Gaelic football

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GAA is the national sport of Ireland. The GAA or the Gaelic Athletic Association consists of three sports, they are: Gaelic football, hurling and handball. Gaelic football and hurling are the most popular sports in the GAA. Hurling is mainly played in the south of Ireland while Gaelic football is played all around Ireland


The first mention of Gaelic Football is in 1527 in the Statutes of Galway. Football must have been played widely. It is mentioned in many poems from 1670 onwards.

One poet describes an eight-a-side game of football in 1750 lasting from midday to sunset!

The pitch

Gaelic football is played on a one hundred and forty metre long grass pitch which is about seventy to ninety metres wide.


There is a goal at each end of the pitch. Each goal is around twenty metres high and there is

a crossbar about seven and a half metres high that goes right across the goal. Each goal is

around five metres wide.

If you kick the ball between the posts and over the crossbar you score a point. If you kick the ball between the posts and under the crossbar you score a goal. A goal is worth three points.

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