General Education January 2014

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Matulog ka na bunso
Ang ina mo ay malayo
Hindi naman masundo
May putik at may balaho
Ito ay halimbawa ng awit sa _______

  1. Pamamangka

  2. Pakikidigma

  3. Pampatulog ng bata

  4. Pag-ibig

  1. How much bigger is 93 than 29?

  1. 217 b. 73 c. 45 d. 431

  1. What is the average of 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3?

a . 13 c. 13
36 29
b. 13 d. 13
32 24

  1. Which hormone promotes the development of secondary male sexual characteristics?

  1. Progresterone c. Estrogen

  2. Testosterone d. Gonads

  1. If an object has kinetic energy, then it also must have an/a ________.

  1. Impulse c. Momentum

  2. Acceleration d. Force

  1. Two pots of the same size are filled with boiling water. One pot is colored white and the other is black. In which pot will the water cool faster?

  1. In the black pot

  2. In the white pot

  3. Both pots will cool at the same rate

  4. Neither pots

  1. With old age, the bone mass decreases especially in the vertebral column which causes it to collapse. What is this syndrome called?

  1. Osteocytes c. Osteocyclosis

  2. Osteoporosis d. Osteoblasts

  1. Physical traits are transmitted from parents to offspring through ________.

  1. Genes c. Gametes

  2. Chromosomes d. Alleles

  1. Which pigments of flowers and fruits are responsible for their change in color upon reaching maturity?

  1. Chloroplasts c. Carotenoids

  2. Fucoxanthin d. Phycocyanins

  1. At present, a patient fights cancer either through surgery or by subjecting him/her to a drug treatment called _______.

  1. Irradiation c. Viral treatment

  2. Immune therapy d. Chemotherapy

  1. As the earth revolves, due to the tilting of its axis what natural phenomena occur?

  1. Global warming c. Weather

  2. Day and night d. Seasons

  1. Which of the iron containing compounds gives the red corpuscles its color?

  1. Albumin c. Hemoglobin

  2. Serum globulin d. Fibrinogen

  1. Which type of cooperative promotes thrift among members and generates funds in order to lend to its members?

  1. Service cooperative

  2. Credit cooperative

  3. Producers cooperative

  4. Consumers cooperative

  1. How does the government tax people’s labor?

  1. Through inheritance tax

  2. Through real estate tax

  3. Through an income tax

  4. Through value added tax

  1. Because of the onset and proliferation of AIDS case, which social problem gained renewed attention and concern?

  1. Child labor c. Prostitution

  2. Drug addiction d. Pornography

  1. Our opposition to divorce could be an influence of the ______.

  1. Educational system of the Spaniards

  2. Protestant religion introduced by the Americans

  3. Roman Catholic religion introduced by the Spaniards

  4. American constitution

  1. Which statement on Alcoholics Anonymous is correct?

  1. It is a group of alcoholic fathers and mothers who has made it its mission to help alcoholic fathers and mothers

  2. It helps alcoholics to avoid alcohol use and rebuild their lives

  3. It is a group of businessmen bent on stopping the manufacture of alcoholic drinks

  4. It is an association of alcoholics who remain unknown to each other

  1. Which is the primary factor that drives most Filipino men and women to leave their families and work abroad?

  1. Poverty

  2. Illiteracy

  3. Insurgency

  4. Dissatisfaction with Philippine society

  1. Each bag of rice contains 50 kg. What would be the increase in the price if the cost of one bag of rice goes from P950.00 to P1,200.00?

  1. P250.00 c. P3.75

  2. P7.50 d. P5.00

  1. What happens to the speed of sound waves as it travels from a less medium to a denser medium?

  1. The speed increases

  2. The speed stays the same

  3. Total internal reflection happens

  4. The speed decreases

  1. _____ not making the most of ____ opportunities.

  1. You’re – you’re c. You’re – your

  2. You – your d. You’re – you

  1. Between January 2008 and August 2008, the price of gasoline rose from 28.40 to 52.90 per liter. What is the percent of increase over the 8-month period?

  1. 97.5% c. 24.5%

  2. 86.27% d. 46.81%

  1. Sound : Decibel :: ________ : ________.

  1. Area : Square

  2. Capacity : Hectare

  3. Length : Meter

  4. Volume : Cube

  1. In which of the following medium would sound waves travel the fastest?

  1. Vibrating objects c. Gases

  2. Liquids d. Solids

  1. Which of these characterize/s metals?

  1. Good electrical conductors

  2. They are malleable and ductile

  3. They form basic oxides

  1. I, II and III

  2. I only

  3. I and III only

  4. II and III only

  1. We always hear doctors warming us to limit salt intake. What is the effect of salt on cells?

  1. Salt makes cells swell

  2. Salt dehydrates the cell

  3. Salt clogs the cell

  4. Salt punctures the cell

  1. In the playground for kindergarten kids, 18 children are riding tricycles or bicycles. If there are 43 wheels in all, how many tricycles are there?

