General Education January 2014

Participating in group activities that interest him

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Participating in group activities that interest him

  • Being obedient to all demand that comes his way

  • Offering his services in whatever form that suits him

  • Socializing with his fellowmen within the norms of society

    1. In which of the following examples is the greatest pressure exerted?

    1. A barefooted person standing on the beach

    2. A brick resting on the ground

    3. A knife cutting a piece of meat

    4. A book resting on a table

    1. Which of the following environmental conditions has been blamed for the usual occurrence of fish kills?

    1. Acid rain

    2. Eutrophication

    3. Atmospheric pollution

    4. Silting of lakes and rivers

    1. Which does not belong to the group?

    1. Chalkboard c. Flannel board

    2. Bulletin board d. Magnetic board

    1. Alin ang tamang babala sa pagtatapon ng basura?

    1. Dito ang tambakan ng basura

    2. Huwag magtapon ng basura dito

    3. Huwag mag-ipon ng basura dito

    4. Gamitin ang basurahan sa inyong bahay, huwag dito

    1. Magbababala ang pulis sa mga tumatawid, alin ang tama?

    1. Hoy! Pula ang ilaw, tigil

    2. Bantayan ang ilaw bago tumawid

    3. Tawid na kayo at luntian ang ilaw

    4. Huhulihin ang tatawid sa maling ilaw o signal

    1. Alin sa mga sumusunod na salita ang bumubuo ng pangungusap?

    1. Dapat isang mapasa ang LET bago maging guro

    2. Dapat ang guro LET ang pinasa

    3. Pinasa dapat ng guro ang LET upang maging isang ganap na guro

    4. LET lang gamitin sa pagiging guro

    1. What was the controversial anti-drug campaign in Manila which was stopped by a court decision?

    1. Posting of pictures of drug users

    2. Parading of handcuffed drug addicts

    3. Arrest of drug pushers

    4. Painting of houses of drug pushers

    1. Siya ay hinirang na taga-sensus ng bahay-bahay. Ano ang kanyang nalikom?

    1. Ang data at bilang ng mga tao sa isang bayan

    2. Ang bilang ng mga tao sa bahay

    3. Ang kayamanan ng mga may-bahay

    4. Ang data tungkol sa mga naninirahan sa ibat-ibang bahay

    1. Ano ang isang bagay na di dapat kasangkutan ng isang kagawad ng gobyerno?

    1. Magtrabaho habang may sahod

    2. Dapat mamahagi ng pera para sa isang kandidato

    3. Dapat magsikap yumaman

    4. Di dapat mamulitika

    1. Anong hukuman ang siyang ____ ng kasong kurapsyon?

    1. Sandigang Bayan - naglilitis

    2. Korte Suprema - maglilitis

    3. Ombudsman - tagapaglilitis

    4. Court of Appeals - manglilitis

    1. “Ang laki sa layaw, karaniwang hubad,” ayon kay Balagtas kaya ____.

    1. Ang mga bata makapagtapos sa pag-aaral

    2. Ang mga bata di-sumusunod sa magulang

    3. Ang mga bata ay laging magalang

    4. Ang babae ay nag-aartista

    1. Ang hiling ng namatay na artista ay siya’y ilibing sa takip silim. Anong oras iyon?

    1. Madaling araw

    2. Ika-anim ng umaga

    3. Ika-walo ng gabi

    4. Sa pagitan ng alas-5 at alas-6 ng hapon

    1. There are military confrontation is some parts of the Philippines. How does the government address the situation?

    1. Declare war zone

    2. Declare amnesty for all

    3. Declare cease fire

    4. Negotiate with representatives of both panels

    1. A maid is continuously molested by a son of a rich landlord. What must the landlord do to protect the maid?

    1. Warn the son of his act

    2. Lock the maid in her room

    3. Report the case to the policeman

    4. Terminate the services of the maid

    1. Cooperatives are helpful to farmers specially in irrigation of rice fields. This is evident when ______.

    1. Members are accountable for their fellow members credit lines

    2. Members pay their dues after three harvests

    3. Non-members are deprived of water

    4. Members take turn in getting water ration

    1. New techniques in food production are learned through ____.

    1. Barangay forum

    2. Radio comments

    3. Television modules

    4. Editorial and cartoons

    1. A farmer owned 302 hectare. He planted 1/3 of the area to coconut. The rest were converted to mango and other fruits. Give the numbers of hectares used for mango and other fruit trees.

    1. 202.3 ha c. 204 ha

    2. 201.33 ha d. 202 ha

    1. There were 500 houses sold by a subdivision owner. Each occupied 80 square meters each. How big was the whole area?

    1. 4 ha b. 5 ha c. 14 ha d. 10 ha

    1. Give the value of N in 26 2/8 + 22 1/2 = N

    1. 48 3/4 c. 48 2/18

    2. 48 2/3 d. 48 1/3

    1. Give the final percentage rate of commission gained by Edna. She sold an appliances for PHP258,000. Her commission was PHP37,520 minus PHP5,300 for transportation.

    1. 12.48% c. 14.54%

    2. 12.05% d. 14.13%

    1. The youth is considered 55% of the voting population. Marikina has 1,360 million voters. How many voters are the youth?

    1. 750,000 c. 768,000

    2. 788,000 d. 748,000

    1. Cementing of roads are being done in some areas. One barangay has 2 lanes with 7 by 200 meters long for each lane. What is the total area to be cemented?

    1. 2,800 sq. m. c. 9,000 sq. m.

    2. 14,000 sq. m. d. 1,500 sq. m.

    1. Flood has devastated Mindanao and many provinces. The root cause is traced to ____.

    1. Conversation of agricultural land to subdivisions

    2. Wanton destruction of gold mines

    3. Using wood for fuel

    4. Wanton cutting of forest trees

    1. Rivers in Metro Manila are the identified causes of heavy flood. Authorities account this to _______.

    1. Waste incineration

    2. Waste classification

    3. Waste dumping in backyard

    4. Waste dumping on river banks

    1. Dengue fever has caused death to many children and adults. All these are traced to ____.

    1. Poor ventilation

    2. Poor disposal of waste

    3. Poor maintenance of home compost pits

    4. Poor hoarding of water in tanks

    1. Children are discouraged to play in flood water since ____.

    1. Urine of rats is contagious

    2. Urine of people is around

    3. Feces & urine of animals abound

    4. Feces of cockroaches are floating

    1. Chicken pox usually occurs in August. At what stage is it very contagious?

    1. During the first week

    2. When wounds have swollen

    3. When all wound are peeling off

    4. When all wounds have disappeared

    1. A family built house in an inner piece of land. He was not allowed to go through a neighbor’s yard. He was accused of trespassing private property. The law allows such passage under the ___.

    1. Right of eminent domain

    2. Right of homeowners

    3. Right of way

    4. Right of travel

    1. The government wants a piece of private land for a government project. The owner resisted the government demand. How may the government own the land?

    1. Right of eminent domain

    2. Right of government ownership

    3. Right of habeas corpus

    4. Right of a sovereign over the governed

    1. Rabies comes from dog and other bites. How could this be prevented?

    1. Tie the dogs at all times

    2. Have the dog vaccinated with anti-rabies

    3. Keep the dogs in cage

    4. Kill the dog that bites

    1. At XYZ Preschool, Rochelle holds a position senior to Ruthe, and Kai holds a junior post to Ruthe. Who holds the junior-most position?

    a. Kai c. Rochell
    b. Ruthe d. None of them

    1. A father was misunderstood by his teenage boy because:

    1. The father abhorred and mistook modernization as being fresh

    2. The father imposed on his values on courting and marriage

    3. The father did not understand the teenage values on dating

    4. The father could not tolerate a live-in arrangement of his son

    1. The death of the kidnapped victims by the terrorists was considered:

    1. A deviation from protocol

    2. A revenge for atrocities of civilians

    3. A neglect of priorities

    4. An affront to the leadership

    1. With the Cold War in mind, which does not belong?

    1. Dialogue c. Tension

    2. Competition d. Conflict

    1. Drug addiction, neurosex, and other psychological illness are indicators of ____.

    1. Progress in medical science

    2. Inner peacelessness

    3. Fast pace industrialization

    4. Rapid modernization in society

    1. Which body of the United Nations has peace among as its major responsibility?

    1. Trusteeship Council

    2. Security Council

    3. General Assembly

    4. International Court of Justice

    1. What do we have in common with the beasts?

    1. Our intelligence

    2. Our material body

    3. Our manner of survival

    4. Our freedom

    1. “Be honest even if others are not. Be honest even if others cannot.” What does this statement imply?

