General Education January 2014

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Old age should burn and rage as close a day;
Raged, against the dying of the light.
- Dylan Thomas
The person in the lines above could be characterized as:

  1. pessimistic c. courageous

  2. violent d. strong

  1. What figure of speech is present in this line of the poem “The Brook”?

This second time, he was like a tiny snake.”

  1. Personification c. Simile

  2. Metaphor d. Apostrophe

  1. The “Rubaiyat”, a loosely joined series of 280 stanzas, has this general theme. Which one?

  1. Always look forward to a new day

  2. Never give in to death easily

  3. Grasp pleasure while you can

  4. Create your own world and beautify it

  1. In Psalm 23 otherwise known as “Psalm of David”, what is the closest meaning to the line?

He maketh me to lie down in green pasture; he leadeth me beside the still waters.”

  1. He will be given riches and mercy

  2. He will be provided peace and prosperity

  3. He will be known throughout the land

  4. He will always obey his master for his glory

  1. The Master said:

Only one who bursts with eagerness do I instruct. Only one who bubbles with excitement do I enlighten”. The lines give one the idea that true learning:

  1. comes with commitment and passion

  2. makes man a disciple of instruction

  3. involves patience and a dash of lethargy

  4. is capable of making man

  1. Alin ang mali sa pangungusap na ito? “Ilang taon ring namahinga sa pag-awit ang sikat na si Whitney Houston.”

  1. ang sikat c. sa pag-awit

  2. ring d. Ilang taon

  1. Alin ang pinakatamang pahayag?

  1. Sinulyapan niya ang langit

  2. Tiningala niya ang langit

  3. Tinitigan niya ang langit

  4. Tinitingnan niya ang langit

  1. “You can count on me”. Ang pinakamalapit na salin nito ay:

  1. “Maaasahan mo siya.”

  2. “Bilangin mo kami.”

  3. “Maaasahan mo ako.”

  4. “Bilangin mo ako.”

  1. Si Lolo Juanito ay malakas pa kahit alog na ang baba. Ang kahulugan ng may salungguhit ay:

  1. Matanda na

  2. Masakit ang baba

  3. Bata pa

  4. Malabo ang mata

  1. Katulad ng wika ang isang halaman. Sa matabang lupa kusang lalago ito kung may sapat na tubig at liwanag.” Ang pahayag na ito ni Teongociang ay umaayon sa:

  1. Taglish

  2. Dekolonisasyon

  3. Intelektwalisasyon

  4. Puristang paniniwala

  1. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang salitang pambansa?

  1. Pinoy c. Mapagkumbaba

  2. Kamusta d. Nagdadalantao

  1. Ano ngayon ang tuntunin na susundin sa pagtutumbas sa Filipino ng “rice terraces.”

  1. Kung ano ang bigkas siyang sulat

  2. Gamitin ang katutubong katumbas

  3. Tumbasan sa Espanyol at baybayin sa Filipino

  4. Hiramin nang ganap

  1. Ang pagkautal ay matatawag na ________ na sagabal sa pagsasalita.

  1. saykolohikal c. pisikal

  2. pisyolohikal d. semantiko

  1. Sa taong 2008, nakatitiyak ____ sambayanang Filipino na mapaunlad ang ekonomiya ng bansa.

    1. si c. ang

    2. sina d. ang mga

  2. Kung ____ bawat isa sa atin ay matututong magsikap at magpahalaga sa ating mga ginagawa, ang ating sarili ay patuloy na uunlad.

    1. ang c. si

    2. ang mga d. sina

  3. Kailan lamang ay nakita ko _____ Amorsolo na nakikipag-usap sa ating mga punong-bayan.

    1. si c. ang

    2. sina d. ang mga

  4. Kung darating _____ Sue at Kelly ay pakisabing nauna na ako.

    1. si c. kina

    2. sina d. sila

  5. Ang Pilipinas ay ____ mahigit na pitong libong pulo.

    1. may c. mayron

    2. mayroon d. meron

  6. Sinabi ng Kalihim sa Edukasyon na ____ makukuhang benepisyo ang mga guro sa taong ito.

    1. may c. mayron

    2. mayroon d. meron

  7. Huwag limutin ang vernacular. Tutuhing iasimila ito sa pambansang wika sa ikauunlad ng kultura at lahi. Ang ibig sabihin ng iasimila ay _________.

