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Brother Lamont Booker, Chairman

Brother Jessie J. Shanks Sr., Co-Chairman

Brother Kenneth Avery

Brother Michael Dykes

Brother Christopher Payne


Brother Christopher Payne Date

President, lota Alpha Lambda Chapter

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated



1.1 Award determination Process 3

1.2 Applying for an Award 4 1.3 Announcement of Award 4

1.4 Method of Award Payment 4

1.5 Monthly Progress Report 5


2.1 Purpose of Award 5

2.2 Methodology 5

2.3 Absolute Criteria 5

2.4 Ranking Criteria 5




The scholarship is named in memory to the late Donald J. Waldon, a charter member of the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., a non-profit service organization founded in 1906 at Cornell University, Ithaca NY. The scholarship awards students who will be attending Cecil College or Harford Community College in pursuit of an associate degree and ultimately a baccalaureate degree. The student must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, demonstrate financial need, perform community service, and serves as a role model.

The Donald J. Waldon Memorial Scholarship Award serves two equally valuable purposes: 1) recognition of merit and achievement and 2) provision of financial support. Waldon Scholars are provided a full two year academic scholarship to Cecil College or Harford Community College. The award covers tuition, textbooks, and fees.

As a general rule, the expectation of the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., is that prospective recipient will be competitively evaluated using a metrics based scoring system. While all efforts are made to extract subjective measures, it is difficult to completely build a process devoid of all subjective measures.
To qualify for a Donald J. Waldon Memorial Scholarship, the student must be enrolled as a full-time student (12 or more credit hours per semester in a fall and spring semesters) at either Cecil College or Harford Community College. In addition, he must fully complete and submit an application with required transcripts. Students who fall below the 12 credit hour per semester minimum will not be eligible for scholarship support.
The Scholarship Subcommittee of the Educational Activities Committee of the Iota Alpha Lambda Chapter shall recommend one or more scholarship recipients to the chapter, and the Brotherhood will vote, on the candidate on all of the following criteria in no order of precedence:

  • Academic achievement, awards and honors

  • Demonstrated financial need

  • Leadership roles and experiences

  • Participation in community affairs

  • Personal and career goals and objectives ( communicated in writing/essay)

The decision of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity is final upon approval by the Brotherhood of lota Alpha Lambda Chapter, and there is no process of appeal by the applicant.

Award application forms are available from the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter, the Financial Aid Office at Cecil College or Harford Community College, or from High School Counseling Offices. The deadline for applying is May 30 of each year. To qualify for consideration, an applicant must fully complete and sign an application and return it to the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter PO Box by the date indicated on the application.
All required supporting documentation for an application, such as an official transcript, must also be sent by the indicated date on the application. The date sent is considered to be the post mark date, facsimile receipt date or electronic mail date stamp.

All application materials submitted are the property of the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter and will not be returned to the applicant or released to other parties internal or external to the Fraternity, unless authorized by the applicant. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The Educational Activities Committee makes a recommendation to the Brotherhood who the award recipient(s) will be and scholarship amount June 30 of each year. The recipient(s) will be notified in writing no later than July 12. Applicants who are not considered will not be notified in writing.

Public announcement of awards is made no later than 7 business days after notification is sent to the recipient. The size of the award is not revealed publicly. The Fraternity’s internal publication, Sphinx Magazine, the Fraternity’s website or other such publication is the primary means for public announcement. The recipient’s name, school, hometown, and major are published with a photograph of the recipient.

Awards are paid directly to either Cecil College or Harford Community College in which the student is enrolled. Award funds are not released to a student except by the consent of lota Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Award payments are applied to tuition, fees, and textbooks only. Funds are normally issued in the month of September after the student is enrolled at the school and account is established to receive the funds.
The recipient(s) will be required to provide a progress report to the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter on or before the second week of each month during the academic year. This report must include a copy of the grade report from the first term, a copy of the student’s class schedule for the second term and an indication of any change in the student’s enrollment status. Failure to submit a complete progress report package will result in the scholarship being rescinded.

A raw scoring system has been devised to grade each applicant on selected criteria, with heavier weights placed on how a candidate fares in relation to other in the candidate pool. The ideal recipient would be a graduate of a Cecil or Harford County secondary school, who intends to pursue an Associate of Arts degree at the Community College.

In addition, the ideal candidate would have demonstrated academic merit, be actively involved in extracurricular activities and posses a clear and necessary need for financial assistance. Also, the ideal candidate’s application would include specific examples that show strength of character and potential for achievement, as well as the impact that community service has had on a particular individual or group.
Each applicant must meet the following three “minimum criteria” unless expressly waived by the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter Education Activities Committee, in order to be competitively evaluated and scored. These baseline criteria are; 1) a graduate from either a Cecil County or Harford County High school and eligible for college enrollment; 2) a minimum of 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 grading scale; 3) currently or will be enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 semester hours) in Cecil College or Harford Community College in a Associate of Arts degree program.
In an effort to compare the academic merit and demonstrate financial need of applicants, each candidate may elect to have a personal interview conducted by members of the Education Committee. The Education Committee or any other designee will carefully assess the applicant’s ability to clearly discuss their academic and career goals, along with plans to achieve lofty aspirations around the Alpha Phi Alpha qualities and values of community service and scholarship.


