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Ateneo Fine Arts Program, School of Humanities

Ateneo de Manila University

ArtsWork, New Edition

7 April – 24 May 2014

Loyola Campus

Ateneo de Manila University



Over the last four/five years, the School of Humanities has been running ArtsWork both in Ateneo de Manila (3 weeks) and in Cebu (3 days to 1 week duration). This year, 2014, ArtsWork has evolved into a New Edition to be held on its pilot stage at the Loyola Campus of Ateneo de Manila University.

ArtsWork, New Edition is a six-week Arts Program, organized and facilitated by the Fine Arts Program of the School of Humanities, catered to Philippine high schools and specifically aimed at honing participants’ creativity in creative writing, theater arts, and the visual arts. It is designed mainly for high school juniors and seniors, with a substantial component for high school teachers who teach subjects that relate to creative writing, theater arts, and graphic design. ArtsWork offers a great opportunity for both students and teachers to spend their precious ‘vacation’ time under the lively tutelage of award-winning artists/teachers among the faculty members in the School of Humanities. We hope through ArtsWork to inspire participants to discover the richness of their artistic potential – and for teachers, to enhance their ability to teach the arts in their classes – and experience the joy of their achievement among supportive peers in Ateneo de Manila’s refreshing and friendly environment.
For the students, aside from developing their artistry and skills, ArtsWork, New Edition offers a glimpse into how the arts are tackled in a college setting: they are given intensive classes in their chosen art—covering both theory and practice—as well as master classes that develop their overall aesthetic sensibilities. The entire program culminates with a student presentation open to the public.
For the teachers, ArtsWork, New Edition invites them to attend the master classes together with the students. In addition, ArtsWork, New Edition has a one day seminar solely for teachers. It aims to help them integrate the arts into their classes. These sessions are free of charge to teachers whose students are enrolled in ArtsWork, New Edition. Otherwise, there is a minimal fee for the seminar.
1. Introduction to Literature and Creative Writing

Monday to Thursday – 9:00 – 10:30AM / G312

As an introduction to the rigors and pleasures of creative writing learning and practice, this course is an analytical study and appreciation of creative and critical texts across four genres—fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama—that emphasizes the writer’s process and craft.
2. Introduction to Theater Arts

Monday to Thursday – 10:40 – 12:10NN / FA Black Box

In order to help develop among the participants (both as practitioners and audience members) a deep appreciation and understanding of theater and performance, this course teaches analysis of the elements of theater—the text, the actor, the audience, to name a few—through seminar-style discussions and skill-building workshops.
3. Introduction to Graphic Design

