab), Kotkapura (Punjab), Kaithar (Bihar) and Whitefield( Karnataka) . Capacity 4.5 Lakh MT of silos has been created in Madhya Pradesh by the State Government. Work of 3.5 Lakh MT has been awarded in Punjab by the State Government.

Government is also constructing godowns under Plan scheme with focus on the North Eastern States. The capacity created in 12th Five Year Plan till 31st March, 2016 is 1,13,700 MT.

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