Global Travel and Beyond

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Test 1
Read the following paragraphs, without using a dictionary. After each paragraph, choose the sentence that best expresses the main idea.
Global Travel ... and Beyond
+A.When some people think of global travel, they think of expensive cruise ships and hotels or sightseeing tours to famous places. However, global travel has changed a lot in recent years. Now, not all travel is expensive, so lack of money doesn't have to hold people back. And these days there is an enormous variety of possibilities for people of all interests. Are you looking for adventure? Education? Fun? Do you like to travel with a group? Do you prefer to travel on your own? Would you like to get "inside" another culture and understand the people better? Would you prefer to volunteer to help others? Are you in the market for something strange and different? There is something for almost everybody .
What is the main idea of Paragraph A?
A. Global travel doesn't have to be expensive
B. Global travel offers more variety now that it did in past years.
C. Global travel includes cruise ships, hotels, and sightseeing
D. There are now group fours for people with a variety of interests
E. Global travel can now be strange and different.

+B. Train travel used to be simply a means of getting from one place to another. Now, for people with money, it can also offer education or adventure. The Trans-Siberian Special, for example, is a tour that runs from Mongolia to Moscow. The train stops in big cities and small villages so that passengers can go sightseeing, and there is a daily lecture on board the train, in which everyone learns about history and culture. For people who are looking for fun and adventure, there are the Murder Mystery Trains of Western Australia. These trips interest people who love Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and Miss Marple. They are for people who have always secretly dreamed of being a private eye and solving mysteries. The passengers on board have the opportunity to solve a murder mystery right there on the train. During the train ride, for instance, there might be a gunshot; soon everyone learns that there has been a "murder," and they spend the rest of the trip playing detective. They track down clues, exchange this information and their opinions, and solve the whodunit by the time the train has pulled into the station. Of course, no real crime takes place. The "murderer" and several passengers are actually actors. The trip is a very creative game.

What is the main idea or Paragraph B?
A. The Murder Mystery Trains allow passengers to solve a murder on the train.
B. The Trans-Siberian Special is a tour that oilers sightseeing and lectures.
C. The Trans-Siberian Special ami Murder Mystery Trains are expensive.
D. Train travel call offer education and-adventure, in addition to transportation.
E. Train travel is one way to get from one place to another.
+C . Many people don't realize that the world's largest industry is tourism. Clearly, tourists have a big impact on the environment. Perhaps, then, it's fortunate that there is interest in ecotourism;approximately 20 percent of all international travel is now nature travel. Serious ecotourists are interested in preserving the environment and learning about wildlife. Most also want to experience a new culture. Although it's possible to be very comfortable on an ecotour, many travelers choose to rough it; they don't expect hot showers, clean sheets, gourmet food, or air-conditioned tour buses. They live as villagers do. They get around on bicycles, on foot (by hiking or trekking), or on the water (on a sailboat or river raft).
What is the main idea of Paragraph C?
A. A popular form or travel, called ecotourism, is for people who are interested in nature
B. Ecotours are not usually comfortable.
C. Ecotourists live as villagers do and do not travel by train, bus, or car.
D. The world's largest industry, tourism, is changing
E. Most ccoiourists want to experience another culture.

+D.For people who want a valuable experience abroad, there are exciting se opportunities to study and volunteer-at the same time. Are you interested in the arts or in learning about another culture? At the Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center in India, you can study two subjects from a list of possibilities including Indian music, dance, theater, cooking, or yoga. The tuition for these classes and room and board is very low because you volunteer one hour each day to teach English to children in the village. Are you interested in science?Through an organization called Earthwatch, you study a specific science in a hands-on experience as you volunteer on a research project. The projects change from year to year, but among typical possibilities are digging up dinosaur bones in Montana, U.S.A., building solar ovens in Indonesia, or studying medical plants in Kenya, bees in razil, or the ecology of Lake Baikan, Silberia. It may surprise some people that so many are willing to pay over $1,000 and agree to work hard, usually for two weeks. The Earthwatch director of Public Affairs says that there are two main reasons: "One- it's a really exciting vacation. And two - they can try out potential career." "

What is the main idea of Paragraph D?
A. There are exciting opportunities for people who want to study and volunteer abroad.
B. Scientists in several field need volunteers to help them.
C. It's possible to learn about Indian culture while volunteering in a village school.
D. Vollunteering can offer a rich experience for people who can't afford tuition for classes.
E. Earthwatch volunteers have to pay for the opportunity to volunteer.
+E . Volunteering is a good way to experience' another country without paying 70 for expensive hotels or tuition. But how can a person get to another country cheaply? One possibility is courier t ravel. For a low fee ($35-$50), a personcan join an association that sends information about monthly courieropportunities. The passenger agrees to become a courier (i.e., carry materials for a business in his or her luggage) and can then receive hugediscounts on airfare-for example, $250 from Los Angeles to Hong Konground trip or $400 from London to Tokyo round trip. Peoplewho enjoy oceantravel but don't have money for a cruise' ship might try a freighter. Althoughfreighters carry cargo from country to country, most also carry eight to twelve passengers. For people who want to take their time, it's a relaxing way to travel and is less expensive than taking a crowded cruise ship.
What is the main idea of Paragraph E?
A. Volunteering is a good way to experience anotheer country
B. Courier fights and freighters are two ways to get to another country cheaply
C. On a courier fight, a passenger carries something in exchange for cheap airfare.
D. A trip on a freighter is both cheap and relaxing
E. It's possible to travel cheaply.
+ F. Travelers who return from a vacation often answer the question "How was your trip?" by saying, "Oh, it was out of this world!" By this idiom, they mean, of course, that their trip was amazing 'or wonderful. However, people will soon be able to use this expression literally, but it will be expensive. Already, it's possible to go through the same training that astronauts go through. Just go to Star City, Russia. In addition to astronaut training, it's possible to experience one of their "Space Adventures." On one of these, for example, you can enter a special plane that gives you the feeling of weightlessness that astronauts experience- several minutes of zero-gravity. (Gravity is the force that keeps us on the Earth.) Two private individuals have already spent a week at the International Space Station, at a price of $20,000,000 each. A number of companies are now planning projects to commercialize space in various ways. A California company, Scaled Composites, and a British company, Virgin Galactica, are working on the creation of reusable vehicles that could carry passengers in the near future. Even the Hilton Hotel chain is considering building a space hotel. The main attractions will be the view (of Earth), the feeling of weightlessness, and the chance to take a hike ... on the Moon. It goes without saying that the price will also be "out of this world."

What is the main idea of Paragraph F?

A. People who want to go through astronaut training need to go to Russia.
B. People pay a lot of money to experience weightlessness, or zero-gravity.
C. Soon, it will be possible to take a flight to a space hotel.
D. There are three main attractions, not available on Earth, which people can experience at a space hotel.
E. Trips into space will soon be possible-but expensive.
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