    1. Honesty does not pay

    2. Honesty remains a value even if nobody values it

    3. Filipinos seem not to value honesty anymore

    4. Honestly is truly a value only if people possess and live by it

    1. Values that are essential must be preferred over those that are accidental? Which illustrate this? We prefer _______.

    1. Money over sense of fulfillment

    2. Beauty over achievement

    3. Health over beauty

    4. Pleasure over money

    1. It is either one of ours or one of yours. It is not one of ours. Therefore, ________.

      1. it is not one of yours

      2. it is one of ours

      3. it is one of yours

      4. it is not one of ours

    1. Honey is extracted from bees. To ensure a supply of honey for food and medicine, what has been resorted to lately?

    1. Culture honey bees for propagation

    2. Encourage bee farm in chosen areas

    3. Gather honey from the forest

    4. Discourage the use of pesticides in honey farm

    1. Which is the greatest value according o the teachings of Karl Marx?

    1. Absolute equality

    2. Health

    3. Pleasure

    4. Elimination of selfish desires

    1. Which expresses a polynomial in the following?

    1. 2x+4x-3 c. x-x+9-3x+10x

    2. xy-x-6 d. x-4x+2x-x+2

    1. Jonas can build a wall in 6 days. Rey had worked on the wall for three days alone before Jonas joined him. Together, they have completed the wall in three more days. How long will it take Rey to build the wall alone?

    a. 10 days c. 16 days
    b. 12 days d. 18 days

    1. Why is it that Filipino Overseas Workers are considered modern time heroes?

    1. They became broad minded, skilled and economically stable individuals

    2. They sacrifice all, for their family and the economy, just to improve their quality of life

    3. They have stabilized Philippine economy

    4. They come home ready to prepare a feast for their town mates and friends

    1. The volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure. When the pressure is 30 cm of mercury, the volume is 600 cubic cm. Find the pressure when the volume is 259 cm.

    1. 28 cm of mercury

    2. 12.5 cm of mercury

    3. 69.5 cm of mercury

    4. 65 cm of mercury

    1. Voting is a privilege in a democracy. Those who are deprived of their votes are normally:

    1. Franchised c. Disenfranchised

    2. Exiled d. Execute

    1. How do countries register dislike or disagreement of another country’s discussion through diplomatic means?

    1. Recall all its nations

    2. File a diplomatic protest

    3. Declare war immediately

    4. Retaliate by arresting nationals of other country

    1. How did recipient of operation title transfer react to taxation?

    1. They wanted the landlords to pay taxes

    2. Assessment of transfer titles are recognized by local offices

    3. Cooperatives do not explain the tenants role on taxation

    4. Paying taxes was obviously not the land owners concern

    1. Without limiting the rights of parents to rear their children, the constitution provides compulsory Elementary Education for:

    1. All children of school age

    2. All children of pre-school age

    3. All physically able individuals

    4. Adult citizens and out-of-school youth

    1. Which of the following causes the seasons?

    1. The rotation of the sun around the earth

    2. The distance of the earth from the sun

    3. The rotation of the earth around the sun

    4. The tilting of the earth on its axis

    1. Which of the following statements best explains why copper is the metal most widely used in electrical wiring?

    1. It is cheaper than aluminum

    2. It has high resistance to electricity

    3. It is best conductor of electricity

    4. It is better conductor than aluminum and cheaper than silver

    1. Parents are worried about student’s interest in the internet. In order to safeguard their children, they must:

    1. Check on learners interest while surfing

    2. Allow internet only after classes

    3. Supervise internet use with parent’s consent

    4. Allow students use of internet instead of using library books

    1. Families of OFW meet a lot of conflict. How does the government address this?

    1. Increase insurance benefits

    2. Encourage more opportunities for OFW

    3. Provide scholarship for husband left behind to study

    4. Creation of skills development centers for OFW

    1. How does the Department of Science and Technology assure quality science teaching in secondary schools?

    1. Open up science high school in every province

    2. Maintain a scholarship grant for deserving science and mathematics teachers

    3. Share researches and distributes equipment to schools

    4. Carry one science fair every year

    1. Which illustrates the spirit of non-violence?

    1. The move towards a gun-less society

    2. The act to submit oneself to the will of the one with powers

    3. The use of strike as a bargaining power

    4. The act to be quiet to preserve peace

    1. The report from Congress registered rejection of the proposed bill. This means _____.

    1. Some changed parties

    2. The majority failed to get the group support

    3. Some proved their lack of cooperation

    4. Some favored the leadership

    1. A young girl left her baby at the household of a monastery. The child grew up without knowing her mother and father. What right is deprived of the child?

    1. Right to assert individuality

    2. Right to freedom of choice

    3. Right to quality education

    4. Right to life

    1. What is the social scientist’s explanation of the relationship of a leader of history?

    1. Leaders are a product of their times

    2. History is a reflection of great leaders

    3. Every great movement is the lengthened shadow of a great man

    4. Had any great leader been different than he was

    1. Army men who are rescued from insurgent kidnap undergo medical check-up. Why is this done?

    1. To protect the prisoner from further harassment

    2. To determine the physical and mental state of the army man

    3. To avoid relapses from illness while in hiding

    4. To determine the loyalty of this army man

    1. The reporter was accused in court because of his story. The story was ______.

    1. A tainted with malice

    2. Full of distorted facts

    3. A narration of facts

    4. To personal to take

    1. The menace of drugs has affected the Philippines economy greatly. Which of these drugs is the most destructive to one’s brain?

    1. Opium c. Methyl salicilate

    2. Marijuana d. Shabu

    1. Miss Vanessa has many children. Her husband decided to send them to Manila and seek jobs. The eldest child is only 16 years old. What right is violated by the father?

    1. Right of family to family living wage

    2. Right of the children to assistance, proper care and attention

    3. Right to education

    4. Right of the children to work and exploitation

    1. A prisoner was made to confess of his guilt. A lawyer of the respondent was present in the confession. What was violated?

    1. The confession was without due consultant

    2. The prisoner was approached properly

    3. The prisoner should have a lawyer of his choice

    4. The choice of the lawyer was made by the accuser

    1. The hostage victims were heard asking the rescuers to hold on to the fort. What was the message?

    1. Disregard the peace negotiation

    2. Rescues them fast and early

    3. Surrender in arms

    4. Keep on with the fight

    1. When do doctors declare dengue fever as an epidemic?

    1. When everyone is suffering from a cold

    2. When two are hospitalized from the neighborhood

    3. When the proportion of patients reach at least 15% of the population

    4. When every household of fine houses are sick with high fever

    1. Form a sentence from these words.

    1. The senator

    2. As a legislator

    3. Although he raised his voice

    4. Accepted several amendments

    Which is the best arrangement?

    1. 2, 1, 4, 3 c. 1, 2, 3, 4

    2. 4, 3, 2, 1 d. 2, 1, 3, 4

    1. A swimming contest is held in a four lane swimming pool of 50 meters long. The contest is for the 200 meters. How many times will each swimmer run in this contest?

    1. 10 times c. 5 times

    2. 16 times d. 4 times

    1. There are many cases of abuse on Filipino overseas contract workers. Where can these workers seek justice and redress?

    1. International Court of Justice

    2. DOJ and Foreign Affairs Consulate Office in the Foreign country

    3. Department of Labor and Employment

    4. Philippine Supreme Court

    1. Quality of education they say is:

    1. Every citizen’s accounting task

    2. Every parents and teachers’ responsible task

    3. Everyone’s responsibility

    4. Everybody’s concern at times

    1. Only 681 examinees passed in the Licensure Exam for Teachers out of 2550 examinees. What is the passing percentage?

    1. 26% c. 26.8%

    2. 26.7% d. 26.5%

    1. To assure healthy banking industry, the Bangko Central has encouraged:

    1. Bank tie up with foreign banks

    2. Bank Merger

    3. Bank Closure and Declared bankruptcy

    4. Selling of Stocks to interested buyers

    1. The Department of Agriculture noted that only 1/3 of the palay produced are used to advantage. What measure was adapted to save observed harvest wastage?

    1. Rice miling process

    2. Palay Exchange and Marketing

    3. Palay-drying and storage

    4. Rice Transplanting method

    1. In order to avoid unnecessary stress in the ARMM election, what measure was undertaken lately by the government?

    1. Maintained a status quo on personnel

    2. Allowed a reorganization of the structure

    3. Postponed the election to a later date

    4. Started a motion for recall with the COMELEC

    1. When +3 is added to -5, the answer is ____.

    a. -15 b. -2 c. -8 d. +2

    1. Children in upland places are found affected by enlarged goiter. Which of this situation may be done for this group of children?

