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Looking For…

RM1 Jimmy Sauls

I served with him at PAT Wing 1 in Misawa, Japan, 1980–1981. His last known duty station was San Diego, California. Please contact Dale Nicholas at or 334-588-3055 or 306 South 3rd Ave., Hartford, AL 36344.

IM1 Nelson

Leading petty officer of E Division, commissioning of USS Intrepid (CVA-11), March 1954–December 1954. Please contact Leo D. Esposito, 113 Cottonwood Ln, Chesapeake, VA 23320, 757-619-1816.

Squadron Patches

I’m looking for squadron patches for AEWBARSONPAC, AEWPARSONPAC DET MIDWAY, NAS BARBERS POINT, NAS ALAMEDA, VAQ-128, AND NAS BEVILLE. Please contact AMCS Gail Macotte, USN (Ret.) at or 785-737-8007.

Looking for Submarine Veterans in the Orlando area to join our USSVI Florida Base organization.

We meet at the FRA Branch 147 home on the first Thursday @1900 each month in Sanford, Florida. For more information, contact the Base Commander-Steve Newton @ or call: 321-663-3381 or 407-688-4633.

Looking for Charles Brickley GMGCS.

We were last stationed together at Dam Neck, Virginia. Please send his current address to Bobby Boeneke, 340 South 23rd Ave., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250.

Looking for USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) X-Division (personnel and print shop) vets.

Please contact Jerry Cole, JO/2 USN (Ret.) at; (520) 648-7196; or 945 N Delacroix Dr., Green Valley, AZ 84614-5266.

Looking for Jim Kykek, AMH-1.

We were stationed in Iceland together in 1970. Please contact Jim Klocke AS-1, (563) 568-4778.

LanShpRon Two and Affiliated LSTs

I am interested in locating Shipmates who served on the staff of LanShpRon Two and the 11 LSTs that made up the squadron for the purposes of starting a reunion group. The time frame is from re-commissioning to decommissioning (early to late Sixties), Dominican Republic Crisis and Vietnam. Please contact Harvey E. Spencer, President FRA Branch 15, at 864-638-7553 or
These notices are published on a space available basis. Notices must be submitted in writing. E-mail or mail your request to: FRA, Looking for…, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, Virginia, 22314.

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Association Of Aviation Ordnancemen

July 30–August 3, 2014, Reno, Nevada. Contact J.J. Lamaitre, 619-562-8492,
National Chief Petty Officers’ Association

October 1–4, 2014, Seattle, Wshington. Contact Marvin Johnson, 253-770-5935,
Old Antarctic Explorers Association (OAEA)

November 12–14, 2014, Norfolk, Virginia. Contact Ed Hamblin, 757-405-3362,
USS Agerholm (DD-826)

October 2–5, 2014, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Contact Don Baldwin, 315 E Commerce St, Grayville, IL 62844, 618-375-6011,
USS Bristol (DD-857)

September 22–25, 2014, Branson, Missouri. Contact Paul Ratcliffe, 835 The Hideout, Lake Ariel, PA 18436, 973-309-4040,
USS Colahan (DD-658)

September 17–21, 2014, San Antonio, Texas. Contact Skip Slagle, 941-625-4260,
USS Iwo Jima (LPH2/LHD7)

August 27–31, 2014, Jacksonville, Florida. Contact Robert G. Mcanally, 152 Frissel St,, Hampton, VA 23663, 757-723-0317,
USS La Salle (AGF-3) & USS Jesse L. Brown (FF-1089) Combined Reunion:

October 7–12, 2014, Norfolk, Virginia. Contact Arnet Hagen, 360-387-7710,
USS Mansfield (DD-728)

September 10 –14, 2014, Fall River, Massachussetts. Contact Tom Harper, 419-448-0536,
USS Renville, USS Rockbridge (also open to other APA’s)

June 4–8, 2014, Buffalo, New York. Contact Lynda Rumple, 513-481-8317,
USS San Marcos (LSD-25)

June 5–8, 2014, Savannah, Georgia. Contact Patrick Finnerty, 2112 Mystic Cove Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23455, 757-214-3814,
USS Thomas A. Edison (SSBN/SSN-610)

September 16–21, 2014, Boston, Massachussetts. Contact Dana Sweeter, 60 Burley Street, Danvers, MA 01923, 978-777-0159,
USS Valcour (AVP-55/AGF-1)

October 1–5, 2014, Charleston, South Carolina. Contact Don Cloud, 7710 Barclay Ave, North Charleston, SC, 843-552-9992,
USS Warrington (DD-843)

September 17–21, 2014, Jacksonville, Florida. Contact Stan Prager, 916-791-6700,
USS Westchester County (LST-1167)

