General Education January 2014

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  • Heroism

  • Universalism

    1. What is a characteristic of a progressive tax system?

    1. The tax rate is greater for higher incomes

    2. People who earn less pay a larger part of their income in taxes than those people who earn more

    3. The tax rate is equal for all citizens

    4. All people pay the same percentage of their earnings in taxes

    1. Which type of taxation system is pro-poor?

    1. Equitable

    2. Equal

    3. Progressive

    1. II and III c. I and II

    2. I, II and III d. I and III

    1. The primary purpose of taxation is to _____.

    1. Raise revenue for the support of the government

    2. Reduce inequalities in wealth and incomes

    3. Fortify the government against invaders

    4. Make the country a leading industrialized country in the world

    1. Genuine respect for all people that lead to world peace is anchored on the concept that all persons _____.

    1. Can contribute to global development

    2. Have dignity

    3. Have talents

    4. Are citizens of the world

    1. Which assumption underlines the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program?

    1. The wealth of the country is concentrated in the hands of a few

    2. Our country has very few landed people and very many landless

    3. There is so much poverty in the country because of overpopulation

    4. People are more productive if they own what they cultivate

    1. John Dewey’s major contributions to the sociological foundation of education are the following except one. Which one is it?

    1. Facilitating education means being aware of the social condition of the learners

    2. Education is a social process beginning unconsciously at birth

    3. School is a continuation of home; activities at home continue at school

    4. “True education” is transmission of knowledge from the teacher to the learner

    1. The cultural heritage of Southeast Asia has been designated by UNESCO as _______.

    1. World International Center

    2. World Heritage Sites

    3. World Cultural Heritage

    4. World Tourist Spots

    1. Children learn how to open a coconut and other common chores in a coconut farm. In this instance, culture is transmitted by:

    1. Immersion c. Assimilation

    2. Enculturation d. Acculturation

    1. Which among the following has been said to be the strongest factor that drives most Filipino men and women to leave their country and work abroad?

    1. Poverty c. Insurgency

    2. Illiteracy d. Consumerist mentality

    1. What is an indicator of the patronage system in the Philippine society which contributes to poverty and corruption?

    1. Parents have many “kumpares” in the baptism of their child

    2. A less deserving applicant gets appointed because he has a “padrino”

    3. Most people patronize imported goods

    4. The “pilosopo” type of worker does not get promoted in his job

    DIRECTION: Read the Paragraphs Below then Answer Questions #146-147.
    An international education initiative, known as global competence, was first noted in 1988 in a report published by the Council on International Education Exchange. Higher education institutions were enjoined to send students on exchange programs to universities abroad where Americans are not the majority population and where English is not the dominant language.
    Educational scholars have proposed definitions for the term global competence and postulates regarding the required knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences necessary to become globally competent. Cross-cultural awareness and interaction, familiarity with an environment, intercultural facility, effective two-way communication, interconnectedness of people and systems, acceptance of the different cultural values and attitudes are integral components of global competence.

    1. Which of the following published a pioneer report on the concept of global competence?

    1. Council on International Scholars Exchange

    2. Council on International Educators

    3. Council on International Education Exchange

    4. Council on International Educationists

    1. What are integral concepts/components of global competence?

    1. Cultural values, interconnectedness with people, cultural awareness and system

    2. Two-way communication, intercultural facility, cross-cultural awareness, and interconnectedness of people and systems

    3. Acceptance of people’s value, attitudes, language, culture and environment

    4. Communication of knowledge, skills, experiences and cultural awareness

    DIRECTION: Read the Paragraphs Below then Answer Questions #148-150.