    1. Add iodized salt to diet

    2. Add iron to diet

    3. Expose the children to ultraviolet rays

    4. Add iodine drops to diet

    1. A suit sold for PHP 6,800 while marked at PHP8, 000. What is the rate of discount?

    a. 12% b. 17% c.15% d. 20%

    1. The Bible goes for parallelism. It says “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. This means _________.

    1. Poorness in spirit is not a way to hell

    2. Heaven is not only for the rich but also for the poor man

    3. Poor spirit can be open gate to heaven

    4. The poor can become rich

    1. At the Philippine General Hospital, doctors reported on the abandoned patients. This means:

    1. The patients do not have permanent address

    2. The patients are left behind by relatives

    3. The patients cannot afford to pay their bill

    4. The patients are left by doctors

    1. The death of men in the mine was caused by:

    1. Suffocation c. Erosion

    2. Lethal smell d. Darkness

    1. “At time patient is indefatigable in promoting political truth”. The statement means:

    1. A hero practices political truth

    2. Patriots forget selves to serve others

    3. Patriots are brave and cunning

    4. Patriots are rich and truthful

    1. Ano ang tawag sa mga titik batay sa bigkas ng Ingles?

    1. Alivata or baybayin

    2. Alpabetong Filipino

    3. Alpabetong Romano

    4. Alpabetong Pilipino

    1. Ayon kng Romulo: “Ang Pilipino ay dugong maharlika.” Ano ang kahulugan nito.

    1. Ang Pilipino ay sadyang matatag ang budhi

    2. Ang Pilipino ay nanggaling sa malayang lahi

    3. Ang Pilipino ay madaling maipagbili at mabola

    4. Ang Pilipino ay di purong Pilipino

    1. Ang Tagalog ang naging opisyal na wika ng Pilipinas dahil sa:

    1. Saligang batas ng 1986

    2. Saligang batas ng 1973

    3. Saligang batas ng 1935

    4. Saligang batas ng Malolos

    1. Di katakataka na ilang pulis ay hinihinalang kasangkot sa pagpalaganap ng krimen. Ano ang kahulugan ng kasangkot?

    1. Kabalikat c. Kasabwat

    2. Kabilang d. Kasama-sama

    1. Ang di niya makalimutan ay isang ____ ng anak niya bago umalis pa Amerika.

    1. Pagaako c. Pinangako

    2. Pagpako d. Pangako

    1. A swimming pool is an equilateral triangle in shape. One side is 11 meters. How many meters are needed to enclose the pool?

    1. 55 meters c. 44 meters

    2. 45 meters d. 33 meters

    1. Water is rationed in a village everyday. The truck tanks deliver 8 tons of water in 10 hours. How many tons of water was delivered in 4 days to each house by the agent?

    1. 3.2 tons c. 40 tons

    2. 320 tons d. 80 tons

    1. Mrs. Amanda’s bathroom has to be covered with tiles. The edge of the bathroom needs a rubberize tile. If the tub is 2.3 meters long and 1.8 wide, how many meters of rubberized tiles are required?

    1. 9.2 meters c. 4.6 meters

    2. 8.2 meters d. 2.3 meters

    1. An executive office has to be carpeted. The area is 3m by 4m and the carpet costs PHP 1,000.00 per square meter. How much will be spent for the purchase of the carpet?

    1. PHP 120,000.00 c. PHP 12,000.00

    2. PHP 10,000.00 d. PHP 1,000.00

    1. Write this ratio in its simplest form: 3 cm to 20 cm.

    1. 20.30 c. 30.20

    2. 02.30 d. 03.20

    1. The Department of Health allows the sale of drugs and medicines after thorough laboratory test. Which of these drugs are discouraged for use because of its component?

    1. Bangkok pills

    2. Vitamin A and B

    3. Tea and sugar syrup

    4. None of these

    1. Food markets are encouraged to handle cooked foods well. One incident in a wedding party sent hundreds of guest to the hospital. It was found out that the food:

    1. Was left uncovered

    2. Was half cooked

    3. Had ptomaine poison

    4. Was contaminated with dysentery bacteria

    1. Eruptions of volcanoes have affected lives in Zambales during the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Relief and evacuation were managed by the Philippine Red Cross. Which of the following volcanoes is located in the island of Mindanao?

    1. Taal Volcano c. Mt. Hibok-hibok

    2. Mayon Volcano d. Mt. Halcon

    1. Modern science has used technology to help determine illness. A child bumped and fell his head hitting a concrete pavement. Which medical approach will determine the status of the cranial accident?

    1. Submit the child to chest X-ray

    2. Submit the child to cranial X-ray

    3. Submit the child to cranial scanning

    4. Open up and so surgical operation

    1. The city government of Metro Manila had been closing and raiding night spots. What is the basic reason of the campaign?

    1. Many homes are destroyed by these night clubs

    2. The values of the young affected by these clubs

    3. The fast spread of HIV and AIDS are traced to these places

    4. These spots are areas of crimes

    1. In the Philippine government, the earliest and smallest service of governance is the:

    1. Municipality c. Barangay

    2. Poblacion d. Barrio

    1. Personal income tax should be paid and filed every year by employees and corporation. Who among the group are exempt from filling income tax returns, except:

    1. Government employees on daily, contractual and consultation basis

    2. Retired government employees receiving only pensions

    3. Government employees receiving less than PHP 18,000.00 per year

    4. Overseas workers

    1. When rainfall attains a pH less than 5.6, it becomes __________.

    a. Torrential c. Acidic
    b. Tropical d. Neutral

    1. Philippine eagles are identified as rare species. Lately, in Davao more eagles were raised through:

    1. Eagles, caught in the wild, are raised in cages

    2. Artificial insemination through fertilized eggs

    3. Incubating eggs from their nests

    4. Putting up eagle farms under the Bureau of Wildlife

    1. All of the following are substances which may be broken down by the decomposing action of living organisms like bacteria except:

    a. Potato peelings c. Onion skin
    b. A microchip d. An apple core

    1. The proper disposal of garbage has improved the environment. The best process of handling waste is through:

    1. Utilization of organic compounds

    2. Burning non-biodegradable waste

    3. Dumping soluble waste

    4. Recycling non-biodegradable waste

    1. The nervous system has its specific function. Which is the closest function?

    1. The spinal cord links the finger tips to the brain

    2. Impulses transmit messages to the brain by electrical signal

    3. Human body activities are all in the nervous system

    4. The nervous system defends most on the brain

    1. A provincial governor was convicted for using prisoners to build his summer resort. What should the prisoner demands?

    1. The right to refuse the job

    2. The right to just compensation

    3. The right to suffrage

    4. The right to live in standard rooms

    1. A priest gave all his possessions to disabled children. What right may they claim?

    1. Right to just treatment

    2. Right to proper treatment

    3. Right of disable to equal treatment

    4. Right to disabled to equal protection

    1. The case of farmers in Sumilao, Bukidnon was won by the landowner. How was the case decided by the Supreme Court?

    1. Final judgment was made because of political pressure

    2. Final judgment was made after it was established that the farmers were not legitimate holders of titles of the land

    3. The farmers were paid beforehand

    4. The farmers were landholders of a farm

    1. A peace officer opens the house of a drug pusher. The drug pusher complained on the police officer’s actuation because he alleged that:

    1. He was not around when the incident happened

    2. The officer had no warrant of arrest

    3. The officer was armed

    4. The right for privacy was violated

    1. A candidate was detained for working against a dominant political party. Which right can be invoked?

    1. Right to his aspirations

    2. Right to his political beliefs

    3. Right to seek redress

    4. Right to vote according to one’s conscience

    1. The entry of data and commands into the computer system is made possible through the:

    1. Keyboard c. Printer

    2. Diskette d. Monitor

    1. Which of the following values is closest to the square root of 4,000?

    1. 63 b. 200 c. 22 d. 19

    1. The arithmetic mean of a set of 50 meters is 38. If two numbers, 45 and 35, are discarded. The mean of the remaining set of numbers is:

    1. 37.24 b. 37.5 c. 37.91 d. 36.5

    1. An example of a civil and political right is the right to _________.

    a. Work c. Social security
    b. Life and liberty d. Education

    1. If P is a positive integer in the equation 12p=q, then q must be a:

    1. Negative even integer

    2. Positive even integer

    3. Positive odd integer

    4. Negative odd integer

    1. Ikaw ba ang dapat sisihin sa nangyari?

    1. Pagsasadula

    2. Pagbati

    3. Pagbibigay ng impormasyon

    4. Pakikipagkapwa

    1. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?

    1. Ang mga kabataan sa lansangan ay naglalaro at nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan

    2. Ang mga kabataan ay naglalaro at nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan kung maliwanag ang buwan

    3. Ang mga kabataan ay naglalaro kung maliwanag ang buwan at nagtakbuhan sa lansangan

    4. Ang mga kabataan kung maliwanag ang buwan ay nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan at naglalaro

    1. Kabaliwan at paglulustay ang iyong ginagawa taun-taon. Higit na marami ang maralitang nangailangan ng salapi. Ang nagsasalita ay:

    1. Maramot c. Matipid

    2. Praktikal d. Kuripot

    1. Piliin ang gawi ng pagsasalita: “Ayokong sumunod sa mga sinasabi mo.”

    1. Babala c. Pakiusap

    2. Pagtanggi d. Pamungkahi

    1. Ikinalulungkot ko ang mga nangyayari.

    1. Pagsagot c. Panghula

    2. Pagtanong d. Paghingi ng paumanhin

    1. Ipinagmamalaki mo siya, BAHAG naman pala ANG kanyang BUNTOT. Ang ibig sabihin ng may malaking titik ay:

    1. Mahiyain c. Kuripot

    2. Traidor d. Duwag

    1. What is the range of the following: 86, 70, 83, 90, 85, 78, 79, 81, 87.

    1. 12 b. 15 c. 16 d. 20

    1. Which of the following audio-visual sets of equipment can best project visual materials in a classroom that is difficult to darken?