October 23–26, 2014, Jacksonville, Florida. Contact Al Wittich, 253-922-9357,
USS Windham Bay (CVE 92)

July 30–August 1, 2014, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Contact Troy Lollis, 405-391-6322
VMF-VMA-311 Reunion

October 1–5, 2014, San Antonio, Texas. Contact Jim Galchick, 330-337-9383,
VP-68/NARDET and Affilated Units

May 17, 2014, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. Contact George (Doc) Durity, 108 Reeves Street, Walterboro, SC 29488, 843-538-1122,
Members can post reunions online at, submit to or mail to: FRA Reunions, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, Virginia, 22314.
Reunions are a Great Recruiting Opportunity!

If you’re hosting or attending a reunion, please consider how many prospective FRA members will also be there! FRA has published a prospective member brochure with an information request form and a “thank you for your service” reference card included. You can easily talk through benefits of membership with the prospect using this card and offer NewsBytes or one of the FRA guides, provided by filling out the information card. For their convenience, they can keep the list of benefits on one side and a handy list of information sources on the other.

These work great for one-to-one conversations with someone you know is eligible for membership (at least one day of enlisted service in the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard). You can request these brochures or other items for your reunion from FRA Member Services, at 1-800-372-1924, or Reunions are great places to recruit — if you’d like additional information or ideas for your reunion, please contact us!
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Adamopoulos, Peter A, MCPO, USN 085

Adams, Charles M, BTC, USN 049

Adams, Charles R, IC1, USN MAL

Alford, W J, CPL, USMC 172

Ambers, Kenneth M, HT1, USN 328

Asbury, Oachel, HMCM, USN 208

Atchley, Andrew T, CWO3, USN MAL
Bagdigian, Robert Z, BU1, USN 117

Bailey, Leo S, AFCM, USN 001

Batson, Jesse L, AOC, USN 299

Beck, Raymond L, DCCM, USN 296

Blanos, Patrick J, ADRC, USN 022

Braye, Leonard R., BT1, USN MAL

Brown, Joseph T, BMC, USN 202
Cain, Tommy H, ETCS, USN 188

Caldwell, Charles R, ADRC, USN 089

Callaway, James R, LCDR, USN 070

Campbell, Albert M, LT, USN 147

Child, David G, PHCM, USN 156

Christian, John P, RMC, USN 024

Clawson, Kermit J, CWO3, USN 067

Collins, Fred S, ETC, USN MAL

Cona, Frank A, ET1, USN 263

Cunningham, Clair E, SKCS, USN 344
Davis, Nathan E, BM1, USN 210

Davis, Robert F, ADC, USN 223

Davis, Edward L, POC, USN 099

Dexter, Edward K., ET3, USN 115

Diggs, William E, ADJC, USN 126

Doherty, James E, LT, USN MAL

Doughten, James T, BM1, USN MAL

Dunsmore, Peter M, BMC, USN 219
Espada, Osvaldo D, YNC, USN 182
Falls, Charles C, AFCM, USN 126

Federis, Basilio S, PO1, USN 127

Fey, Edmond W, YNTC, USN 018

Filamor, Marcelino F, PO3, USN MAL

Fleming, James F, ENC(SS), USN MAL

Floyd, Elvin J, PO1, USN MAL

Fonseca, William, PO2, USN 072

Fowler, Samuel R, MR1, USN MAL

Fredrick, David O, FTMC, USN 221

Fucetola, James, USN MAL

Fuller, Glenn M, EMC, USN 043
Gates, Donald F, GYSGT, USMC 299

Greager, Glen D., BT3, USN 244

Gries, Ralph A, AFCM, USN 126

Griffin, Wallace S, CAPT, USN MAL

Gudjonsson, Gunnar, MAJ, USMC 166

Guiang, Roman, POC, USN 010

Guye, Riley, BMC, USN MAL
Hall, Lowell R, BMC, USN MAL

Hammersmith, Joseph R, HM1, USN 053

Hartmann, John J, MNC, USN 013

Haynes, David L., ETCM, USN 099

Hebrank, Joseph C, ATC, USN MAL

Hendon, E H, ENC, USN MAL

Hess, Alvin A, ETC, USN 182

Hinson, Ausie J, GMM1, USN 259

Howell, Rupert E, BTC, USN 004

Hughes, Robert B, SN, USN MAL
Ingle, Joseph C, LCDR, USN MAL
Jamroga, John J, LCDR, USN 174