    The most important source of sediment is earth and rock material carried to the sea by rivers and streams; the same materials may also have been transported by glaciers and winds. Other sources are volcanic ash and lava, shells and skeletons of organisms, chemical precipitates formed in seawater, and particles from outer space.
    Water is a most unusual substance because it exists on the surface of the earth in its three physical states: ice, water, and water vapor. There are other substances that might exist in a solid and liquid or gaseous state at temperature normally found at the earth’s surface, but there are no other substances which occur in all three states.
    Water is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. It is the only substance known to exist in a natural state as a solid, liquid, or gas on the surface of the earth. It is a universal solvent. Water does not corrode, rust, burn, or separate into its components easily. It is chemically indestructible. It can corrode almost any metal and erode the most solid rock. A unique property of water is that it expands and floats on water when frozen or in the solid state. Water has a freezing point of 0C. and a boiling point of 100C. Water has the capacity for absorbing great quantities of heat with relatively little increase in temperature. When distilled, water is a poor conductor of electricity but when salt is added, it is a good conductor of electricity.
    Sunlight is the source of energy for temperature change, evaporation, and currents for water movement through the atmosphere. Sunlight controls the rate of Photosynthesis for all marine plants, which are directly or indirectly the source of food for all marine animals. Migrations, breeding, and other behaviors of marine animals are affected by light.
    Water, as the ocean or sea, is blue because of the molecular scattering of the sunlight. Blue light, being of short wavelength, is scattered more effectively than light of longer wavelengths. Variations in color may be caused by particles suspended in the water, water depth, cloud cover, temperature, and other variable factors. Heavy concentrations of dissolved materials cause a yellowish hue, while algae will cause the water to look green. Heavy populations of plant and animal materials cause the water to look brown.