    1. Filmstrips c. Opaque projector

    2. Color materials d. Overhead projector

    1. Change the following percents to decimals: 23%, 5%, 3%, 3.5%.

    1. 2.3, 500, 0.30, 30.5

    2. 0.23, 50, 03, 3.05

    3. 0.23, 0.05, 0.03, 0.035

    4. 0.023, 5.00, 3.0, 03.5

    1. If the scores of 10 students are: 76, 80, 75, 83, 80, 79, 85, 80, 88, 90, the mode is:

    1. 79 b. 85 c. 80 d. 88

    1. A vehicle consumes one liter of gasoline to travel 10 kilometers. After a tune-up, it travels 15% farther on one liter. To the nearest tenth, how many liters of gasoline will it take for the vehicle to travel 230 kilometers?

    1. 23 liters c. 23.15 liters

    2. 20 liters d. 20.15 liters

    1. If each of the five members in a basketball team shakes hands with every other member of the team before the game starts, how many handshakes will there be in all?

    1. 8 b. 10 c. 6 d. 9

    1. How many twenty thousand are there in one million?

    1. 500 b. 50 c. 100 d. 1000

    1. Why is 1/5 called a unit fraction?

    1. The number 5 is the denominator

    2. The unit is less than one

    3. It is between 0 and 1, the basic unit

    4. Unit fractions have 1 as the numerator

    1. A rectangle has sides of 10 and 12 units. How can the area of a square be computed if it has the same perimeter as the rectangle?

    1. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then multiply by 4

    2. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then multiply by 2

    3. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then square the quotient

    4. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, then multiply by 4

    1. Mass society is described as being composed of anonymous individuals. The word “anonymous” is used to convey the idea that the individuals involved:

    1. Are known only to those who control the mass media

    2. Are unaware of other individuals exposed to the same stimuli

    3. Are unaware that there are mass audience

    4. Have little influence on decision making since they are not organized

    1. Which of the following characterizes the behavior pattern of differed gratification?

    1. The minority groups

    2. The lower class

    3. The upper class

    4. The middle class

    1. The El Niño phenomenon which grabbed control of the world’s weather machine is identified by climatologists as:

    1. Landslides, flash floods and warm air currents

    2. Lack of rains, droughts and crop failure

    3. Heavy downpours and tropical storm in some parts of the earth

    4. All of these

    1. A group which has an excess/deficiency of electrons is called:

    1. Proton c. Electron

    2. Molecules d. Ion

    1. What is least likely to be a function of a trade association?

    1. Protecting the reputation of the industry

    2. Standardizing types of products

    3. Influencing government policy

    4. Encouraging completion

    1. In every society, a certain positions are assigned to individuals on the basis of age, sex, marital status, and other criteria. These patterns are:

    1. University accepted and practiced

    2. Cultural defined

    3. Learned from parents

    4. Taught in school

    1. To be a moral person is to:

    1. Be integrated in speech, feelings, thinking and action

    2. Known and act upon the “ought to be” and the “ought to do”

    3. Be able to follow the dictates of one’s conscience

    4. Be acceptable by society

    1. When lighted, the energy of the alcohol in a lamp is:

    1. Transformed from chemical energy to mechanical energy

    2. Transformed from chemical to heat energy

    3. Lost while heating is done

    4. Completely destroyed

    1. Radium was discovered by:

    1. Albrecht Von Haller

    2. Pierre and Marie Curie

    3. Joseph John Thomson

    4. Albert Einstein

    1. Fossils are most likely to be found in:

    1. Ocean floor

    2. Sedimentary rocks

    3. Igneous rocks

    4. Metamorphic rocks

    1. Four circular holes of equal size arranged from top to bottom were cut 2 cm apart into a large plastic bottle. The holes were covered with tape, and the bottle was filled with water. The tape was then removed. Which of the following statements will best described the result?

    1. The sudden release of water will cause the bottle to collapse

    2. Water from each hole will squirt out the same distance from the bottle

    3. Water from the top hole will squirt out the farthest

    4. Water from the bottom hole will squirt out the farthest

    1. Symbiosis is defined by biologists as individuals of different species living together in intimate association; regardless of whether the association is harmful, neutral, or beneficial. All of the following pairs are examples of symbiosis, except:

    1. Human and tapeworms

    2. Dogs and fleas

    3. Cats and mice

    4. Ants and aphids

    1. “How much money did you bring for shopping?” Which of the following would answer this question?

    1. I have some change in my purse.

    2. None, but I have a credit card

    3. I have PHP500.00 inside the envelope in my desk

    4. All the cash I have was spent at the grocery store yesterday

    1. Adults acquire new word and experience primarily through:

    1. Casual explanation from peers

    2. Formal instruction in school

    3. Exposure to their use

    4. Use of thesaurus

    1. Which of the following is the numerical form for “twenty thousand twenty”?

    1. 2,020 c. 20,020

    2. 2,000,020 d. 20,000,200

    1. How many ten thousand are there in one million?

    1. 100 b. 500 c. 50 d. 1000

    1. Which of the following statement is true of nuclear fission?

    1. The energy process is identical to that which occurs in the sun

    2. Energy is obtained by getting nucleus of the atoms to break up to split

    3. After the lighter atoms are changed into energy

    4. Scientists can combine lighter atoms to form heavier atoms

    1. The skull of a person increase in size rapidly during:

    1. Puberty c. Adolescence

    2. Babyhood d. Adulthood

    1. Metabolism and combustion are chemically similar. They both result in the oxidation of some compounds. If completely oxidized which of the following foodstuffs would yield the most thermal energy?

    1. A cup of ice cream

    2. A cup of sugar

    3. A cup of milk

    4. A cup of flour

    1. In countries where medical skill and a public understanding about health and disease are wide spread, which of the following changes are evident?

    1. Accidental deaths have decreased

    2. The communicable disease death rate has decreased

    3. Infant mortality has decreased

    4. More people live a full life

    5. People live long enough to succumb to degenerative disease

    1. I, II and III c. I, II, III, IV and V

    2. II, III, IV and V d. I, II, III and IV

    1. Which of 0the following parts of the circulatory system carries digested fats away from the intestines?

    1. Lacteals

    2. Pancreatic duct

    3. Arterial capillaries

    4. Pulmonary artery

    1. When water evaporates, it changed into which of the following state?

    1. Solid c. Gaseous

    2. Matter d. Liquid

    1. Which of the following statement is not true about comets?

    1. Comets may go around the sun in any direction

    2. Comets are mostly frozen gases and cosmic dust

    3. Comets glow by their own light

    4. Comets generally have elongated, elliptical orbits

    1. A British physician and bacteriologist, Sir Ronald Ross was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for his researches in:

    1. Liquid fuel rocket

    2. The prevention of hepatitis

    3. The transmission of malaria

    4. The control of cholera

    1. A thermometer measures:

    1. Energy c. Pressure

    2. Heat d. Temperature

    1. Which of the following forms of energy travels in waves?

    1. Chemical energy

    2. Sound energy

    3. Mechanical energy

    4. Electrical energy

    1. A readability mismatch happens when the reading levels of books exceed the reading levels of the students. In this situation, the students experience frustration and they fall short of the expected desired output. A student who finds himself/herself in such a mismatch will likely do which of the following?

    1. Present an argument that the selection or story read was not properly written

    2. Write a comprehensive reaction paper regarding the selection or story read

    3. Give an intelligent critique of the selection or story read

    4. Manifest an expected and commensurate emotional reaction to the selection or story read

    1. Which of the following principles is declared in the Constitution?

      1. Civilian authority is sometimes supreme over the military

      2. The Philippine Constitution is a democratic and republican state. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanating from it

      3. The state has the power to wage war in defense against outside attack

      4. The separation of the church and state shall be inviolable

    1. Which of the following is defined as a declaration and enumeration of the individual rights and privileges which the Constitution is designed to protect against violation by the government or by an individual or group of individuals?

      1. Power of the State c. Suffrage

      2. Bill of Rights d. Human Rights

    2. Teachers have a responsibility for the development of children’s competence in basic concepts and principles of free speech. Therefore, if were children to develop their own voices in a free society, teachers must support participatory democratic experiences in the daily classroom activities through:

    1. Consideration for cultural gender differences

    2. Concepts and principles of free speech

    3. Indoctrination of the principles of society

    4. Developing children’s citizenship competence

    1. Kami ang kabataang siyang magiging pag-asa ng bayan.

    1. Pagtula c. Pagtukoy

    2. Pagtatanong d. Pasasalamat

    1. Ikaw naman kasi, nagpahuli ka pa.

    1. Pagkontrol ng kilos

    2. Paglikha

    3. Pagbibigay ng impormasyon

    4. Pagbabahagi ng damdamin

    1. Alin sa mga sumusunod na mga akdang pampanitikang nagdala ng maling impluwensya sa buong daigdig.

    1. Ang Romeo at Juliet

    2. Ang Koran

    3. Ang Divina Commedia

    4. Ang Banal na Kasulatan

    1. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?

