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University and Industry Interaction Cell

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7.2 University and Industry Interaction Cell

University-Industry meet was held on 17/08/2013 in Room No 15 of Administrative Building , Hemchandracharya University, Patan. A logo was adopted for Industry linkages cell. It was lunch on meeting. After lunch, meeting started at 1.30 p.m under the chairmanship of Hon. Vice Chancellor, Prof. Hemixa Rao. The meeting was attended by EC members, Heads of Science Departments and two faculty members, CEO’s , Directors , Presidents & Vice President of various Industries. The program started with prayer to Almighty Followed by Univeristy song which was sung in honour of university. Shri Dilipbhai Chaudhary, EC member of University welcomed the guests by words. A brief formal introduction during the floral welcome of guests was done by Prof (Dr) S. S. Sharma, Coordinator of University meet, 2013. A brief introduction of the University & its activities was given by Dr. Nishith Dharaiya from Life Science Department. Hon. Vice Chancellor Prof. Hemixa Rao was the Chairman of the function. She elaborated aims, objectives & need of this meeting. Madam emphasized on the active participation of Industry (particular regional Industries) in the capacity building of university.

Later on. It was a open forum for discussion. The seeding and Initiation of discussion was forwarded by Prof.(Dr.) S. A. Bhatt , Head of Life Science Dept. HNGU, Patan. Each and every member of the meeting participated actively in the open discussion and a number of suggestions & ideas emerged during the meet. The whole program was coordinated by Prof. (Dr) S. S. Sharma ,Head, Dept of Chemistry, HNGU, Patan. Dr. Nishith Dharaiya, Asst Prof from Life Science department, Dr Ashish Patel , Asst Prof from Biotechnology department, Shri Krunal Patel , Shri Hardik Patel, Shri Vinodbhai Parmar helped in smooth function of meet.

The program ended with vote of thanks offered by Dr. D. M. Patel, Registrar Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan

The experts from industries who attained the meet are;

  • Mr. Jasbir Singh, Genearal Manager- Chemical devision (ONGC):

  • Mr. Himanshu Patel, Managing director (CFDS, Ahmedabad)

  • Dr. Prahladbhai R. Vaghela, Deputy Manager QMS (Banas Dairy)

  • Mr. N.P. Patel, Managing Director Western Agree Seed

  • Mr. Dilipbhai Vyas, President (John Energy):

  • Mr. Prahladbhai R. Patel, Vice-President (Unjha education board)

  • Shri. B. N. Patel, Hon. Secretary (Unjha education board)

  • Mr. Vijaybhai Chaudhary, Industrial inspector, District industry center- Patan

  • Mr. Benergy, CEO (John Energy):

  • Mr. S.D. Vora, Retired Additional principal chief Conservator of forest (Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd)

  • Mr. Dinesh Patel, Vice President, Ankleshwar GIDC:

  • Dr. Bharat Gami, Manager (Abbelon Clean Energy)

  • Mr. Amit Jani, Manager, Senior leader HR (Abbelon Clean Energy)

  • Mr. Arpit B. Patel, Owner, (Appex medical devices)

  • Dr. Ashaben Patel (EC Member)

  • Mr. Dilipbhai J. Chaudhary (EC Member)

  • Mr. Vallabhbhai patel, President (Kadi Sarva vidhyalaya)

  • Mr. Naitik Bhatt, EHS Head (Complete fire solution)

  • Shri. D. P. Parmar, Industrial promotion officer (Jilla seva sadan- Patan)

  • Shri. R. N. Patel, Co-founder (Indus Nutraceuticals. Mehsana)

  • Shri. Shailesh D. Patel, Owner of Neptune Biotechya

  • Shri. Babariya Nayar, Manager (Infinity Infoway Pvt. Ltd.)

  • Dr. Dinesh P. Goswami, Research Scientist, Western Agri Seeds

  • Shri. Harikrushana Patel ,Owner of Biotech industry, Sabarkantha

  • Shri. Dharmendra R. Thakor, Manager, Anhil Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Patan

  • Ms. Pankti Mishtry, Business development officer, Abblon clean energy

  • Shri. A. K. Patel, Director, APMC-Unjha

  • Shri. Mehul C. Thakor, Owner of Green house, Harij

  • Shri. Dipak Chaudhary, Consultant, Green house Horticulture and Agriculture.

They have given different and specific suggestion to improve the relationship between industry and academic. Some of the suggestions are as under;

  1. To require Physicist for their exploration Department, Mechanical and electrical engineer to deal with the technology and the person from engineering and Science stream for the production Department.

  2. In Chemistry, Applications’ chemistry syllabus should be revised.

  3. PGIS is the high need of the industry of current era so that is the very good step to running PGIS programme by the university.

  4. We should find the domestic solution of the highly saline and fluoride contaminated water of these area.

  5. Arrange competition of research for students and teacher to make active them

  6. Create Industry-Academia board having different verticals

  7. Orientation lecture or classes should be compulsory in each semester

  8. Start English speaking classes for improvement of Students’ English

  9. Give the permission to the Faculty for the consultancy

  10. Develop e-library

  11. Provide the full facility for the Practical

  12. There should be compulsory to regular monitoring of Theory & Practical in all Science Departments

  13. Increase the repute of your science department

  14. Develop clean technology concept

  15. When PG students are under the Industrial training, provide the some expanses for their logistics.

  16. Provide the industrial experience to the students in Vacation

  17. Suggest starting for water management classes

  18. Send the young faculties for industrial training.

7.3 Women Cell

Activities related to woman Cell were conducted with Cell for prevention of Sexual Harassment

7.4 Cell for prevention of Sexual Harassment

Organisation of seminar/ workshop

Debate on” Female Foeticide: Reasons, Effects on society and Suggestions to Eliminate it from Society” was organised on 12/09/2014 in dept of Chemistry, HNGU, Patan. 31 students participated in the debate. Dr. J. U.. Nanavati, Princ. Law College, North Gujarat Society, Patan and Dr. Manish Ramavat, Professor, Dharpur Medical college, Patan acted as judges. To encourage the participation, three students namely Parmar Praful, Prajapati Varsha and Gajjar Ushma R. were declared First, Second and third respectively.

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