    1. Which of the topics best organizes the information in the text?

    1. Properties of seawater, photosynthesis, oceans and seas

    2. Properties of water, its physical states, effects of the sun on water

    3. Water as substance, water and plants

    4. State of water as vapor, ice, liquid

    1. Which of the following best defines the word “distilled” as it is used in the last sentence of the third paragraph?

    1. Containing wine

    2. Free of salt content

    3. Free of electrical energy

    4. Dehydrated soil

    1. According to the passage what is the most unique property of water?

    1. Water is chemically indestructible

    2. Water exists on the surface of the earth in three physical states

    3. Water is a poor conductor of electricity

    4. Water is odorless, tasteless and colorless

    1. Which of these capitalized words do not rhyme?

    1. I know it CLEAR

    2. That’s not easy to BEAR

    3. Let’s give a CHEER

    4. It shows, it’s SHEER truth

    1. Wastes from the kitchen are considered useful if properly separated. How are they classified?

    1. A non-degradable c. Metallic recesses

    2. Biodegradable d. Degradable

    1. An ERRATIC behavior suggests one that is _____.

    1. Normal c. Inconsistent

    2. Stable d. Predictable

    1. Piggery farms affected by FMD are prohibited from:

    1. Castrating their piglets

    2. Isolating their piglets from sows

    3. Butchering their pigs for the market

    4. Mating their sows when in heat

    1. The driver of the speeding car is CULPABLE. This means _______.

    1. Innocent c. Guilty

    2. Blameless d. Reckless

    1. A child after birth has a right to a name. This is _____.

    1. A right to his identity

    2. A right for just treatment

    3. A right for survival

    4. A right to suffrage

    1. What has solved the caste and social strata system in the Philippines society?

    1. Schools in every barangay

    2. Barangay empowerment

    3. Schools for the handicapped

    4. Barangay high schools opened

    1. The son of a principal wants to be the valedictorian of the class. What should the principal do to avoid criticism?

    1. Transfer the brighter student to a lower section

    2. Assist the son in his class preparation and participation on school activities

    3. Call the rivals and give the stern warning

    4. Confront the teachers on the son’s grade

    1. Free trade means ______.

    1. Government restrict entry of identified goods

    2. Level of taxing is mutual between countries

    3. Goods are all imported

    4. Goods come in untaxed

    1. How many cubic meters of sand will be required to fill reclamation area of 6 hectares with 1.5 meters depth?

    1. 90,000 cubic meters

    2. 90,900 cubic meters

    3. 110,000 cubic meters

    4. 100,000 cubic meters

    1. What has made world business fast?

    1. A radio network c. Modern technology

    2. New prints d. Computers

    1. A subordinate could not take the insults his superior does on him daily. What does this relationship indicate?

    1. Superiors are superior

    2. Subordinates feeling and valueless

    3. Subordinates should be taken as slave

    4. The value of respect for another is prevailing

    1. Wounded, he walked away still suffering from EXCRUCIATING pain. Describe the pain.

    1. Mild c. Endurable

    2. Unbearable d. Slight

    1. A fire alarm was rung. What will be done to exit properly? What is heard from the principal?

    1. “Keep cool. Get down quietly.”

    2. “Get in touch with your parents, fast.”

    3. “Leave your things. March down the stair briskly.”

    4. “Dismiss your classes.”

    1. Ang sarzuela noong panahong ng Kastila ay dinadaan sa:

    1. Pamamagitan ng Kastila

    2. Pamamagitan ng salita sa isang bayan

    3. Pamamagitan ng halong Tagalog at Kastila

    4. Pamamagitan ng halong Tagalog at Ingles

    1. The Philippines prides itself as the first presiding officers of the United Nation. Who was this person?

    1. Ambassador Elizalde

    2. General Romulo

    3. Ambassador Maceda

    4. General Yan

    1. Ang hiling ng namatay na artista ay siya’y ilibing sa takip-silim. Anong oras iyon?

    1. Madaling araw

    2. Sa pagitan ng alas-singko at alas sais ng hapon

    3. Ika-anim ng umaga

    4. Ika-walo ng gabi

    1. Si Ninoy ay bumalik sa Pilipinas. Ayon sa kanya:

    1. Ang lahing Pilipino higit sa lahat ay dapat ipaglaban, hanggang kamatayan

    2. Di dapat buhayin ang mga Pilipino

    3. Ang kamatayan ko para sa pamilya lang

    4. Dapat bang magpakamatay dahil lang sa Pilipino

    1. The price of glassware was P160.00 per set. After a day the price was raised by 10% what was the final glassware?

    1. P176.00 c. P166.00

    2. P196.00 d. P276.00

    1. What prize will each receive from a first prize of P45,000,000. There were 15 recipients of the jackpot?

    1. P2,500,000 c. P3,100,000

    2. P3,000,000 d. P45,000

    1. In order not to lose the mother’s teeth what is encouraged in their diet?

    1. Iron c. Carbohydrates

    2. Fat d. Vitamins

    1. The government wants a piece of private land for a government project. The owner resisted. How can the government own the land?

    1. Right of government ownership

    2. Right of eminent domain

    3. Right of habeas corpus

    4. Right of a sovereign over the governed

    1. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang aral na ibinigay ng ANG ALAMAT NI MARIA MAKILING na ikinuwento ni Jose Rizal?

    1. Pagyamanin at pangalagaan ang ating bayan at lahi pagkat hiyas at yaman natin ito

    2. Pag-ibig ang makapagbabago sa mundong ito

    3. Kabanalan ang magpatawad at tulungan ang isang makakasala

    4. Dahil sa pagmamalabis at pagsamantala, maraming biyaya ang sa kanya’y nawawala

    1. Si Mariano Ponce ay propagandistang may sagisag sa panulat na:

    1. Tamaraw c. Kapre

    2. Tikbalang d. Kalapate

    1. Four mangoes cost P29.00. At that prize what will 2 ½ dozen mangoes cost?

    1. P217.50 d. P870.00

    2. P188.50 e. None of these

    3. P348.50

    1. Many observe that ___________.

    1. Rich countries abuse their power

    2. Countries with poor economy are subservient to the rich

    3. Countries that are economically stable are greed

    4. Countries with no economic problems become world leader

    1. Which family obligation is especially valued?

    1. Supplying groceries to relatives in remote barrios

    2. Providing health assistance to relatives living in the same locale

    3. Keeping immediate family members out of trouble

    4. Sending to college relatives in remote barrios

    1. Why are barangay chairman assigned to settle barangay cases?

    1. They are competent judges

    2. They know all the residents

    3. They have training

    4. They have bases

    1. Where would you commit a drug dependent for him to achieve a natural, tensionless and anxiety-free state?

    1. NFPI c. DARE

    2. DARN d. Bukang Liwayway Center

    1. Which has become a prototype of other schemes that defeated the real and true purpose of the CARL (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law)?

