Goa Chief Mininister Laxmikant Parsekars Speech Budget 2016

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Goa Chief Mininister Laxmikant Parsekars Speech – Budget 2016
1. Speaker Sir, with these words of Bakibab Borkar, I bow before

Goa and all the Goans and rise to present the budget for the year 2016-

17 with all humility and a great sense of responsibility. Speaker Sir, I know I am the Chief Minister of that State where legends like Dr. Francisco Luis Gomes, Acharya Dharmanand Kosambi, Dr. T. B Cunha, Rajaram Paiguinkar were born. I belong to that Taluka which has produced personalities like Dr. Bhau Daji Lad, Jivba Dada Kerkar and Hutatma Bapu Gawas. I represent that constituency which was represented by great visionary and first Chief Minister of Goa Bhausaheb Bandodkar. I feel proud and privileged to inherit and carry forward this august legacy.


Speaker Sir, Let us make Goa, Not only cent percent literate.

but fully educated, skilled and trained.
Where agriculture is flourishing..

and hunger has completely vanished.

Where women are contented and satisfied.

and sky is the limit of aspiration to every child..


Where everyone is gainfully employed

and manifests his true potential.

Where each is having his homestead,

blessed with health, happiness and well-being

Where there is social security with dignity. and religious harmony with public unity.

With this vision of my Government and confidence to make it into

reality, I present Budget for 2016-17.

3. Speaker Sir, when our Government took over in the year 2012, we

had to pay outstanding pending bills of `1500 crores of the previous Government. Further, we had to face a revenue loss of around ` 1300

crores per year due to mining closure from 2012. However, fighting with all these odds, we have implemented all our social welfare schemes with a sizable increase in coverage and financial assistance. We have taken utmost care of public health with tremendous development in the health sector.

While giving boost to agricultural sector we saw that there will be a positive growth in the production of agriculture and allied sectors. While revamping the entire education system in the State we have energized the educational sector from pre-primary to university level.

While strengthening the public infrastructure in the State every year, we have achieved higher goal of development in a planned manner.

While giving highest emphasis on employment we have provided various alternative opportunities and a platform to Goan youth which has reduced our percentage of unemployment significantly.


Fiscal Profile

4. Sir, I now present a brief fiscal profile of the State.

The State Government has adopted a prudent fiscal policy and

kept the deficit and debt stock, related to the GSDP, at a sustainable level.

As per the CSO estimates for the year 2013-14, Goa's per capita income at current prices was ` 2,57,490 which is highest in the Country.

The growth rate of the State GSDP which slowed down due to ban on mining to 4.17 percent in 2012-13, has picked up to 7.71 percent in 2013-14. The Gross State Domestic Product in 2015-16 at current price

is estimated (GSDP) at ` 60,894.83 crore.

The GSDP at current prices for the fiscal 2016-17 is estimated at ` 70,400.03 crore thereby reflecting a growth rate of approximately 10


5. Speaker Sir, the Gross Fiscal Deficit estimated for the year

2015-16 stood at 2.84 percent of GSDP. This is within the ceiling of three percent prescribed by the Goa FRBM Act.

The estimated Debt - GSDP ratio stands at 17.07 percent for the fiscal 2016-17. This is within the ceiling of 25 percent prescribed by the Goa FRBM Act and therefore debt availed by the State is within

sustainable limits. The State has never defaulted in debt repayment.

In spite of reduced fiscal space, our Government has been discharging its primary expenditure responsibilities. The reduced fiscal space made our Government prioritize its expenditure. Our priorities are expenditure in the social, educational, health, housing, employment and infrastructure sectors.


Budget Estimates for the Year 2016-17

6. Speaker Sir, I am happy to present a revenue surplus Budget of

` 158.82 crore for the year 2016-17. The revenue receipt for the current fiscal are estimated at ` 10641.96 crore; and the revenue expenditure is estimated at ` 10483.14 crore.

7. Sir, the total Budget size for the year 2016-17, has been estimated

at ` 14694.17 crore as against ` 13331.44 crore in 2015-16; showing an

increase of 9.06 percent.

8. I propose a plan capital outlay of ` 4008.05 crore for the current

fiscal as against ` 3623.74 crore for the last financial year 2015-16,

showing an increase of 10.61 percent. I propose to complete the

ongoing major infrastructure capital works during the current fiscal.

9. While making the Budget provision, I have tried to keep the

increase in essential revenue expenditure at bare minimum. However, my Government has not compromised on the implementation of its socio-economic schemes and the creation of assets through capital works.

Administration and Governance

10. Speaker Sir, in order to achieve excellence in the administration

and to make the bureaucracy efficient and effective, responsible and responsive, there is a need to impart suitable training to the Government employees at all levels. Sir, as announced earlier by my predecessor, my Government has already formulated a comprehensive Goa State Training Policy with an aim to impart need based and continuous training as capacity building measure to all the Government employees across the State. This would create skilled and trained professionals in the Government setup.

11. Speaker Sir, in order to bring utmost transparency in all

Government recruitments, I propose to constitute a Goa Staff Selection Commission for selection of candidates for appointments to the subordinate services, i.e. all non- gazetted posts in the Government organization as well as autonomous bodies and semi Government organizations.

12. Sir, the report and recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission are presently under consideration of the Union Government. In anticipation of the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission Report, my Government has made adequate budgetary provision in the coming fiscal for extending the benefits to the employees of the State Government as soon as the same are implemented by the Union Government.

Revenue and Land Administration

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