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Wheat Rice
Movement of Food Grains

Food Corporation of India undertakes the activities connected with the movement of foodgrains for the Public Distribution System and other welfare schemes. Movement division in the Department closely monitors the movement and co-ordinates with FCI and Railways. Optimum evacuation of foodgrains from the procuring regions and induction and stocking of foodgrains in the North Eastern States, Jammu & Kashmir and other deficit areas, identified from time to time is specially monitored.

FCI has also initiated coastal movement of foodgrains from Andhra Pradesh to Kerala and riverine movement in NE States. Despite disruption in rail route due to gauge conversion from Lumding to Badarpur in NE States and natural calamities of Hud-Hud cyclone in Andhra Pradesh and devastating floods in J&K, food supplies of food grains were maintained in the States.

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