    1. The stock option scheme of Hacienda Luisita

    2. The conversion of farmlands to industrial complexes

    3. The conversion from agricultural to subdivision

    4. The voluntary offer to sell

    1. The statue was erected in ____ to war heroes.

    1. Irreverence c. Homage

    2. Defense d. Protection

    1. Which is the best way to write the underlined portion of this sentence?

    The studies revealing that, for various reasons, girls spent less time working with computers than boys.

    1. Revealing studies

    2. Studies revealed

    3. Studies revelations

    4. Studies will reveal

    1. What is meant by the idiom “at sixes and sevens”?

    1. The things have not been shipped

    2. In the state of confusion

    3. In an orderly manner

    4. The boxes are still intact

    1. Which word in the passage does not require a change in pitch to show confidence? “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”

    1. Am c. Master

    2. Captain d. Fate

    1. Mr. Falucho owns a 10 ½ hectares of land. He plans to subdivide this tract into ¼ hectare lots. He must first set aside 1/6 of the total land for lands. How many lots will this tract yield?

    1. 30 c. 42 e. None of these

    2. 35 d. 45

    1. What would be the next three terms in the progression 1, 4, 16, ____ ?

    1. 64, 256, 1024 d. 65, 257, 1025

    2. 67, 259, 7027 e. None of these

    3. 66, 258, 1026

    1. The Magsaysay Memorial features a _____ state of the well-loved President.

    1. Drab c. Casual

    2. Caustic d. Colossal

    1. Nasa anong kaganapan ng pandiwa ang pangungusap?

    May padalang tulong ang pamahalaan para sa kanila.

    1. Pabalana c. Paari

    2. Palagyo d. Palayon

    1. “I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos rather than one run by foreigners.” What does this mean?

    1. Filipinos are incapable of running the government

    2. Though full of difficulties, Filipinos are preferred to lead

    3. Foreign leaders are better in government

    4. Leadership can be performed only by foreigners

    1. Alin ang di karaniwang anyo ng pandiwang HINTAY KA?

    1. Tay c. Intay

    2. Tayka d. Teka

    1. Aling antas ng tono ang lumilitaw sa bahaging may salungguhit ng pangungusap na nagdududa? Nagpuputol ng puno ang lalaki.

    1. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 3

    1. Which of the following lines is a simile?

    1. “Holding wonder like a cup”

    2. “Life has loneliness to sell”

    3. “Eyes that love you, arms that hold”

    4. “Buy it and never count the cost”

    1. During a recent shopping spree. Dodo and Ani bought some new accessories for their apartment. Ani chose a crocheted throw pillow at P24.95, and Dod purchased a rural landscape painting for P135.00. How much did they actually spend if they paid 7% sales tax on their purchased?

    1. P171.15 d. P148.75

    2. P139.25 e. None of these

    3. P159.95

    1. What is the sum of all the two digit numbers which are divisible by 5?

    1. 945 c. 960 e. None of these

    2. 950 d. 1050

    1. Tides, caused by the moon’s gravity, create a frictional force that is gradually slowing down Earth’s rotation speed. One million years from now, scientist may discover that compared to today, Earth’s:

    1. Day is longer c. Day is shorter

    2. Year is shorter d. Year is longer

    1. Which is the best evidence that helium gas is lighter than air?

    1. Helium-filled balloons rise in air

    2. Helium has the lowest boiling point of all elements

    3. Helium atoms do not combine with other air atoms

    4. By volume, helium makes up only 0.0005% of air

    1. What is the most likely reason for a desert plant to have a few or no leaves?

    1. To increase photosynthesis

    2. To decrease transpiration

    3. To decrease photosynthesis

    4. To increase transpiration

    1. Without the process of meiosis, we can infer that offspring from sexual reproduction would:

    1. Be identical

    2. Have a high degree of genetic variety

    3. Have twice the assigned number of chromosomes

    4. Have a number of mutations

    1. Each of the following objects is designed to employ the buoyancy principle except a:

    1. Life preserver c. Submarine

    2. Kite d. Canoe

    1. Which of the following will give the same value as A (B + C – D)?

    1. AB-AC+AD c. AB+AC-AD

    2. ABC-D d. ABCD

    1. P8,000 is invested at 12% single interest. What is the amount at the end of 2 years?

    1. P9,600 c. P8,420

    2. P8,960 d. P9,920

    1. A senior class of 50 girls and 70 boys sponsored a dance. If 40% of the girls and 50% of the boys attended the dance, approximately what percent attended?

    1. 44 b. 46 c. 42 d. 40

    1. Which of the following is exactly divisible by 3 and 11?

    1. 3,570,404 c. 991,111

    2. 114,345 d. 135,792

    1. Ano ang uri ng pangungusap na UMAARAW NA?

    1. Panawag d. Sambalita

    2. Phenomenal

    3. Pormulasyong panlipunan

    1. Nathan repacks a 60kg of sack of sugar into small packs of 750g. How many small packs can be made?

    1. 90 b. 45 c. 75 d. 80

    1. Which of the theories of learning, wherein language and literacy emphasizes comprehension as students read?

    1. Reader response c. Sociolinguistic

    2. Interactive d. Constructivist

    1. An employee earning P9,200 a month will receive a 15% increase next month. How much will his/her new salary be?

    1. P10,500 c. P10,580

    2. P10,530 d. P10,560

    1. If 50% of x is 20, what is 30% of x?

    1. 30 b. 12 c. 20 d. 16

    1. PINASYALAN ng mag-anak ang Enchanted Kingdom noong isang buwan. Ano ang pokus ng pandiwa?

    1. Sanhi c. Direksiyon

    2. Tagatanggap d. Tagaganap

    1. Kung kilala ang Cebu sa kanyang Sinulog, kilala naman ang Iloilo sa kanyang ______

    1. Dalampasigan c. Ati-atihan

    2. Kadayan d. Dinagyang

    1. 40% of 35 is what percent of 140?

    1. 28% b. 29% c. 10% d. 14%

    1. “Magtatrabado ako at ikaw ay mag-aaral upang makatapos ka ng pag-aaral.” Anong uri ng pangungusap ito?

    1. Tambalan c. Langkapan

    2. Payak d. Hugnayan

    1. “The hostages are free. They paid their way!” What do these statements tell us?

    1. They escaped after paying

    2. They were released after paying

    3. They were freed after negotiation

    4. They had a peaceful negotiation

    1. The flower smells __________.

    1. Sweetly c. Sweet

    2. Sweeter d. More sweet

    1. The Rizal Day celebration reminds us about heroes worth _________.

    1. Appreciating c. Emanating

    2. Emulating d. Reading

    1. Which type of reading is CHORAL READING?

    1. Buddy

    2. Reading aloud to students

    3. Shared

    4. Guided

    1. “Nadurog ang kanyang puso sa tindi ng dalamhati.” Ano ang ipinatalastas dito?

    1. Pagpapalit-tawag c. Pagwawangis

    2. Pagmamalabis d. Personipikasyon

    1. “Walang ligaya sa lupa na di dinilig ng luha.” Ito ay isang _______.

    1. Bugtong c. Kawikaan

    2. Salawikain d. Palaisipan

    1. He was excused because all he said were white lies. This idiomatic expression means _____.

    1. Lies are written in white pages

    2. Lies that are harmless

    3. Lies recited are excusable

    4. He recited the lines in public

    1. “Kung sa langit ay nabubuhay, ang sa lupa’y namamatay. Ano ang kinakatatakutan, ang oras ng kamatayan.” Ang saknong ay nagpapahayag ng damdaming ________.

