Fundamentals of Human Anatomy- one Semester Course

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Unit 3- Axial Skeleton

-Bone anatomy

-Close anatomical examination of the skull and vertebrae including all processes


Disease and Disorder Projects

You will choose a human disease or disorder to research and share with the class in a short presentation. Presentations will occur throughout the semester. All grades for these projects will be added to the second nine weeks point total.

Relevant Physiology Concepts and Disease will be discussed throughout the semester

Open Heart Surgery

Date: Dec. 4, 2017

(For the top 15 students of all class sections)

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Course Requirements:

  1. Student Evaluation and Grades- Assignments will include homework, labs and tests. Due dates for assignments will be made VERY clear and will be written on the assignment board. This course does not contain “fluffy”, meaningless points. Every point counts.

  2. SPELLING WILL COUNT ON EVERY ASSIGNEMENT AND ASSESSMENT. (1/2 point lost for each misspelled word)

  3. Late work is NOT accepted for credit (see below). If you have concerns about a particular assignment, you may contact me directly by email at

Graded items will include:

    1. Quizzes- will be given periodically to check for understanding throughout a unit.

    2. Exams- given at the completion of a unit. May be given in a variety of formats including Power Point, multiple choice, essay and or lab practical.

    3. Notebooks- Maintaining an organized notebook is a skill necessary if you plan to continue your career training in the sciences. You will be required to keep an organized 3-ring binder (1-2 inch is recommended). Every handout given will be numbered chronologically and placed in my “master binder” in the front of the room. In addition, your notebook will be spot checked for points looking at completeness and organization at the end of this course (approximately 25 points).

    4. Lab Activities- labs will be given throughout the year on a variety of topics. Specific directions on lab requirements will be provided.

    5. Homework- If an assignment is given; it is typically assigned at the start of the week and will be due at the beginning of the period later that week. SPELLING WILL COUNT.

    6. Bonus Points- Bonus must be earned in this course and will not be handed out freely. All bonus points must be used at the end of the 9 weeks (they cannot be “moved” to the next 9 weeks). Do not count on bonus points to bring up your grade at the last minute!

  1. Late Policy You are considered late when the bell rings. Be responsible.

  1. Passes Pass use is to be restricted during times I am teaching. If it is very important for you to leave the room, please ask at the very beginning or end of class and arrangements will be made.

  1. Absenteeism YOU WILL NOT PASS THIS COURSE IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH ABSENTEEISM. When you are absent, consult the folder for your class period. If you missed a test or quiz, see me immediately, and I will schedule a make-up exam time immediately. Believe me when I say that I will NOT come after you to remind you about missed work when you are absent. If you do not see me about missed work, it will be considered late (see policy below). An unexcused absence means an automatic “0” for anything done in class that day.

  1. Late Work- This is a college prep course so late work will not be accepted. I make no exceptions. I will not compromise my standards or lower my expectation of YOU! Assignments are due at the BEGINNNIG of the class period. Work given to me later than the beginning of the period but that same due day will receive ½ credit. After that, a ZERO.

  1. Cell Phones Please, no earphones during lectures. Smart phones can be a very useful tool in Anatomy… You will often be asked to look something up or use a free app that you will download onto your phones. Our new text can be downloaded to your device. The key is to BE RESPECTFUL. There is no way you can listen to music in one ear and listen to me in the other!!!

  1. Required “Supplies”

1. A 1-2 inch, 3-ring binder with paper/notebook for note-taking

2. A writing utensil daily! 

3. Colored pencils are optional but very useful for several of our units.

Download 112.77 Kb.

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