General Education January 2014

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Situation 1. (#124-125)
“You can’t make children grow faster by punishing them, just as you can’t make flower bloom faster by pulling them.”

  1. What message does the statement have for teachers?

  1. Just look at the flowers when you are tempted to hurry up the development of a child

  2. Provide children with developmentally appropriate practices

  3. Games will help develop children naturally

  4. Avoid comparing a child with other children

  1. Which statement is in support of the statement given above?

  1. A teacher’s moment-by-moment actions and interactions with children are the most powerful determinant of learning outcomes and development

  2. We can’t make children’s dendrites grow faster or insist that important connections in the brain be made

  3. It is the early childhood educator who has both the immense responsibility of creating the learning environment that will intrigue and stimulate the whole child

  4. Each child’s brain is unique and vastly different from one another.

Situation 2. (#126-128)
School-based Management (SBM) is in line with the spirit of decentralization. It aims to:

  1. empower the school heads to lead their teachers, students, and members of the community in a continuous school improvement process leading to higher learning outcomes and improved health and nutrition status of students;

  2. bring resources within the control of the schools to support the delivery of quality educational services in the spirit of transparency;

  3. strengthen school partnerships with the communities, local government units to encourage them to invest time, money and other resources in providing a better school learning environment; and

  4. institutionalize participatory and data-based school improvement process.

  1. What kind of improvement process is in keeping with SBM?

  1. Data-driven III. Participatory

  2. Continuous

  1. I and II c. II and III

  2. I and III d. I, II and III

  1. Which word/phrase does not go with school-based management?

  1. Transparency

  2. Authoritarian leadership

  3. Continuous improvement

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