    1. Maging matatag

    2. Maging matapang

    3. Maging mapagpasensya

    4. Maging mapagbigay

    1. Alin ang pinakatamang pahayag? _______ niya ang langit.

    1. Tinitingala c. Sinulyapan

    2. Tinitingan d. Tinitigan

    1. Anong kayarian mayroon ang pangungusap na “Ang pagbaha ay mapipigilan at masusugpo kung matatanim tayo ng mga puno”?

    1. Payak c. Tambalan

    2. Hugnayan d. Langkapan

    1. Ano ang uri ng pangungusap na walang paksa tulad ng WALANG ANUMAN?

    1. Eksistensyal

    2. Panagot

    3. Pormulasyong panlipunan

    4. Patanong

    1. What is the smallest positive number that is a multiple of both 12 and 14?

    1. 36 b. 42 c. 84 d. 168

    1. Ang tambal na salitang “matang–manok” ay may ibig sabihing: ______ ang mata.

    1. Nanlilisik c. Nanlalabo

    2. Matalas d. Nakakatakot

    1. Which principle of taxation does the Philippine lack if it fails to raise the needed revenue and therefore borrows from other countries to cover its expenses?

    1. Productivity c. Elasticity

    2. Equity d. Neutrality

    1. What is meant by the statement: Values are absolute?

    1. Changing c. Personal

    2. Subjective d. Unchanging

    1. Kailangan ginagamit and IKA na may gitling?

    1. Kung ginagamit na panlapi sa isang salita

    2. Kung mismong bilang ang susunod sa isusulat

    3. Kung ang ikakabit ay isang panlapi

    4. Kung ang bilang ay isinusulat na buo

    1. An arithmetic book is 2 1/2cm thick. How many copies can be placed in a meter-long shelf?

    1. 44 b. 40 c. 36 d. 45

    1. People who are too _____ are liable to be deceived by unscrupulous individuals.

    1. Credulous c. Cynical

    2. Wary d. Demanding

    1. Teacher Betty always tries to help people, but recently she has been _______ kind and generous?

    1. Principally c. Especially

    2. Usually d. Largely

    1. We should work for the total ban ____ of pesticides that are harmful to man.

    1. By the use c. With the use

    2. On using d. On the use

    1. Which of the following organisms are responsible for the return of substances in the bodies of the dead plants and animals to the soil?

    1. Decomposers c. First order consumers

    2. Producers d. Consumers

    1. It’s now two hours past his schedule, the facilitator may not come anymore, but we’ll still be ready in case he _________.

    1. May c. Does

    2. Is coming d. Will come

    1. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” is an expression of one’s _____.

    1. Total poverty

    2. Blind ignorance

    3. Love for self

    4. Total submission to God

    1. The area of the rectangle on the right is (X2 + X – 12). If its length is X + 4, what is its width?

    1. X + 2 c. X + 1

    2. X – 3 d. X + 6

    1. Which of these are characterized as organic compounds?

    1. They are compounds of any elements

    2. They are compounds containing carbon

    3. They cannot be broken down to simpler substance

    4. They always require electrical means to separate

    1. Our commitments can develop us or can destroy us, but either way, they will define us. Choose the line below that has the same meaning.

    1. Flexible commitment is what we need today

    2. We must make full commitment to worldly things

    3. Our lives are shaped by what we are committed to

    4. Our commitments need not be planned way ahead

    1. Those mischievous children _____ tricks on their teachers which always got them into a lot of trouble.

    1. Used to play c. Could play

    2. May have played d. Could have played

    1. Alin sa mga sumusunod na pangungusap ang walang simuno?

    1. Ang dumating na hari

    2. Balak niyang umawit

    3. Magsumikap ka nang umunlad

    4. May tao pala sa silid

    1. “Nothing that happens in this world ever happens by chance; it is all part of a grand design.” The author speaks of one’s ____.