  1. Papaunlarin c. Pagyamanin

  2. Papakinabangan d. Papayabungin

  1. If July 12, 2003 fell on Tuesday, on what day will July 12, 2005 fall?

  1. Thursday c. Sunday

  2. Monday d. Friday

  1. A map is drawn to scale such that 1.5cm on the map corresponds to 75cm in actual distance. How many centimeters on the map would represent that distance between two towns which are 270cm apart?

  1. 2.7 cm c. 1.8 cm

  2. 3.6 cm d. 5.4 cm

  1. How much greater is the sum of the first 20 counting numbers than the sum of the first 10 counting numbers?

  1. 110 b. 55 c. 100 d. 155

  1. Which of these statements is always TRUE?

  1. The sum of 3 consecutive pages of a book is always odd

  2. The sum of 5 consecutive numbers is always divisible by 5

  3. The sum of two square numbers cannot be odd

  4. The sum of the page number of two consecutive pages of a book is even

  1. A father and son working together can finish painting a room in 6 hours. Working alone, a father takes 9 hours to do the painting. How many painting hours will it take the son, working alone, to finish painting the room?

  1. 18 b. 15 c. 75 d. 12

  1. Which common fraction is equivalent to 0.216?

  1. 53 b. 27 c. 21 d. 108

250 125 50 375

  1. From a 75m bolt/roll of clothing material, 28 school uniforms are made. Each uniform uses 2m. How many meters of material are left?

  1. 8 ¾ b. 19 c. 16 d. 12

  1. Nene takes 3/4 hour to dress and get ready for school. It takes 4/5 hour to reach school. If her class start promptly at 8:15 A.M.; what is the latest time she can jump out of bed in order not to be late for school?

  1. 6:42 A.M. c. 6:45 A.M.

  2. 6:50 A.M. d. 7:22 A.M.

  1. In a playground for Kindergarten kids, 18 children are riding tricycles or bicycles. If there 43 wheels in all, how many tricycle are there?

  1. 8 b. 9 c. 7 d. 11

  1. Simplify 5√75 - 4√12.

  1. 13√5 c. 33√3

  2. √63 d. 17√3

  1. A child can be admitted to Grade I if he/she is at least 5 years and 10 months old by June of the school year. Which of these birthdates will disqualify a child from being admitted to Grade I on June 15, 2009?

  1. June 10, 2003 c. May 5, 2003

  2. January 10, 2003 d. April 30, 2003

  1. A time deposit in a bank will mature after 91 days. If the deposit was made on April 28, on what date will it mature?

  1. June 28 c. July 28

  2. July 18 d. July 29

  1. The readings on the water meter in April and May are 417.8kl and 430.4kl, respectively. If there is a basic charge of 23 pesos and the cost per kl is 20 pesos, how much is the billing for water consumption between the two months?

  1. PHP 2,520 c. PHP 275

  2. PHP 272 d. PHP 2,543

  1. Determine the midpoint of the line segment joining the points (5,-3) and (-1,6).

  1. (2,3/2) c. (3,3/2)

  2. (2,-3/2) d. (1,5/2)

  1. The legs of one right triangle are 9 and 12, while those of another right triangle are 12 and 16. How much longer is the perimeter of the larger triangle than the perimeter of the smaller triangle?