Mondays and Tuesdays– 1:00 – 4:00PM / FA Annex

An introduction to the foundations of visual arts, this course focuses on the basic techniques and elements of draftsmanship. Aside from hands-on engagement with the craft itself, the class also attempts to characterize the skills of the great masters of visual arts as well as have its students reflect on their own visual style and voice.
MARTIN VILLANUEVA is Assistant Director of the Ateneo Fine Arts Program and also Coordinator of its BFA Creative Writing program while teaching creative non-fiction to BFA Creative Writing majors. He is a BFA Creative Writing graduate at AdMU and an MA Creative Writing candidate at DLSU. As an undergraduate student, Villanueva already showed excellence in his achievement as a writer through the awards he received: Raul Locsin Award for Student Journalism, the Loyola Schools Award for the Arts for Creative Writing, the Joseph Mulry Award for Literary Excellence, his first Carlos Palanca Memorial Award (3rd prize essay in English), and a fellowship from the Silliman National Writers Workshop in Dumaguete. Villanueva’s poems, essays, and short stories have been published in the Philippines Free Press, the Philippines Graphic, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Heights (AdMU’s official literary and artistic publication) , among others. A sequence of poems from a manuscript-in-progress entitled ‘Account’ were published online by High Chair in late 2011, and in September 2012, Villanueva won his second Palanca Award for his essay entitled ‘Dao.’ Outside the Ateneo, Villanueva is a partner at Toolbox D, a graphic design solutions company.
LAURA CABOCHAN is a lecturer in the English Department and the Fine Arts Program at Ateneo de Manila University. She graduated summa cum laude from AdMU’s BFA Theater Arts program and has a minor in Music Literature. In her undergraduate years, she took a semester study of Theater on a scholarship at the National University of Singapore and in her senior year, she was the Fine Arts Program Awardee and an awardee of the Loyola Schools Award for the Arts. She has recently returned from an intensive theater workshop in Shanghai, studying with practitioners from NYU, Yale, Brown University, Shanghai Theatre Academy to name a few. She continues to perform until today. Her latest theater credits include: Lexie in Sa Wakas (Culture Shock Productions), Antigone in Breakaway Antigone (Tanghalang Ateneo); Euridis in Euridis (Shaharazade); Meredith Parker in Bat Boy (Ateneo Blue Repertory) and Ariel in The Tempest (Teatro Bagong-Tao). She has also lent her voice to two storybook applications of Adarna Publishing House ("Araw sa Palengke" and "But That Won't Wake Me Up").
JASON MOSS is a lecturer for the BFA Information Design (visual arts) program at Ateneo de Manila University. He has been around the art circle since 1997. He graduated with a fine arts degree from the University of Santo Tomas and soon started work as an illustrator and then had stints as an animator, TV director, editorial cartoonist and instructor while pursuing his career as a young artist. Slowly, he became an integral part of the contemporary art scene in the country and created a body of work that is absorbing in its seeming simplicity while mirroring the private and secret worlds of his subject or even the artist himself. His figures, sometimes painted as informal portraits and nudes, have an emotional pull to the viewer and quietly exude flickers of melancholy, introspection as well as psychological and desires: security, bliss, youth, physical strength, companionship, and freedom - all absurdly rich in meaning. His paintings are executed so confidently and technically that they also reveal Moss as a skillful graphic artist from the start. Today, he continues to produce humorous and spellbinding works with varying themes that continue to excite and engage the viewers.
Six Fridays are devoted to master classes generally themed as Art Appreciation Across Genres: Visual, Literary, Media, Performance. It begins with an input on art and society and an introduction to Philippine art. In between, it deals with topics on perspective, tone, rhythm, color and texture, line, balance. The final sessions take up special topics in Philippine art (e.g. copyright/trademark, censorship, and other contemporary issues). These master classes, taught by master teachers in the School of Humanities, may also include some field trips.

  • 17 February 2014 onwards: Information packets distribution to schools. Applicants who register early (deadline, March 22) will be given an ‘early bird rate.’ [See G below for details]

  • 23 March, 2014 onwards: regular registration fee rates apply. [See G below for details]

  • 7 April 2014: Classes begin.

  • 24 May 2014: Classes end.


  1. Tuition Fee (may be paid through Security Bank or Onsite). Bank Account details may be acquired from the School of Humanities Dean’s Office via Ms. Kristina Garcia or Tel 4266001, Ext. 5300

  2. Application Form

  3. Statement of Purpose

  4. 1 Recommendation Letter

  5. Letter for Financial Aid (Optional)

Note: Students have the option to apply online. Please visit

  1. Rates for Students

  1. Flat Rate Early Bird (One Course) – P6000 / (+1) P7500 / (Max) P9000

  2. Flat Rate Regular (One Course) – P8000 / (+1) 10000 / (Max) P12000

  3. Per Additional Course – (Early Bird) P1500 / (Regular) Add P2000


  • Students have the option to take up all three courses.

  • Students will be given ID’s for free library access.

  • Students who successfully complete all the requirements of their course/s will be given certificates.

  1. Rates for Teachers

  • No charge if there is a student from their school enrolled in the program

  • P250 for those who don’t have students enrolled in the program. This fee covers all the master classes and the seminar.

  • Payment can be done onsite.

  • Teachers will also receive a certificate of completion


Financial aid, full or partial, may be provided (on a competitive basis) based on financial need and other factors as may be considered by the screening/admissions committee. A letter explaining one’s financial situation should be included in the submitted application. The Admissions Committee may request for additional documents when necessary.

For non-metro manila residents, dorms will not be provided, but accredited lodgings will be recommended.
Ms. Laura Cabochan

Ateneo Fine Arts Program

Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University

Loyola Heights 1108, Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone (632) 4266001, Ext. 5300, 5301

Email address:


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