    1. Ang bago’t malaking pabrikang pinagtrabahuhan nila ay malapit sa amin

    2. Ang pabrikang pinagtrabahuhan nila malapit sa amin ay bago’t malaki

    3. Ang pinagtatrabahuhan nilang malapit sa amin ay bago’t malaking pabrika

    4. Ang pabrikang malapit sa amin, bago’t malaki ay pinagtatrabahuhan nila

    1. Alin sa sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?

    1. Nagpapabata ang pulbos sa kutis na Clinique

    2. Nagpapabata sa kutis ang pulbos ng Clinique

    3. Nagpapabata ng mukha sa kutis ng pulbos na Clinique

    4. Nagpapabata sa kutis ng mukha ang pulbos na Clinique

    1. Piliin ang gawi ng pagsasalita: “Kasiyahan ko nang makitang kayo’y nagmamahalan.”

    1. Pagbabahagi ng damdamin

    2. Pangarap

    3. Pagkontrol ng kilos

    4. Pagkuha ng impormasyon

    1. Ang kaugnayan ng pagkakapatay kina Burgos, Gomez at Zamora sa panitikang Pilipino ay:

    1. Nanatiling masigla ang diwang Pilipino

    2. Nakagising sa damdaming makabayan ng mga Pilipino

    3. Natutong lumabag sa batas at lumaban sa may kapangyarihan ang mga Pilipino

    4. Naimpluwensyahan ang diwa alipin ng mga Pilipino

    1. “Walang tubig kahapon.” Ito ay pangungusap na:

    1. Walang pandiwa

    2. Walang paksa

    3. May panaguri

    4. May paksa

    1. A computer system is actually made up of actual physical machines known as:

    1. Monitor c. Printer

    2. Hardware d. Software

    1. A vehicle consumes one liter of gasoline to travel 10 kilometers. After a tune-up, it travels 15% farther on one liter. To the nearest tenth, how many gasolines will it take for the vehicle to travel 230 kilometers?

    1. 20.15 liters c. 23.15 liters

    2. 23 liters d. 20 liters

    1. The history of the earth has been divided by scientists into eras. Which of the following shows the arrangement of these eras into proper sequence from the oldest to the most recent?

    1. Precambrian --- Mesozoic --- Cenozoic ---Paleozoic

    2. Paleozoic --- Cenozoic --- Precambrian --- Mesozoic

    3. Precambrian --- Paleozoic --- Mesozoic --- Cenozoic

    4. Cenozoic --- Mesozoic --- Paleozoic --- Precambrian

    1. If n

    1. n + a > m + b c. n = a

    2. m = b d. n + a < m + b

    1. If the scores in a Mathematics test of 45 students are arranged from the highest to the lowest, the 23rd score is the:

    1. Mean c. Median

    2. Variance d. Mode

    1. To find perimeter (P) of a rectangle that has a length of 16 inches and width of 12 inches, which of the following equation can be used?

    1. P=2(16)(12) c. P=2(16)=(12)

    2. P=(16)+(12) d. P=2(16+12)

    1. What is the cube root of (32 x 3)?

    1. 9 b. 3 x 3 c. 27 d. 3

    1. Which of the following is closes to normal body temperature?

    1. 32 degrees Fahrenheit

    2. 50 degrees Celsius

    3. 37 degrees Celsius

    4. 212 degrees Fahrenheit

    1. A change in the composition of a substance resulting in the formation of a new substance is called:

    1. Nuclear change

    2. Chemical change

    3. Mechanical change

    4. Physical change

    1. Which of the following gives the sum of the polynomials (a2 + b2 + ab) and (3a2 + 4ab – 2b2)?

    1. 4a2+b2+5ab c. 3a2+5ab-2b2

    2. 5a2+5b2=5ab d. 4a2+5ab-b2

    1. Of the 50 students enrolled in the subject Curriculum and Instruction, 90% took the final examination at the end of the term. Two-thirds of those who took the final examination passed. How many students passed the exam?

    1. 33 b. 45 c. 34 d. 30

    1. A cube is a rectangle solid, the length, width and height of which have the same measure called the edge (e) of the cube. The volume of the cube is found by cubing the measure of the edge. What is the volume of the cube whose edge is 4cm?

    1. 27 cm3 c. 206 cm3

    2. 64 cm3 d. 125 cm3

    1. “While attempting to explain the role of imitation in language acquisition, investigators studied the different aspects of language development.” An inference which parents may make from this passage is that they should:

    1. Realize that their child’s imitations may reflect several aspects of language acquisition

    2. Be concerned when a child imitates their language

    3. Should be unconcerned as imitation is too complex

    4. Realize that their talking may over-stimulate their child’s activities

    1. Give the value of a, if the statement is 4ab = 20 and b = 5.

    1. 4 b. 2 c. 1 d. 3

    1. How do you determine the total length of the clothing materials if there are 7 2/10 meters and 15 4/5 meters available?

    1. 23 m c. 18 m

    2. 18 ¼ m d. 18 ½ m

    1. Hacienda Dos was to be divided among 22 tenants. Each tenant will be rewarded 6 hectares each. What was the area of Hacienda Dos?

    1. 142 hectares c. 152 hectares

    2. 122 hectares d. 132 hectares

    1. Which process occurs when dry ice, CO2 (s) is changed into CO2 (g)?

    1. Decomposition c. Condensation

    2. Evaporation d. Sublimation

    1. What must be employed to continuously strengthen a school guidance program?

      1. Assignment of responsibilities

      2. Research

      3. Evaluation

      4. Program planning

    2. The first day of June is a Saturday. What day will the last day of June be?

    1. Sunday c. Thursday

    2. Monday d. Friday

    1. In the count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dante was wrongfully imprisoned in:

    1. The Castle of Chillon

    2. The Devil’s Island

    3. The Alcatraz

    4. The Bastille

    1. A change in the shape of size of an object can be classified as:

    1. Chemical change c. Physical change

    2. Nuclear change d. Mechanical change

    1. All of the following correctly describes the ballad, except:

    1. A ballad is a narrative poem

    2. A ballad uses dialogue

    3. A ballad often rhymes a, b, c, d

    4. A ballad often uses learned language

    1. “He is the black sheep in the family.” Which figure of speech is used?

    1. Simile c. Hyperbole

    2. Metaphor d. Synonym

    1. A good writer supports his generalizations with __________ examples.

    1. Concrete c. Convenient

    2. Unfamiliar d. Abstract

    1. “Values education is integrated in the curriculum of all levels.” Which of the following supports this statement?

    1. Additional classroom will be needed

    2. New teachers will be hired

    3. Values education is stressed in all subjects at all levels

    4. There is a need for training of teachers to teach

    1. “Once I passed through a populous city imprinting my brain for future use with its shows, architecture, customs, and traditions. Yet now, of all that city I remember only a woman I casually met who detained me for love of me.” This passage is an example of:

    1. Free verse c. Prose

    2. Blank verse d. Metered poetry

    1. Whose values are most evident in children before they go to school?

    1. Mother-father value system

    2. The maid or yaya value

    3. Peer value system

    4. Teacher-classmate value system

    1. A value of the expression 3xy + 5y + 7 when x = 2 and y = 3 is:

    1. 50 b. 42 c. 36 d. 34

    1. If a function is defined by the set of orders pairs (1,2), (2,4), (3,8), (4,16), (5,Y) then the value of Y is:

    1. 32 b. 20 c. 10 d. 25

    1. Noise can be a pollution of the air. When is it a nuisance?

    1. Noise caused by percussion affects hearing

    2. Sound waves can be destructive to the ear

    3. Noise above 140 dB cause pain in the eardrum

    4. Decibels (dB) can be loud or soft

    1. Because the moon rotates on its axis at the same time as it _______ around the earth, we see the same side always.

    1. Revolves c. Is revolving

    2. Revolve d. Has been revolving

    1. She wrote a “first-rate” report. What does it say about the report?

    1. Run-of-the-mill c. Excellent

    2. Ordinary d. Mediocre

    1. She has a penchant for blue dresses. This indicates ___________.

    1. Dislike c. Avoidance

    2. Fondness d. Strong aversio

    1. “While attempting to explain the role of imitation in language acquisition, investigators studied the different aspects of language development.” An inference which parents will make from this passage is that they should:

    1. Realize that their talking may over-stimulate their child’s activities

    2. Be concerned when a child imitates their language

    3. Should be unconcerned as imitation is too complex

    4. Realizes that their child imitations may reflect several aspects of language acquisition

    1. Respect and reverence is in these lines. Choose one:

    1. I die just when I see the break of dawn

    2. I have but one life to give

    3. Have faith in Divine Providence

    4. Love your country. It’s the home of your people

    1. “She is a vision of feminine pulchritude.” This stands for the following except:

    1. Comeliness c. Homeliness

    2. Loveliness d. Physical Beauty

    1. The line “under the bludgeoning of chance, My head is bloody but un-bowed” depicts the person’s

    1. Optimism c. Courage

    2. Confidence d. Determination

    1. Shakespeare once said, “My honor is my life, both grow as one, take honor from me and my life is gone.” What is the correct interpretation for this?

    1. He values life before honor

    2. He values honor as much as his life

    3. He prefers honor instead of life

    4. His life is determined by his honor

    1. Thomas Carlyle said “The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder – a waif...” It could be interpreted as ___________.

    1. Direction can never come into one’s life

    2. One’s life doesn’t need to be controlled

    3. There should be a strong driving force in one’s life

    4. There should be sufficient energy in one’s life

    1. Mr. Biton calls for a meeting and tells the parents to buy big pencils and crayons for their children. Which of the following reasons best justifies his action?