  1. 84 b. 7 c. 12 d. 14

  1. In a circle with center O, arc RS=132 degrees. How many degrees are there in angle RSO?

  1. 22 b. 24 c. 20 d. 48

  1. One angle of a parallelogram is 35? What are the measures of the three other angles?

  1. 45˚, 65˚, 170˚

  2. 145˚, 35˚, 145˚

  3. 85˚, 135˚, 140˚

  4. 35˚, 65˚, 65˚

  1. One side of a 45˚- 45˚- 90˚ triangle measures 5 cm. What is the length of its hypotenuse?

  1. 5√3cm b. 5 cm c. 5√3 d. 5√2cm


  1. An online shop sells a certain calculator for P850 and charges P250 for shipping within Manila, regardless of the number of calculators ordered. Which of the following equations shows the total cost (y) of an order as a function of the number of calculators ordered (x)?

  1. y=(850+250)x c. y=850x+250

  2. y=250x+850 d. x=850y+250

  1. How many glasses of cola each to be filled with 150 cu cm of liquid can be made from 5 family sizes bottles of cola each containing 1.5 liters?

  1. 60 b. 45 c. 40 d. 50

  1. The edges of a cubical frame are made from plastic straws. How much longer is the total length of the plastic edges of a cube whose edge is 10 cm compared to a cube whose edge is 8 cm?

  1. 32 cm c. 24 cm

  2. 8 cm d. 16 cm

  1. If the width of a rectangle is reduced by 20% and the length is also reduced by 20%, what percent of the original area is the new area of the rectangle?

  1. 60% b. 64% c. 80% d. 36%

  1. How many square inches are in 1 square yard?

  1. 900 b. 144 c. 1,296 d. 648

  1. Which of these has the longest perimeter?

  1. A rectangle 19 cm long and 24 cm wide

  2. A right triangle whose two legs are 24 and 32 cm

  3. A square 21 cm on a side

  4. An equilateral triangle whose side is 28 cm

  1. A series of square figures are made with match stick. If the first three figures are the following, how many matchsticks will be needed to form the 6th figure?

  1. 60 b. 5 c. 84 d. 40

  1. If 1 = a then x equals the _______.

x b

  1. product of a and b

  2. quotient of a and b

  3. sum of a and b

  4. difference of a and b

  1. On a certain day, three computer technicians took turns in manning a 24-hours internet shop. The number of hours Alpha, Bravo and Charlie were on duty was in the ratio 1:2:3, respectively. The shop owner pays them PHP40 per hour. How much would Charlie receive for that day?

  1. PHP 230 c. PHP 160

  2. PHP 960 d. PHP 480

  1. A bus has seven vacant seats. If there are additional passengers that will enter the bus, in how many different ways can they be seated?

  1. 6 b. 210 c. 5040 d. 35

  1. Roger’s grades in 6 subjects are 88, 89, 84, 90, 91 and 86. What is the least grade that he should aim for the 7th subject if he has to have an average of 88?

  1. 91 b. 90 c. 88 d. 92

  1. In how many ways can 7 people be seated around a circular table?

  1. 49 b. 720 c. 5,040 d. 14

  1. A committee of 3 is to be selected from a group of 5 girls and 3 boys. What is the probability that two boys are selected?

  1. 15/56 b. 8/56 c. 3/56 d. 5/56

  1. A student has ten posters to pin up on the wall of her room, but there is space for only seven. In how many ways can she choose the posters to be pinned up?

  1. 5040 c. 120

  2. 604,800 d. 7

  1. Janina, a retailer, buys candies for PHP 37.50. That pack has 25 pieces of candies. If she sells each candy for PHP 2.25, how much profit does she make?

  1. PHP 15.50 c. PHP 37.50

  2. PHP 56.25 d. PHP 18.75

  1. In how many ways can four boys and four girls seated in a row containing eight seats if the boys and girls must sit in alternate seats?