  1. 7 b. 8 c. 9 d. 11

  1. The edges of a cubical frame are made from plastic straws. How much longer is the total length of the plastic edges of a 10 cm compared to a cube whose edge is 8 cm?

  1. 24 cm c. 16 cm

  2. 32 cm d. 8 cm

  1. In a Mathematics test, 35 students passed and 30% failed. How many students took the test?

  1. 60 b. 50 c. 40 d. 30

  1. The legs of one right triangle are 9 and 12, while those of another right triangle are 12 and 16. How much longer is the perimeter of the larger triangle than the perimeter of the smaller triangle?

  1. 84 b. 14 c. 7 d. 12

  1. In the capitalist system, monopoly and control of prices are done through cartels while in the cooperative system _______.

  1. There is no monopoly by a powerful group because efforts are geared toward the upliftment of the life of the members

  2. Monopoly and control of prices are done by the Chairman of the Board

  3. Control of prices is done by the Board of Directors and Management staff

  4. Monopoly is done through the members with the highest capital build up

  1. What holds true to a cooperative?

  1. Membership is open only to a selected few

  2. Each member is entitled to only one vote, regardless of his position

  3. Distribute of patronage refund is equal for all

  4. A member who has more shares has more votes

  1. Which is the supreme body in a cooperative?

  1. The elected officers

  2. The assembly

  3. The Board of Directors

  4. The management staff

  1. At what rate of interest should P2,400 be invested so that it will earn P880 in 8 months?

  1. 6½% b. 5½% c. 5% d. 6%

  1. She described her classmate’s statement as too SOPHOMORIC. This means ____.

  1. Grown up c. Wise

  2. Mature d. Immature

  1. Which of the following light has the longest wavelength?

  1. Red c. Yellow

  2. Blue d. Green

  1. Some factories use water to cool their equipment, warming the water in the process. If the warm water is dumped into a river, lake or ocean, how might it affect the ecology of the body of water?

  1. The added heat may result to the decrease in the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by the aquatic organisms

  2. The added heat will accelerate the chemical-biological process that may alter the reproductive processes of the aquatic plants and animals

  3. The increase in the temperature will increase the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide causing the acidity of water to exceed harmful levels for aquatic plants and animals

  1. I and III c. II only

  2. I and II d. I only

  1. Your father is paying for your plane ticket, _____?

  1. isn’t it c. aren’t you

  2. is he d. isn’t he

  1. This grade on your essay is low. Did your teacher suggest ___________ another?

  1. you will make c. to write

  2. revise d. writing

  1. Wise people can ________ with frustration.

  1. cope up c. cope in

  2. cope on d. cope

  1. Is this the spot _______ you had the accident?

  1. why c. wherein

  2. where d. which

  1. It’s now three hours past her schedule; the president will not come anymore, but we’ll still be ready in case she ___________.

  1. is coming c. does

  2. may d. will come

  1. The words “inappropriate, illegal, irresponsible and unaware” have prefixes which are classified as:

  1. Positive c. Common

  2. Negative d. Neutral

  1. Which of the following doesn’t belong to the group?

  1. Hypothesis c. Conclusion

  2. Surmise d. Conjecture

  1. Which does not belong to the group?

  1. Foot c. Centigrade

  2. Kilometer d. Mile

  1. “Blessed are ________ sorrowful for _______ shall be comforted.”

  1. the - you c. you - they

  2. the - they d. they – they

  1. When I met Diana yesterday, it was the first time I ___________ her since Christmas.

  1. have seen c. have been seen

  2. saw d. had seen

  1. If you want to be recognized, have a finger in the pie.

  1. Dip finger in the pie

  2. Take an active part in something

  3. Take a share of the pie

  4. Join a group

  1. “Nothing happens in this world by chance; it is all part of a grand design.” The author speaks of one’s ____________.

  1. ambition c. dream

  2. luck d. destiny

  1. These towels are ______ for us to dry the dishes.

  1. very dry c. too wet

  2. very wet d. so wet

  1. Which sounds like “when”?

  1. while c. whine

  2. pin d. pet

  1. Conrado approached the platform with his speech. His palms were sweaty and his hands were shaking. He felt the palpitations of his chest and perspiration began to appear at his forehead. Conrado is experiencing?

  1. heart attack c. stage fright

  2. nausea d. epilepsy

  1. Do not go gentle into good night,

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