General Education January 2014

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partially independent

  • granted total freedom to course their destiny only on matters of education

  • citizens of the United State

  • fully independent

    1. As a result of EDSA I, the Philippines ______.

    1. changed its form of government to parliamentary

    2. became known worldwide for its People Power Revolution

    3. intensified its participation in international affairs

    4. saw the impeachment of Joseph Estrada as president

    1. Rizal focused the “La Liga Filipina” to ______.

    1. unite the whole country

    2. fight violence and justice

    3. revolt against the Spaniards

    1. I and III c. I and II

    2. II and III d. II only

    1. What does the “presumption of innocence” mean in so far as human right is concerned?

    1. Remains innocence until proven guilty

    2. Has the right to remain silent

    3. Is concerned guilty unless proven otherwise

    4. Has the right to a legal counsel

    1. What development has taken place in our form of government from the pre-Hispanic Philippines to the present?

    1. We have come from a one-man rule to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people

    2. We began with a one-man rule and have ended up with a dictatorial form of government

    3. We started with a dictatorial form of government that has developed into the present democratic form

    1. I and III b. III c. II d. I

    1. Which is true of the Philippines?

    1. It has been colonized by two European colonial powers

    2. There have been attempts to change its government to a parliamentary form

    3. It has never been united as a nation

    4. It is the only Christian country in Asia

    1. Which is true of the historical development of the Philippines?

    1. It has been an independent nation

    2. It has evolved from a colony to a fully independent nation

    3. It has not achieved full independence from the very beginning

    4. It has been an independent nation ever since

    1. This year’s SONA was focused on education and economy. What is meant by SONA?

    1. State of the Nation Address

    2. Speech of the Nation Assembly

    3. Speech of the Nation Address

    4. State of the Nation Advocacy

    1. Which statement is true of the pre-Spanish Filipino government?

    1. Laws were formulated by a law making body elected by the community

    2. There was a court created by the datu to hear complaints

    3. The datu exercised all powers of government

    4. Laws were formulated by a law-making body appointed by the datu

    1. With which are the words “Cha-Cha” and “Con-Ass” associated?

    1. Imposition of Martial Law

    2. Amendment of the present constitution

    3. Return to dictatorial form of government

    4. Division between Senate and House of Representatives

    1. The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform and cooperatives are meant to:

    1. bridge the gap between the rich and the poor

    2. improve the country’s literacy rate

    3. make all citizens equal

    4. eradicate poverty in the country

    1. How can the Comprehensive Agrarian reform Program bring about social equity and economic prosperity in the country?

    1. By distributing the ownership of land to farmers for value charge

    2. By transferring the ownership of land to farmers for value

    3. By helping the affected landowners to use their land compensation in viable business activities

    4. By providing support services to farmer-beneficiaries

    1. I, II and IV c. II, III and IV

    2. I, II and III d. I, III and IV

    1. When one company controls the supply of sugar, which terms applies?

    1. Economic Stability c. Equilibrium

    2. Monopoly d. Inflation

    1. When parents decide to send their children to a private school and pay their tuition fee instead of sending them to the public school, they don’t get their share in the benefit derived from the taxes they pay. This is a case of ____________.

    1. double taxation

    2. social inequity

    3. social injustice

    4. double jeopardy

    1. Which of the following does one display when he thinks that what is foreign is the best and that what is local is inferior?

    1. Relativism c. Ethnocentrism

    2. Favoritism d. Xenocentrism

    1. Upon which is the claim that there is no single universal standard to be used to judge another society’s customs or culture?

    1. Cultural diversity

    2. Cultural shock

    3. Cultural relativism

    4. Ethical relativism

    1. You have to take extra care when you critique the work of a Filipino. Your negative comment maybe mistaken to be an attack against his/her person. Upon which Filipino trait is this advice based?

    1. “Bayanihan” spirit

    2. Extreme personalism

    3. “Sakop” mentality

    4. Adaptability

    1. Which of the following was the first to happen?

    1. Aguinaldo declared Philippine independence

    2. Guerilla warfare against the US was initiated

    3. The Philippines was ceded to the US by the Treaty of Paris

    4. Aguinaldo was captured

    1. If they were to come back to life, who among the following would be the most vocal to speak against the country’s foreign policy of close associated with America?

