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With nearly 1,100 American World War Two veterans dying each day, a generation that saved the world from tyranny is slowly disappearing. But the controversy that ended the war, the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan still stirs emotions and critics today. These two bombs, which killed an estimated 100,000+ Japanese citizens, ushered in a new age of warfare to the world: the nuclear age. An age that created a Cold War that lasted nearly forty-five years between the United States and the Soviet Union, which brought the world to the brink of a nuclear holocaust. But was the dropping of these bombs on Japan necessary? Could the end of World War II have gone any other way? Did the United States use these bombs to defeat Japan or to send fear in to the heart of Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union? These are just some of the ideas we will be contemplating within this lesson on the decision to drop the atomic bomb. Carefully read through each section below and fully explore each web site (spend time looking at the links within the links on each site) to gather information to response to blog questions that you will be assigned to answer. In addition to answering your blog question you will also be required to respond to at least five blogs posted by one of your classmates. Your answer to your question must be at least 250 words long and your responses to your classmates must be at least 50 words long.

With the defeat of Germany in May of the 1945 the Allies could now switch their attention fully to Japan. With the Yalta Conference in early 1945, the Allies had already set the stage for the last part of the war. Look up the above links on Germany (check side links for picture and image galleries) and the Yalta Conference as well as the Peace Terms to brush up on the reasons and actions that lead to Germany’s surrender ending the war in Europe and what the Allies planned to do next. Produce an article for your newsletter on these items.

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