  1. 1,152 c. 40,320

  2. 24 d. 576

  1. During period of increased global temperatures, which of the following is most likely to occur?

  1. A decrease in earthquakes

  2. An increase in atmospheric CO2

  3. An increase in earthquakes

  4. A decrease in atmospheric CO2

  1. Which of the following human activities reduces the level of ozone in the atmosphere?

  1. Releasing of fluorocarbons from aerosol cans

  2. Using large banks of solar cells for energy production

  3. Using artificial lighting in scientific polar station

  4. Destroying large areas of the equatorial rain forests

  1. If two variables X and Y are directly related, which of these is not true?

  1. When X is low, Y is also low

  2. When X increase, Y decreases

  3. As X increase, Y also increases

  4. A high Y is associated with a high X

  1. What is the most significant cause of dwindling biodiversity?

  1. Global warming

  2. Large plant consumption

  3. Destruction of habitat

  4. Depletion of ozone layer

  1. The existence of extraterrestrial life may never be proven, but this idea will become more scientifically acceptable over time if:

  1. Alternative hypotheses are proposed and confirmed

  2. Hypotheses are made related to the idea

  3. Increasing scientific evidence supports the idea

  4. No one disputes this idea in a scientific forum

  1. Why is incineration not favored as a method of waste disposal?

  1. It is expensive for a country like ours

  2. It releases noxious gases

  3. The country lacks funds to install incineration

  4. It requires large energy expenditure

  1. Teacher Monica showed the class the potted plants placed on the window sills. She asked them to observe the direction of their growth. The pupils observe that the plants tented to grow outward. Then Teacher Monica asked the class this question: “Why do you think the plants grow outward?” What was Teacher Monica engaging the pupils to do?

  1. Observe

  2. Draw conclusion

  3. Formulate hypothesis

  4. Design an experiment

  1. Which of the following has the smallest mass when measured in an equal arm balance?

  1. 1/8 sheet of pad paper

  2. 1/2 sheet of pad paper

  3. 1/4 sheet of pad paper

  4. 1/3 sheet of pad paper

  1. Which of the following activities help reduce water pollution?

  1. Throwing only liquid wastes

  2. Using organic fertilizers in farms

  3. Cleaning with soap instead of detergents

  4. Treating wastewater before it is discharge

  1. Leaves are green in sunlight because _______.

  1. they absorb the green light

  2. their tints bounce off

  3. they absorb the blue and yellow object and yellow light

  4. they reflect green light

  1. Which of the following is true about light and seeing?

  1. Light enters the eyes enabling people to see objects

  2. Light goes out from eyes, hits an object, and then returns to the eyes

  3. Light rays coming from an object meets light coming from a light source and then enters the eyes

  4. Light hits an object, bounces, and then enters the eyes

  1. A tray filled with ice was left on a table. After one hour, it was observed that some of the ice had changed to liquid. Which of the following is true about the temperature of the water and of the ice?

  1. The temperature of the ice did not change

  2. The temperature of the ice became higher

  3. The temperature of water is higher than the temperature of the ice

  1. II only c. III only

  2. I and III d. I only

  1. A stainless steel spoon feels colder than a plastic spoon because stainless steel ______.

  1. absorbs less heat from the hand than plastic does

  2. is really colder than plastic

  3. has a lower temperature than plastic

  4. conducts heat away from the hand faster than plastic does

  1. Why does the level of water in a beaker rise after a stone is laced on it?

  1. The stone and water occupy the same space

  2. The stone takes the place occupied by the water

  3. The stone has more mass than the water

  4. The water weighs less than the stone

  1. In connection with government transactions involving public interest, which policy, is adopted by the Constitution to assure the public of accountability and transparency?

  1. Rural development and agrarian reform

  2. Private enterprise and incentives to needed investments

  3. Full public disclosure

  4. Balanced and healthful ecology

  1. With the Batasang Pambansa performing legislative and executive powers in the Marcos regime, which form of government was implemented?

  1. Monarchial c. Presidential

  2. Parliamentary d. Dictatorial

  1. In President Quezon’s time, the country had the Philippine Commonwealth. What is true about the Philippine Commonwealth? The Filipinos were __________. .

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