    1. Jose P. Laurel and Elpidio Quirino

    2. Claro M. Recto and Jose P. Laurel

    3. Leon Ma. Guerrero Jr. and Jose P. Laurel

    4. Claro M. Recto and Leon Ma. Guerrero

    1. To stimulate the nation’s economy and increase employment, past President Diosdado Macapagal ___________.

    1. borrowed money from the World Bank

    2. standardized the salaries of government employees

    3. abolished government repressive control

    4. gave incentives to home cottage industries

    1. Art and music are necessary ingredients to a child’s education. Which statement/s, support/s, the idea of this sentence.

    1. Music and arts intensify a child’s imagination

    2. Music teaches discipline, team work and poetry through rhythm

    3. Painting helps a kinesthetic learner express abstract concepts in concrete forms

    1. I only c. I and II

    2. I, II and III d. III only

    1. Rizal said: “There are no tyrants where there are no slaves.” Which logically explain this?

    1. If the Filipino were treated as slaves by the Spaniards it was because they allowed themselves to be treated as such

    2. It was equally the fault of the Filipino why the Spaniards treated them as slaves

    3. The Spaniards were tyrants and so they treated the Filipino as slaves

    1. I b. III c. I and II d. I

    1. Based on his work “Sa Aking Mga Kabata,” would Rizal favor the use of the mother tongue in the early grades?

    1. He did not express it clearly c. No

    2. Yes, but mixed with English d. Yes

    1. Out of the used illustration boards, students came up with cute and function bags for school children. Which Filipino trait is exhibited?

    1. Adaptability c. Family-orientedness

    2. Creativity d. Pagkabayani

    1. On which Filipino trait does Gawad Kalinga build on?

    1. Extreme personalism

    2. Joy and Humor

    3. Bayanihan spirit

    4. Adaptability

    1. The Filipino’s indomitable spirit is shown in his __________.

    1. utang na loob c. self-reliance

    2. friendliness d. ability to survive

    1. One reason why the NCEE was abolished was because it was anti-poor. Which explanation logically supports this reasoning?

    1. The NCEE served as a measured to counter the “diploma mill” mentality of Filipinos

    2. It’s good that NCEE was abolished because that would mean only those fit for college would go to college

    3. Most of those who did not pass the NCEE were graduates of deprived schools

    4. College education liberates the poor from the bondage of poverty

    1. You are often told: “Poverty is not a hindrance to success.” What does this imply?

    1. It is other people that hinder people to succeed

    2. What a person becomes in life is a product of his/her own choice

    3. A person is totally conditioned by his/her environment

    4. The “promdi” student does not succeed because of his/her place of origin

    1. What a student can do differs from what he will do. What does this prove?

    1. Motivation and ability always together

    2. Motivation differs from ability

    3. Student of today are hardly motivated

    4. Ability is the opposite of motivation

    1. A Biology teacher described herself biologically: “My estrogen level is decreasing and I have signs for osteoporosis.” What is true of the Biology teacher?

    1. She is a chain smoker

    2. She is in her late adolescence

    3. She is a spinster

    4. She is in her post-menopausal period

    1. A secret word that must be entered into the computer before a person is allowed to get or change information is called ________.

    1. program c. statement

    2. password d. input

    1. The search for related literature by accessing several databases by the use of a telephone line to connect a computer library with other computers that have database is termed ______.

    1. Manual search

    2. On-line search

    3. Compact disc search

    4. Computer search

    1. Which refers to a single phrase or word that tells the computer to do something with a program or file?

    1. Password

    2. Computer Program

    3. Command

    4. Computer Language

    1. In writing a letter, which productivity tool is used?

    1. Pagemaker c. Spreadsheet

    2. Word processing d. Publisher

    1. Like the typewriter, the computer has _____.

    1. screen c. keyboard

    2. cursor d. disk drive

    1. Which application program provides one with a means to organize and present information through the use of text, numbers, graphs, sounds, and visual image

    1. Powerpoint Presentation

    2. Spreadsheet

    3. Publisher

    4. Word processing

    1. Which one links computers to a base computer making it possible to share software materials?

    1. Modern c. Local area network

    2. Interface d. Internet

    1. What is/are the best ways to a child’s development according to the statement?

    1. Meet the child where the child is.

    2. Allow the child to develop according to his/her pace.

    3. Compare a child to another in order to motivate her/him to catch up with other children’s development.

    1. II and III c. I, II and III

    2. I and III d. I and II

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