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  • In order to keep the working atmosphere neat and clean, white- washing, pest control and rodent control in the corridor and rooms are being done at regular intervals. The services of Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC), who have expertise in pest/rodent control are being utilized.

  • 12 rooms of the Department which were in bad condition have been modernized, with the help of Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (ARPG). Modular furniture has been in these rooms for special cleanliness effect. Renovation/modernization of three toilets of this Departments through CPWD are under process.

  • Floor Officers have been nominated on each floor of the Department for proper supervision of cleanliness and a Committee for monitoring the progress of sanitation & cleanliness in the Department of Food and Public Distribution has also been constituted under the Chairmanship of Joint Secretary (Admn.). Cleanliness of all fixtures and fitting is being looked after regularly. Rooms and toilets under the charge of the Department in Krishi Bhawan, are inspected regularly even by Senior Officers and found to be well maintained. Photos in this regard of DFPD rooms & corridor have been uploaded on the site provided by Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. As the cleanliness is a regular process, Department is taking appropriate action for the purpose from time to time.

  • Scanners have been purchased and provided in adequate number in the Department for digitalization of records which will add to cleanliness.

  • Swachh Bharat logo has been printed on letters and other stationery items for spreading of cleanliness awareness.

  • Suggestions on cleanliness were received from the officers/officials of this Department for improvement of cleanliness and Department is taking action as per suggestions..

  • A running trophy is likely to be instituted in the DFPD to be awarded to the best Division on the basis of quarterly evaluation. Evaluation criteria would include maintenance of files, upkeep, presentation, use of e-files etc.

  • This Department is again going to observe a “Swachhta Pakhwada” during 16th to 30th June, 2016. This slot has been given by Minstry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. During this period this Ministry has been suggested the following activities –

  • Mass pledges by employees volunteers

  • Volunteer cleaning activities undertaken and uploaded on mygov.

In addition to these activities this Department in consultation with its organization /offices has prepared a list of activities which will be undertaken during this pakhwada. These are as follows:

  • Placing air-purifying indoor plants inside the building.

  • Organizing blood donation camp.

  • Providing automatic sanitizer dispensers in the toilets.

  • Felicitating the safai karamcharis by honouring them with small gifts.

  • Holding declamation, essay writing contests on "how we can motivate individuals to adopt public cleanliness and hygiene as a way of life".

  • Holding painting competitions for the wards of employees.

  • Taking up with local authorities for providing public amenities outside Krishi Bhawan for the public.

  • Providing nose masks to the workers/labourers at CWC and FCI warehouses

  • Providing dustbin to the vendors sitting on pavements around Krishi Bhawan. Sensitizing them to the need of cleanliness and hygiene.

  • FCI to construct more lavatory blocks especially for female employees in 175 depots and provide safe drinking water in 90 depots.

  • Display of importance of cleanliness through rolling display unit at reception of Department.

  • Upgrading hygiene and cleanliness standards by setting up modular computerized offices and modern toilets.

  • Spreading awareness by printing Swachch Bharat logo on office stationery.

  • Sensitizing contractor for providing masks, gloves and boots of good quality to the safai karamcharis.

  • CRWC, to construct 4 toilets in village Laxmipura, distt. Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, as part of integrated development of that village.

  • Sensitizing the officers and employees on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene through lectures, demonstrations. video clips etc.

  • Requesting the sugar factories through their Associations to maintain and encourage cleanliness in the factory and surrounding area.

  • Awarding a running trophy to the best maintained floor in the FCI Headquarters.

  • Awarding a running trophy quarterly to the best maintained section in Krishi Bhawan in D/o Food &PD.

  • Routine works like sprucing up the work area and maintaining the cleanliness, keeping the passages & staircases unobstructed, keeping the files/papers neatly stacked up, weeding out of files and papers will also be carried out with renewed energy and vigour.

  • Hon’ble Minister for CA, F&PD alongwith CMD, FCI and employees of the FCI swept the area outside FCI Headquarters in September, 2014. On 02.10.2014 a play by the FCI employees/artists on ‘Swachh Bharat’ was performed sensitizing the employees towards cleanliness and its importance in our day-to-day life. Every employee of FCI has regularly been devoting half an hour from 9.30 AM to 10 AM to ensure that their work place and surrounding is neat & clean. “Swachh Bharat Logo” has been got printed on stationery items. No ‘Bottled Water’ is being used for the conferences and meetings. Old and useless furniture items have been disposed off. Old and obsolete records have been weeded out. FCI is maintaining all created facilities. Provided drinking water facility in all FCI owned depot by 31.03.2016. 261 existing toilets have been renovated and 155 new female toilets have been constructed upto 31.03.2016.

  • All officers and employees of the CWC took “Swachhata Sapath” on 2.10.2014. Cleanliness drive was carried out in their offices, warehouses and CWC flats at Mayur Vihar. Floor wise nodal officer in CO/RP building of CWC has been nominated to ensure cleanliness floor wise. Toilet block has been constructed at ICP Attari, Central Warehouse Amritsar and in a school in U.P.. Rs. 55.00 lakhs has been contributed to “Swachh Bharat Mission”. Rs. 200 lakhs contributed to “Swachh Bharat Kosh” and Rs. 133.25 lakhs contributed towards “Namami Ganga Programme”. Rain water harvesting structure are being constructed in various places. CWC has started using logo of Swachh Bharat Mission and its tagline on all stationery items, annual reports, magazines.

  • Nodal officers have been nominated in corporate offices/terminals under CRWC to ensure cleanliness. CRWC has taken up a project in the backward district of Rajasthan’s Sawai Madhopur- Village Laxmipura, where alongwith many other activities, renovation of toilets in school, construction of new toilets and sanitation awareness campaigns among individuals were undertaken. CRWC has constructed 05 toilets and 02 urinals and also made arrangement for water for providing wash facility in 02 government school of Sald and Thati-Dhanari in Uttarkashi district of Uttrakhand and constructed another 5 toilets and 1 urinal with wash facility in the government school of Langra village, Haryan with the help of the implementing agency, PLAN INDIA and SATHEE respectively.

  • CRWC has contributed Rs.5 lakhs in ‘cleaning Ganga Fund’ during 2014-15 and Rs. 10 lakhs in ‘Swachh Bharat Kosh’ during 2015-16. Plantation activity undertaken in and around premises of RWC Nishatpura, Bhopal and RWC, Whitefield, Banglore terminals. Employees voluntarily carried out cleaning activities at nearby surrounding of the Corporate Office and other field units and made other personnel aware about the significance of cleanliness at their home, office premises and nearby surroundings. Organized drive for weeding out of all old record and ensuring cleanliness in all sections of CRWC, Corporate Office/RWCs. Disposed off unused furniture and items. Organized competitions like essay, slogan and poster with respect to ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’.

  • Cleaning in the WDRA office is one of the highest standard and the office ambience is very good. All the officers and staff of WDRA have been sensitized about maintaining the cleanliness in the office premises. The employees of WDRA have been responding with great enthusiasm and maintaining the cleanliness of the highest order. Warehouses registered with WDRA have been advised time-to-time to carry on the National Cleanliness Campaigns. Regular disposal of old newspapers, furniture/fixture/ stationery and unserviceable electronic equipment are being done.

Government of India

Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution

Department of Food & Public Distribution

Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001

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