    1. Destiny c. Dream

    2. Luck d. Ambition

    1. With the Cold War in mind, which does not belong?

    1. Dialogue c. Tension

    2. Competition d. Conflict

    1. Do all persons possess human dignity?

    1. Yes, if they do good

    2. No, the beggar does not have it

    3. No, only those who believe in GOD

    4. Yes, no exception

    1. Which kind of rock is abundant in the Bicol region?

    1. Sedimentary c. Metamorphic

    2. Igneous d. Shale

    1. 35 is what percent of 560?

    1. 6.5% c. 62%

    2. 16% d. 6.25%

    1. Which chemical substance/s is/are contained in detergents which cause/s the foam in stream water?

    1. Alkyl benzene sulfonate

    2. Phosphorus benzene

    3. Phosphorus and alkyl

    4. Oil and benzene

    1. Which are the food eaters or consumers in an ecosystem?

    1. Autotrophs c. Producers

    2. Decomposers d. Heterotrophs

    1. What is the counting number that is less than 15 and when divided by 3 has a remainder of 1, but when divided by 4 has a remainder of 2?

    1. 5 b. 12 c. 8 d. 10

    1. Which of the following could be a factor of n (n+1) if n is a positive integer less than 3?

    1. 8 b. 3 c. 9 d. 5

    1. If x = -5, what is the value of x2 – 9 ?

    x + 3

    1. 7 b. -6 c. -8 d. 5

    1. Hindi ko malaman kung bakit ang basura ay kanyang ________.

    1. Itinapon c. Tinapon

    2. Itapon d. Natapon

    1. Saang dimension nabibilang ang paggamit ng globo?

    1. Kagamitang pansilid

    2. Kagamitang biswal

    3. Kagamitang awdyo

    4. Kagamitang lingual

    1. Which word does NOT mean the same as the other three?

    1. Furnish c. Supply

    2. Defend d. Equip

    1. Business computers have become more complex that necessitate complete training in operating them. They are now described as SOPHISTICATED electronic system, meaning ____.

    1. Simple c. Fashionable

    2. Cosmopolitan d. Uncomplicated

    1. What is the missing term in the series? 2, 5 11, 23, 47, ____.

    1. 115 b. 95 c. 105 d. 125

    1. Which explains why work is done when blowing a balloon?

    1. The force of gravity on the balloon increases

    2. The balloon moves outwards as the blowing force is exerted on it

    3. The balloon has potential energy which is changed to kinetic energy

    4. The balloon is filled with air which has weight and occupies space

    1. If she ____ President, she would live in Malacañang.

    1. Was c. Am

    2. Were d. Should be

    1. Find the GCF of 18 and 36.

    1. 2 b. 6 c. 48 d. 9

    1. Which one is the right to human dignity?

    1. Freedom from all forms of racial discrimination

    2. Rest and leisure

    3. Privacy in the family, the home and in correspondence

    4. Reparation and retribution for exploitation

    1. Ants and honeybees exhibit a “caste system” in which each member has a specific duty to perform. This is referred to as ______.

    1. Adaptive system

    2. Morphology system

    3. Polymorphism

    4. Metamorphism

    1. Today, car manufacturers have begun to AUTOMATE their assembly lines by using robots. What does this trend mean?

    1. Cars are now automatic

    2. Operate through machines

    3. Operates through human workers

    4. Produce more efficient cars

    1. “Inaawitan ko ang mga alon sa dalampasigan.” Ito ay halimbawa ng ________.

    1. Personipikasyon c. Paglilipat–wika

    2. Pagwawangis d. Patutulad

    1. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang opisyal na wika mula panahon ng Republika hanggang kasalukuyan?

      1. Tagalog c. Ingles

      2. Kastila d. Ingles at Filipino

    1. Basahin at sagutin.

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