    1. Big pencils and crayons can be used for a Big pencils and crayons will help them developed their muscles

    2. long time

    3. Muscles of young children are not yet fully developed

    4. Young children could write and draw well with big pencils and crayons

    1. Students are assigned homework. How does the teacher manage to check all assignments?

    1. Assign group to counter check student’s works

    2. Disregard and proceed to a new lesson

    3. Collect assignments after class

    4. Assign group leaders check

    1. How do people react to a boring lectures or even committee hearings? They usually:

    1. Clap loud and cheer

    2. Keep quiet and listen

    3. Normally jeer

    4. Walk out in disgust

    1. A field commander gave his orders. He meant to drop previous order. Which message was heard?

    1. Delete! Delete! c. Repeat! Repeat!

    2. Over! Over! d. Negative! Delete!

    1. What is implied about the place of our country in technology?

    1. Filipinos are at par with any country in I.T.

    2. Filipinos score behind in computers

    3. Filipinos are abreast in I.T.

    4. Filipinos have to learn more from Singapore

    1. Loss of qualified teachers going abroad is one type of ___________.

    1. Unemployment c. Brain drain

    2. Migration d. Employment

    1. Ako’y nangangakong matatapos sa isang karera. Siya’y kasama sa:

    1. Siya’y hawak ang malamig na bakal

    2. Ospital sa panganganak ng asawa

    3. Gustong magsuot ng toga isang araw

    4. Isang rally sa EDSA

    1. Ang kagawaran nang pang-ibang bansa ay gulong-gulo kapag may giyera sa ibang bansa. Ano ang unang ginagampanan ng Ambassador sa Bansa:

    1. Bayaang masipag-uwian sa sariling sikap ang bawat isa

    2. Alamin ang mga tirahan ng mga Filipino sa bayang iyon

    3. Ipunin ang mga maykaya at ipalipad pauwi

    4. Bilangin ang mga lalaki

    1. Ang mahalagang katangiang dapat taglayin ng isang tao ay ang pagtitiwala sa sarili, ang wala nito ay magiging mahiyain, ibinababa ang kanyang sarili, mahirap magtagumpay sa kanyang mga hangarin at mananatiling naiinggit lamang. Ang pangunahing kaisipan ay matatagpuan sa:

    1. Ikaapat na pangungusap

    2. Ikatlong pangungusap

    3. Ikalawang pangungusap

    4. Unang pangungusap

    1. Health officials advised mothers about preservatives used in vegetables. Which advice should be followed to ensure safe vegetables?

    1. Soak the vegetables in cold ice

    2. Wash the vegetables very well

    3. Put vegetables in freezers

    4. Wrap the vegetables in newspapers

    1. Ano ang tawag sa mga tanong na tulad ng sumusunod: “Ang bahay ay paligid ng espada, ano ito?

    1. Dikreto c. Salaysay

    2. Bugtong d. Tula

    1. Maternity leaves are extended to women. What legal provision extends this?

    1. Article XIII Sec 14 Women

    2. Article XIV Education

    3. Article XII Bill of rights

    4. Article XIII Role & Right of People’s Organization

    1. Ang saging kailanman ay di magbubunga ng santol. Ang salawikain ay nagpapahiwatig na:

    1. Walang mababago ang anoman

    2. Ang bunga ng isang kahoy ay galing sa sariling lahi

    3. Walang bungang di galing sa sariling puno

    4. Maaaring magbunga ng bayabas ang isang punong santol

    1. Paano nalaman ang mga talaisipan at saloobin ng mga matanda ng panahon?

    1. Pamamagitan ng kartilya

    2. Pamamagitan ng kuwento ng mga lola

    3. Pamamagitan ng sulat sa buho

    4. Pamamagitan ng awit at verso

    1. A blind mother was allowed to work in a place where her fingers could be productive. Why is this possible?

    1. Blind individuals are discouraged from begging

    2. The disabled and handicapped are given equal protection of the law

    3. Disabled person are given special attention

    4. Blind individuals can still be productive

    1. It has been establish by scientists that when mechanical work is done what can be observed increase in:

    1. Its temperature

    2. Both its internal energy and temperature

    3. Its internal energy

    4. Its temperature but not its internal energy

    1. Foreign students in Philippine International schools are required courses in Philippine culture and languages. This makes possible:

    1. Provides comparison of cultural difference

    2. Promotion of nationalism

    3. Allows racial prejudice among foreigners

    4. International understanding

    1. In teaching, devices have been classified as hardware and software. Which is a software of these computer terms?

    1. Data c. Byte

    2. Program d. Information

    1. A young girl left her baby at the household of a monastery. The child grew up without knowing her mother and father. What right is deprived of the child?

    1. Self defense c. Self assertion

    2. Survival trait d. Denial trait

    1. Alin ang babala na dapat sundin ng mga mamamayan?

    1. Gawin ang paghihiwalay ng mga basura

    2. Itapon ang basura sa Pasig

    3. Bayaran ang buwis para ang basura ay hakutin

    4. Itapon ang basura sa tabing dagat

    1. A child was turned over to an orphanage requesting confidentiality of her parents. One day, the child demanded the full disclosure of her mother’s name. She went to court. What was the right asserted in this case?

    1. Right of an individual to proper identity

    2. Right of parents to keep the confidentiality of the child’s parental name

    3. Right of individual to have real mother

    4. Right of individual to have parents

    1. Children of obese parents have natural tendencies to be obese. Doctors advise parents on maintaining the right weight of children age 0-12 by:

    1. Giving balance diets with accompanying exercise

    2. Reducing milk intake

    3. Encouraging more intake of soda drinks

    4. Reducing intake of chocolates, candies and pastries

    1. After an airplane crush, passengers who choose a fight would say:

    1. A seat closest to the cockpit be given to me

    2. A middle aisle seat would allow easy escape

    3. I want a reservation on the back seat

    4. A front seat would be safest

    1. National surveys are conducted to:

    1. Estimate the political gains of presidents

    2. Get the population of the country

    3. Guide presidents whom to appoint in the cabinet

    4. Assesses the perception of the people on cultural issues

    1. During the census, the family was asked on the languages used at home. The response was:

    1. We communicate only in Ilocano

    2. We cannot communicate in Tagalog and English

    3. We are fluent in Spanish

    4. We are fluent in English

    1. During the national census each household member is asked to give:

    1. His earnings for ten years

    2. His reason for staying in these house

    3. His data - age, sex, language, etc.

    4. His nationality and religion

    1. Lately, students are exposed to a series of achievement test. Parents observed that:

    1. Children learned through periodic teaching

    2. Test were used for teaching

    3. Teaching was test

    4. Test are indices of teacher’s competencies

    1. A fish tank, which is right rectangle prism, is 40 cm by 20 cm. If it is filled with water, what is the mass of the water?

    1. 16 kg c. 15 kg

    2. 17 kg d. 18 kg

    1. Your salary deduction per month includes 10% for income tax, 5% for GSIS and 2% for loan amortization. Your take home pay is P8,300.00. What is your monthly salary?

      1. P10,000 c. P11,000

      2. P10,500 d. P9,500

    2. Several cases of social problems have been traced to abuse or misuse of drugs. Commonly, drugs start out with smoking. The next step is in:

    1. Smoking marijuana

    2. Injecting self with heroine

    3. Using shabu

    4. Taking hard drinks

    1. Vaccination early in age 1-5 is effective to control diseases like polio. What is the vaccine?

    1. Salk vaccine c. Pre-measles

    2. Anti-rabies d. Anti-B

    1. Which stage according to Erickson is the stage of autonomy and shame & doubt?

    1. Infancy c. Early childhood

    2. Toddler d. Pre-school

    1. If after calling on a number of students, a teacher is unable to obtain the desire response, what should a teacher do?

    1. Probe student’s answer

    2. Re-teach parts of the lesson that need re-teaching

    3. leading questions

    4. Rephrase the questions

    1. Which guidelines on the use of chalkboard should a teacher avoid?

    1. Limit your board writing to major ideas

    2. Establish routine uses for the chalkboard

    3. While writing, proceed from right to left

    4. Talk to the chalkboard while writing on it

    1. What is a sign of the underachiever in the classroom?

    1. Frustrated about quality of work

    2. Holds back from class participation unless sure of self

    3. Minimum work output

    4. Resists authority & carries on a power struggle with a teacher

    Select the letter of the word or phrase that defines the CAPITALIZED WORD(S) in each sentence.