Johnson, Guy D, HTC, USN 315

Johnson, Richard E, BM1, USN 126

Jones, Loren E, JO1, USN 055
Keller, Paul, LCDR, USN MAL

Ketelaar, Richard L, MSGT, USMC 141

Klyce, Robert H, MMC, USN 001

Koenig, Albert F, MGYSGT, USMC 031

Kristek, Robert, CWO2, USN 241
Lamb, Everette D, SKC, USN 060

Lammers, Clarence, STCM(SS), USN 269

Lane, Frederick O, SMC, USN 117

Lee, Calvin C, ADR2, USN 089

Lipchinsky, Joseph M, CWO, USN 060

Loftus, Timothy J, MSCS, USN 289

Loveless, Morris A., SN, USN 024

Lowas, David G, AVCM, USN 261

Lynch, Charles E, PNC, USN 309
Malmin, Cecil S, TDC, USN 101

Mann, Jack B, CSM, USN 068

May, Marvin L, FTCG, USN 010

McCleney, Willie L, GMCS, USN 289

Miley, Dale, USN 024

Molina, Emiliano, SCPO, USN 043

Moore, Lewis M, LCDR, USN MAL
Neuleib, Norman, HTC, USN MAL

Nolon, Richard A, BM1, USN 156
Oszczakiewicz, Mathew C, YNC, USN MAL
Parrish, Jeffrey Lee, MMCM, USN 269

Pearson, Ralph H, DK1, USN MAL

Pless, Harrison C, MRCS, USN 070
Ramsey, James F., CS3, USN 219

Rector, William H, HMC, USN 276

Reisner, Joseph D, LTJG, USN MAL

Reyes, Benjamin A, MS1, USN 022

Reynolds, George W, CSCS, USN 210

Roberts, John, ABCS, USN 005

Robertson, Robert D, CDR, USN 018

Rombough, Everet A, EMCM, USN MAL

Rothman, Benjamin, SWCS, USN 001

Routzahn, Milton M, CDR, USN 342

Rule, Shelley E, CDR, USN MAL
Savoy, Vernon J, MGYSGT, USMC 006

Schroeffel, Frederick A, 1STSGT,


Shalinsky, Joseph G, LCDR, USN 161

Shuman, Edwin A, CAPT, USN 024

Smith, Ralph W, PO1, USN 163

Spurgeon, Larry T., OSC, USN 276

Stack, Louis J, MGYSGT, USMC 339

Stephenson, Milton E, ADR1, USN 055

Stimac, Tony L, BM2, USN 060
Tarasuk, Constantine, GMGC, USN 115

PRPEC, Tommila, Wilho I, USN 182
Warner, Millard W, EMCSS, USN 008

Weaver, Charles E, CTTCS, USN 212

Weidman, Harold, DC1, USN MAL

Weissinger, William C, HMC, USN 276

Wells, William E, ENC, USN MAL

Wells, Jesse W, ETC, USN 070

Westberry, Coy L, ADRC, USN 290

Westbrook, James D, AOCM, USN MAL

Wheatley, Harold C, SGTMAJ, USMC MAL

Whitham, Roy L., PH1, USN 382

Wiley, George K, GYSGT, USMC 280

Williams, Henry, BT1, USN 005

Wilson, Paul L, DKC, USN 106

Wiltrout, James K., HT1, USN 147

Wimpee, B C, SS1, USCG 206

Wininger, Daniel M, STCS, USN 130

Wiorek, Robert T, AGC, USN 124

Wright, Stanley, PO3 MAL

Names in red indicate 50 year continuous members. Names in bold indicate Past National Officers.
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BRANCH 89 Atlanta, Georgia

Shipmates Denise and William Yearby were initiated as FRA shipmates during their first branch meeting, as Branch President Don Lear looks on. Shipmate William recruited his wife Denise, who is already managing the branch’s Essay Contest submissions.
BRANCH 283 Elsmere, Kentucky

Branch Vice President Chuck Clark poses with his son and fellow shipmate FC2 Chuck Clark Jr., after re-turning from a nine-month Mediterranean trip aboard his first ship, USS Gravely (DDG-107). Welcome back, Shipmate Chuck!
BRANCH 214 Schenectady, New York

Shipmates Felix Bernardo (left) and RVPNE/NEng Floyd Hunt (right) played a part in history when New York Senator Ron Ball sponsored legislation to provide grants for recently wounded warriors who want to start successful businesses in the state. Bernardo and Hunt joined other veterans to lobby legislative leaders about the importance of the measure and were invited to witness the vote and eventual passage of the bill. Congratulations on this legislative success!!
BRANCH 175 Orange County, California

(Pictured standing l to r) Branch Treasurer Ed Mason and Branch President Andy Benjock traveled to the home of Shipmate Harry J. Dantine (sitting) to present a pin and certificate for his 50 years of continuous FRA membership. Dantine, a retired Navy BM1, is a young 88 years old. Shipmate Gordon Olson also joined the other Shipmates for this prestigious award and took this photo.
BRANCH 21 Fort Collins, Colorado