    1. Jessa is taller than ANY GIRL in her class.

    1. Jessa is taller than any other girl in her class

    2. Jessa is the taller than other girls in the class

    3. Jessa is taller than other girls in the class

    4. Jessa is the tallest girl in the class

    1. The hunter stalkes the wild boar slowly, cautiously and IN A SILENT MANNER.

    1. And in silence

    2. And also used silence

    3. And silently

    4. And by acting silently

    1. About a thousand people GATHERED, THEY WERE THERE PROTESTING the construction of a nuclear power plant.

    1. Gather, protesting against

    2. Gathered to protest

    3. Gathered for the purpose of protesting

    4. Gathered, they were protesting

    1. Which is not a characteristic of preventive discipline?

    1. Reactive c. Anticipatory

    2. Proactive d. Inventive

    1. Which of the following is meant to determine student performance at the beginning of instruction?

    1. Summative assessment

    2. Diagnostic assessment

    3. Formative assessment

    4. Placement assessment

    1. The results of this type of test as basis for remedial instruction. What is the type of test referred to?

    1. Speed test c. Diagnostic test

    2. Achievement test d. Prognostic test

    1. Which factor is most likely to make a school’s guidance program succeed?

    1. The favorable attitude of teachers toward guidance

    2. Administrative support

    3. A well equipped guidance office

    4. The availability of a specialist

    1. The value of education, deference to authority and filial piety in the Philippines is an influence by:

    1. Buddhist tradition

    2. Confucianism tradition

    3. Hindu tradition

    4. Taoist tradition

    1. Which of the following runs counter to the development of honesty and accountability?

    1. Being vigilant about weights and measures used in the market

    2. Payment of just wages to workers and employees

    3. Equal payment of government employee’s productivity pay

    4. Transparent in operation of the barangay and other organization through public reporting

    1. Which of the following statement defines ethics?

    1. The study of being general

    2. The science of correct thinking

    3. The study of the rightness or wrongness of human action

    4. The study of the nature of human knowledge

    1. A soda acid type fire extinguisher is recommended for putting out fires which involves burning:

    1. Dry chemicals

    2. Painted woodwork

    3. Fats or vegetables oil

    4. Insulation on wires

    1. Which of the following is closest to normal body temperature?

    1. 32 degrees F c. 100 degrees C

    2. 122 degrees F d. 98.6 degrees F

    1. A tourist chose his plane to Cebu. He chose PAL which ad says “Philippine Flag Carrier.” When asked why he chose PAL his remark was:

    1. I’m sorry; I’m scared to take PAL

    2. I doubt if PAL arrives on time

    3. Oh, I believe other planes don’t carry the Philippine symbol

    4. All right, PAL can be trusted

    1. Which type of justice implies the duty of one individual to give another what he is due?

    1. Commutative justice

    2. Distributive justice

    3. Social justice

    4. International justice

    1. In moral life, responsibility depends on one’s knowingly and freely doing an act. In which of the following situations would you attribute responsibility?

    1. A person unknowingly passes counterfeit money

    2. A nurse administer a medicine despite strong doubts

    3. An insane person strikes someone’s head with a hammer

    4. A four year old fires a loaded gun killing his own father

    1. A bomb was dropped in an area where rebels were hiding. The perimeter of the damage area with 480 meters and width was 15 meters. What is the length of the damage area?

    1. 200 meter c. 125 meters

    2. 425 meters d. 225 meters

    1. Which among these commodities are VAT exempt?

    1. Corned beef and ham

    2. Milk and juices

    3. Flour and baking soda

    4. Sugar and syrup

    1. The price of gasoline has gone high suddenly. The gas station ordered 120,000 liters before the price increase; however, only 1,500 liters were sold. How many liters are now sold on the new price?

    1. 112,000 c. 118,000

    2. 11,500 d. 108,500

    1. The ash from Mt. Pinatubo has been found to have gold content of only 20 parts per billion which is far below commercial levels. As such, officials have warned against hopes of a new “gold rush.”

    1. There is new hope for boosting the economy of the Philippines

    2. The gold content of the ash from Mt. Pinatubo does not have commercial value

    3. There is a need to explore what else lies beneath Mt. Pinatubo

    4. There is possibility of existing gold mines beneath Mt. Pinatubo

    Select the letter of the word or phrase that defines the CAPITALIZED WORD in each sentence.

    1. A BILINGUAL dictionary is very helpful to students of philology.

    1. a single language

    2. two languages

    3. the second language

    4. many languages

    1. There was an ESOTERIC lecture on holography.

    1. Cryptic

    2. Straightforward

    3. Under stable only by a select group

    4. Irrefutable proof

    1. The PANORAMA in Palawan is breathtakingly beautiful.

    1. entire view c. live music

    2. natural resources d. landscape

    1. A patient collapsed due to her sugar level in the blood. What first aid must be applied at once?

    1. Give a hot glass of milk without sugar

    2. Give a glass of coca cola or sprite

    3. Give a cold glass of coffee with sugar

    4. Allow the patient to take hot porridge

    1. At the onset of the rainy season, the epidemic of dengue is feared. Which practice is the best approach to prevent its occurrence in homes?

    1. Submit children to vaccination

    2. Clean the yards of breeding places for mosquitoes like old tires, cans, etc.

    3. Avoid mosquito bites in the afternoon

    4. Fumigate the house with smoke and chemicals

    1. Which of the following is a misconception on pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB)?

    1. Children of parents with pulmonary tuberculosis will inherit the disease

    2. PTB is caused by a bad spirit in the environment

    3. Pulmonary tuberculosis can be transmitted through blood extraction

    4. PTB is transmitted trough kissing

    1. The government has control of many government corporations and industries. What was deregulated and allowed to raise prices without control?

    1. Oil industry c. Fishing industry

    2. Mining industry d. Water source

    1. Democracy refers to the involvement of all citizens in the control of government, while an oligarchy relegates control of government to:

    1. The mother Country

    2. A select few

    3. An autocrat

    4. A religious group

    1. An aspect of Philippine culture that does much to promote interpersonal communication beyond the community boundary is the:

    1. Fiesta celebration c. Tagalog movies

    2. Television d. Zarsuela

    1. Through the process of socialization, the individual is able to:

    1. Learn to dialogue with peers and adults

    2. Function as a contributing member of the group

    3. Satisfy his personal needs and drives

    4. Become an adult member of society

    1. A group of Filipinos work in a foreign land. Which sad situation has been reported by the office of the overseas workers?

    1. The men and women felt lonely and got entangled in due time

    2. The men did a lot of overtime to maintain their new wives

    3. There was observed relationship between sexes

    4. A group engaged in drinking

    1. In the Philippine government, the earliest and smallest services of governance is the:

    1. Barrio c. Barangay

    2. Poblacion d. Municipality

    1. Hospitals usually required blood transfusion to patients in need of blood. There are religious sets that refuse bloodletting and transfusion. They are the:

    1. Baptist

    2. Catholic Groups

    3. Buddhists

    4. Seventh day Adventists

    1. Child caring requires mind growth through proper intake of food. What elements is needed and why?

    1. Carbohydrates be present always

    2. Fat produces strength of the body

    3. Protein build cells of the brain

    4. Minerals should be present in all food

    1. Not all microorganism are harmful. Which of these are done by yeasts?

    1. Cause milk to become cheese

    2. Cause Yakult to be milky

    3. Promotes the rising of bread for baking

    4. Encourage disease food

    1. Where are flash floods on Metro Manila blamed to?

    1. Overpopulation

    2. Urbanization practices

    3. Volcanic eruption

    4. Clogging of rivers with waste

    1. The decrease of fish in Philippine seas has been traced. What is the root cause?

    1. Pollution of sea water

    2. Exportation of sea products

    3. Proliferation of nets

    4. Destruction of coral reefs

    1. All of the following statements about the routinely use of pesticides are true, except:

    1. It results in the evolution of exciting new types of organism

    2. It may not only kill the intended insects but also those that feed on them

    3. Pesticides tend to become progressively less effective as the organisms become immune

    4. Due to the widespread use of DDT, a new type of housefly emerged

    1. The Nibelungenlied is a:

    1. Russian folk song

    2. Medieval German Epic

    3. Latin Myth

    4. Chinese legend

    Select the letter of the word or phrase that defines the CAPITALIZED WORD in each sentence.

    1. The EQUINOX usually occurs on or close to March 21 and September 23.

    1. Time when heavy rains fall

    2. Time when day and night are equal length all over the earth

    3. Time when days are longer than the nights

    4. Time when days are shorter than the nights

    1. She had ILLUSIVE dreams of instant wealth.

    1. Beyond comprehension

    2. Moving swiftly

    3. Based on false ideas

    4. Tending to slip away

    1. Philippine economy indicates are closely related to the rise and fall of the:

    1. London pounds c. US Dollars

    2. German Mark d. Japanese Yen

    1. Watching TV is controlled by parents; children below 18 are discouraged to view this type of film.

    1. Discovery in Science

    2. Historical Battles and bloodshed

    3. Violence and sex

    4. Adolescent stories

    1. The skull of a person increase in size rapidly during:

    1. Puberty c. Adolescence

    2. Babyhood d. Senescence

    1. A child discovered a new formula for decreasing the population of ants. She submitted the research to a teacher who claimed the research as hers. The teacher:

    1. Right to choose

    2. Right to intellectual property

    3. Violated human rights

    4. Right to live within one’s means

    1. The impeachment led Filipinos to:

    1. Listen to the proceedings

    2. Hate Administration trials

    3. Understand the judge’s comments

    4. Appreciate the democratic process of government

    1. Sino ang pangulo ng Pilipinas na nagbigay ng buhay sa wikang Filipino?

    1. Jose P. Laurel c. Corazon Aquino

    2. Elpidio Quirino d. Manuel L. Quezon

    1. Hindi nakayanan ng aking kaibigan ang kanyang MASALIMUOT na buhay.

    1. Mahirap c. Magulo

    2. Malabo d. Malungkot

    1. Ang katumbas sa Filipino ng “national identity” ay _______.

    1. Pandaigdig na pagkilala

    2. Pambansang katanyagan

    3. Pambayang pagkakakilala

    4. Pambansang pagkakilanlan

    1. Piliin ang tinutukoy ng salitang nakahilig: Nasa PANTALAN ang sasalubong sa President.

    1. Airport c. Tabing dagat

    2. Railroad d. Pier

    1. Alin ang tamang babala sa pagtatapon ng basura?

    1. Huwag magtapon ng basura dito

    2. Dito ang tambakan ng basura

    3. Huwag mag-ipon ng basura dito

    4. Gamitin ang basurahan sa inyong bahay, huwag dito

    1. The committee discussed the issues and everyone at the end seemed ____ to the findings.

    1. Ignorant and civil

    2. Reluctant to accept

    3. Amendable to consider

    4. Negative gets open

    1. The latest discovery in animal industry is in biological science. Where was this mostly used?

    1. In the cloning of cows

    2. In the tissue transplant

    3. In the artificial dissemination

    4. In the artificial breeding of cattle

    1. The opening of the cement plants requires getting a DENR clearance. Which of this clearance are required?

    1. Environmental Clearance (ECC)

    2. Waste disposal

    3. Air pollution clearance

    4. Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

    1. What is meant by this statement? The hostages are free. They paid their way!

    1. The kidnap victims were freed after a ransom

    2. The kidnap victims family negotiated peacefully

    3. No ransom was demanded of the victims

    4. The kidnap victims were safe

    1. The reporter was accused in court because of his news story. The story was:

    1. Full of distorted facts

    2. A narration of facts

    3. Tainted with malice

    4. Too personal to take

    1. Cultural differences and signals may cause miscommunication. Normally, other families go for kissing one another. But this is taboo to some families who:

    1. Disrespect to elders

    2. Takes it as an affront

    3. Believe its unsanitary

    4. Losing virginity

    1. Children are fond of pets. One time a pet dog growled and bit a child. How will the owner handle the situation?

    1. Kill the dog

    2. Tie the dog & feed it regularly

    3. Use the dog’s brain to treat the wound

    4. Allow the dog to be observed for 10-18 days before giving anti rabies injection

    1. The weather bureau gave this warning during thunderstorms. Which comes first?

    1. Lightning flashes first

    2. Thunder follows all lightning

    3. Thunder sound spread fast

    4. Lightning and thunders are simultaneous

    1. Local peace negotiations should be the primary concern of what office?

    1. Church hierarchy

    2. Philippine National Police

    3. Philippine Marine SWAT force

    4. Local Municipal & Provincial Executive

    1. A change in the composition of a substance resulting in the formation of a new substance is called:

    1. Chemical change

    2. Nuclear change

    3. Mechanical change

    4. Physical change

    1. There are 18 north maids and 12 south maids serving in a hotel. Give the ratio of the north to the entire group and express them in simple terms?

    1. 3/5 b. 2/5 c. 3/2 d. 2/3

    1. The Philippine National Bank soars and has used a symbol for their advertisement. It is the:

    1. The hawk c. The pigeon

    2. The parrot d. The eagle

    1. Text messages are used for fast communication. What does this message mean? “Ur have to meet friends 5 AM”

    1. You have to be here at 5 in the afternoon

    2. You should meet your friends at five in the morning

    3. You have friends to meet at five AM

    4. Be there at five in the morning

    1. The hostage victims were heard asking the rescuers to hold on to the fort. What was the message?

    1. Disregard the peace negotiations

    2. Surrender in arms

    3. Rescue them fast and early

    4. Keep on with the fight

    1. The crimes were considered serious because the penalty was:

    1. To die in jail

    2. Lethal injection

    3. A life sentence

    4. A total exile in a foreign land

    1. There are several advertisements that encourage people to take this supplement so that they can grow three to five inches more even after the age of twenty.

    1. This is not possible; there is a definite pattern of growth of bones and muscles

    2. This is true because of the protein content

    3. This is true because of the AD would not have been allowed

    4. This is not true because there are no specific individuals mentioned

    1. In one drug rehabilitation center most inmates who were found deep in prohibited drugs were:

    1. Children wanting of paternal love and care

    2. Children who had no identity to speak up

    3. Children who have so much to spend

    4. Children who were lazy and vicious

    1. The virus “love bug” is a technological element spread by:

    1. Computer c. Radio

    2. Internet d. Television

    1. How many grams of shabu will not allow bonds for culprits?

    1. 200 grams c. 300 grams

    2. 250 grams d. 1,000 grams

    1. A man imprisoned for ten years. After five years, he was found innocent. What can this man demand?

    1. Compensation for the years under detention

    2. Punishment of the arresting officer

    3. Retaliation against the accusers

    4. Sanction against the judge

    1. A child left alone by her mother under the care of her stepfather. Later, the child complained of being rape. What crime was committed?

    1. Child harassment

    2. Rape or heinous crime

    3. Sexual harassment

    4. Abuse of minors or incest

    1. A society is healthy if the citizens are healthy physically and mentally. One approach to solve mental illness is:

    1. The maintenance of mental health centers

    2. Isolation in asylum cases of mentally disturbed persons

    3. Allowing mental cases to return at home environment and care

    4. Conducting periodic visits of mental and physical therapist in homes of patients

    1. Since the Philippines is a republic country, it elects its president directly. What is the smallest electoral unit of the government?

    1. Electoral tribunal

    2. Election precinct

    3. Commission on Election

    4. Representative district

    1. The advice on the invitation was found. Who failed to get the message?

    1. Denims pants are all right

    2. No barong tagalog please

    3. Come in coat and tie

    4. Polo barongs with demins are OK

    1. Drug addiction has been found rampant in schools. The initial signs of addiction are in:

    1. Shabby and unkempt appearance

    2. Sleeping during recitation time

    3. Red nose and checks at noon

    4. Abusive language and behaviors

    1. A child wanted to use her father’s family name. Why did she insist on this?

    1. Every child should have a father

    2. Every individuals has a right to be baptized

    3. Every individual has a right to a proper identity

    4. Every child should be called by her paternal name

    1. Walang tubig kahapon. Ito ay pangungusap na:

    1. Walang pandiwa c. May panaguri

    2. Walang paksa d. May paksa

    1. Why do nurses and doctors use gloves when injecting patients with AIDS?

    1. AIDS transmitted by touch

    2. AIDS virus easily enter open wounds and pores

    3. AIDS can be cured by injection

    4. A prick of a needle from AIDS patient is dangerous

    1. After two pregnancies some of these mothers loose a pair of teeth or so. What could be the cause?

    1. Lack of iron & other minerals in diet during pregnancies

    2. Diet during pregnancy lacks sulfur

    3. Too much sweets in diet

    4. Poor brushing habits

    1. The chef mixed wine with other appetizers otherwise ________ the recipe.

    1. Everyone will be questioned

    2. Everyone will question

    3. Everyone will be questioning

    4. Everyone will ask and question

    1. The carabao is the working animal of farmers. However, these herds were converted for meat purposes. How did the government respond to the lack of carabaos?

    1. Put up a carabao project in CLSU

    2. Imported buffalos from Australia

    3. Distribute tractors and other machinery

    4. Converted farms into subdivision and housing area

    1. Student and teacher stand at attention during Flag ceremonies. School principals assign guards on the street to stop vehicles during the ceremonies. How does the public take this practice?

    1. Only military and policeman should stop and salute the flag

    2. Only school children should be controlled in this ceremonies

    3. The flag is for all citizens: it’s the symbol of the nation

    4. Stopping traffic is not the job of the school

    1. How does the Philippines show its identity in airlines?

    1. Displaying the Philippine flag in carriers

    2. Pilots wearing Philippine ensign

    3. Stewardess dressed in Philippine costume

    4. Playing Filipinos songs in Philippine airlines plane

    1. Which of the following lines is an example of iambic pentameter?

    1. Her desk once red with heroes blood

    2. And this alas is more than we would do

    3. She loves the way I hold her hand

    4. I will lament and cry

    1. How many twenty thousand are there in two million?

    1. 100 b. 500 c. 50 d. 1000

    1. A patient underwent a surgery. The anesthesia hardly had an immediate effect on him. Where was the case traced? To his:

    1. Being allergic

    2. Physical weakness

    3. Being an alcoholic

    4. Heredity

    1. Food remnants, plants and other animals wastes should be separated in waste disposal since:

    1. These can be converted to organic fertilizer

    2. These hardy decay

    3. These invite flies

    4. These are easy prey to rodents

    1. Tomatoes come in abundance at certain times of the year. How can the supply be assured?

    1. Plant during rainy season

    2. Encourage preservation of tomatoes

    3. Avoid using tomatoes

    4. Use substitute to tomatoes

    1. There was a tourist promo. All students bought tickets for the trip. The promotion was:

    1. Done systematically

    2. Educational and affordable

    3. Understood and accepted

    4. Motivated well and costly

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