Branch President Floyd Taladay, Treasurer Bob Brown and Chaplain Art Clark presented a 60-year membership pin and plaque to World War II veteran, Bill Thomas. Shipmate Bill is 91 years young.
BRANCH 281 Redding, California

During a recent branch meeting, service pins were awarded to Shipmates MAA Mike Braden, Robert Nichols (30 yrs), Billy Ball (25 yrs), Dick Hall (10 yrs), K.C. Hendrix (25 yrs.) and President Lee Hollowell.
BRANCH 298 Grand Rapids, Michigan

Shipmates attend to snack cart rounds in a long term nursing care unit at the VA Medical Center in Battle Creek eight times per year. Shipmate Dick Priest , who chairs the branch Hospitals, Welfare and Rehabilitation Committee, has been instrumental in getting Navy recruiters and Delayed Entry Program personnel (future Navy enlistees waiting to be called for boot camp and school) involved with our veterans, and it’s great to see the interaction among the generations. Shown are Branch President Rosemary Posekany (kneeling, lower right) and (standing) Shipmates Priest and Ray King, along with Recruiting Area Commanding Officer Ledbetter, LT Gooden, Chief McGinnis, Petty Officers O’Rourke and Dungey, plus the 15 Delayed Entry Personnel.
BRANCH 15 Walhalla, South Carolina

Representatives from several groups, including members of Branch and Unit 15, participated in the Christmas Parade in Six Mile, S.C. Shown (l to r) are Joyce Jurkovich; Tom Jurkovich (Branch 15); Mac Bradshaw, U.S. Army vet; Tom Smith, Branch 15; B.R. Skelton, U.S. Army vet and S.C. House of Representatives; Jim Hayes, USAF (ret.); and Bud Alexander, USN (ret).
BRANCH 117 Orlando, Florida

Then-President Southeast “Robbie” Robbins presented membership pins to the Navy Orlando Waves Club who are FRA shipmates. Two served during WWII and two are FRA Life Members.
BRANCH 269 Goose Creek, South Carolina

Branch and Unit members gathered to honor Zachary Robinson, son of Shipmate Art Robinson and Auxil-iary member Tammy Robinson, when he graduated from Marine Corps boot camp. Shown (l to r) are Larry Cox, Linda Cox, Gary Sorenson, Jean Gormash, proud mother Tammy Robinson, Zachary Robinson, proud father Art Robinson, Kit Sparger and Rick Sparger.
To submit a photo for News From the Branches, please e-mail a photo as an attachment in jpeg format to or mail a high-quality photograph to FRA Today, 125 N. West Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Please include a brief description of the photograph and include the names of those pictured. Laser prints and scanned copies of photographs cannot be accepted.

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Message from the Southwest Regional President

Auxiliary members in the Southwest Region do a variety of good deeds throughout the year, but our efforts are particularly noticeable during the holiday season. Food baskets, commissary gift cards, and gifts were donated at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Units stuffed Christmas stockings for the USS Midway Project, which were sent to troops overseas. One couple from Branch and Unit 61 (Chula Vista, California) were on a cruise and dressed as Mr. & Mrs. Santa, passing out Christmas gifts. Children were thrilled! Several units also held holiday parties and I had the privilege of attending Unit 84’s (San Diego, California) fundraising dinner and Unit 175’s (Orange County, California) Christmas party.

It was also a tremendous honor to attend the dedication of the WWII War Memorial in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 7th. FRA NVP John Ippert and RPSW Mick Fulton also attended this meaningful event, along with many Branch and Unit 163 (STATE) members. I also attended the Celebration of Life for FRA PNP T. I. King at Chula Vista Branch 61.

I have made visitations to nine units, and will complete my visitations by the end of May. During my travels, I’ve been able to present a 40-year membership pin to PRPSW Gloria Tompkins, Unit 47’s (El Cajon, California) President. I’m also proud of Unit 61’s plans to award five $1,000 scholarships to relatives of unit members.

I’m also looking forward to participating in Memorial Day Ceremonies sponsored by Branch and Unit 61 and the Avenue of Flags Dedication for flags of deceased veterans. Over 400 flags have already been dedicated and about 100 veterans’ flags are flown at Glen Abby Memorial Park during the Memorial Day weekend. Branch and Unit 289 (Imperial Beach, California) also sponsors a Memorial Day Ceremony on the pier in Imperial Beach.

Please remember our men and women in uniform in your thoughts and prayers. Here’s wishing everyone a blessed Spring.
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