  1. What educational requirements are required to apply for the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity’s Donald J. Waldon Memorial Scholarship?

All applicants for the Donald J. Waldon Memorial Scholarship must be admitted as either first-time freshman or transfer students to Cecil College or Harford Community College.

  1. How will I be notified of the decision, and when will I be notified?

The college’s Office of Financial affairs or High School Counselor will contact you to acknowledge receipt or your application, and tell you if any necessary items are missing from your file. As soon as a decision is made, you will receive e-mail notification and an aid award letter.

  1. What is the application deadline?

Apply for admission by May 30 (for students entering in summer or fall) or by December 31 (for students entering in the spring).

  1. Is a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) required for applicants/ when must it be submitted?

Yes. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required by March 31 (for students entering in the summer of fall semester) or October 31 (for students entering in the spring).

  1. How are the Donald J. Waldon Memorial Scholarship decisions made?

Decisions on applicant selection are made by the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. all applicants will be notified of the scholarship decision as soon as possible. All credentials are considered in the application decision – transcripts, GPA, official test scores (SAT, ACT) personal statements, resumes and letters of recommendations. Work experience is NOT required.

  1. What are my chances of receiving this scholarship given my academic background?

As soon as we receive and evaluate your complete application packet we will be able to determine our likelihood of receiving the scholarship. You can contact the office of Financial Affairs or High School Counselor by e-mail, or by phone to discuss your application and background. They can provide general information, but not an admission decision.

  1. What is the minimum SAT or ACT score?

A minimum SAT or Act score is not the only criterion for selection as a Waldon Memorial Scholarship. In evaluating an application, the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. pays careful attention to each individual’s high school or undergraduate record, SAT or ACT score, and personal statement. SAT test scores range from 600- 2400 and ACT scores range from 1- 36.

  1. What if my SAT or ACT score is lower than the acceptable range for scores of this cycle’s Waldon Scholar applicant pool?

Waldon Memorial Scholarship decisions are not made solely on SAT or ACT scores. The scores provide us with another measure of your academic ability, and also give us a way to evaluate undergraduate preparation from school with which we may not be familiar. The test score is just one of several possible assessments and is not the sole criterion by which we select the final recipient.

  1. What if my test score does not arrive by the application deadline?

The application review process can start without official copies of your test scores. HOWEVER, we WILL REQUIRE ETS or your SCHOOL to send us official test scores prior to selection.

  1. Do my references need to use a lot Alpha Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. recommendation forms that are included with the scholar application form?

No. Your references are not required to use the forms. However, please inform your references of the importance of using your full name (as it appears o your scholarship application), if they do not use the form. The form is available in the Office of Financial Affairs or in the High School Counselor’s office.

  1. Who is eligible to apply for the Donald J. Waldon Memorial Scholarship program?

Applicant must meet ALL of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Resident of Cecil or Harford County in the State of Maryland

  • Disclosure of prior conviction or current indictment for commission of a felony. Prior conviction or indictment may result in disqualification.

  • Enroll as a full-time student (12 or more credit hours per semester in the fall and spring semesters).

_____ A resume highlighting your leadership role(s) on campus and/or in other community organizations. One page maximum.
_____ A brief essay, describing your plans and aspirations for the future and estimate of your prospects for achieving these goals. One page Maximum.
_____ Your plan for continuing your education in the event that it is not possible for the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. to award you a scholarship.
_____ A summary of your grade point average (overall and within your major)
_____ An “official” transcript from all institutions of high school or higher learning you have attended. Photo copies and transcripts labeled “unofficial” will not be accepted and will delay your application.
_____ Include a statement of your financial circumstances. Be as specific as possible. Your statement should include:

  1. What assistance you receive from your family and other personal sources?

  2. What scholarship awards you have already received and expect to receive?

  3. What work or work-study do you expect to perform in the upcoming academic year?

  4. A statement of what future employment you may obtain in order to assist you in meeting the expenses of your undergraduate education.

This application must be completely filled out and accompanied by requested supporting documents. Please type or print neatly in black ink.
During the _________ academic year, I will be (check all that apply):
____Undergraduate student (freshmen or sophomore) ____Full time student applicant
(Full name):
Date of Birth: Social Security Number:
Present Address (include telephone number):

Home Phone Cell Phone

Permanent Address (include telephone number):

Which of the above is your preferred mailing address?

_____Present Address _____Permanent Address
E-mail Address:

Marital Status:

(Include spouse’s name, occupation and income)
Parent/Caregiver’s Names and Addresses (for notification purposes only):

List of Academic Honors you have received:

Three letter of recommendations (one must be a teacher or counselor):

Your undergraduate studies:

Institution Major

Expected date of graduation Cumulative GPA:

I understand and agree if the application is approved the scholarship is subject to the provisions of Section 117(a) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, and is to be used for the study at Cecil Community College or Harford Community College.
I understand that I am under no obligation to repay to the scholarship to the lota Alpha Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
In addition, I agree to provide lota Alpha Lambda Chapter with a monthly update of my scholastic progress during the academic year for which this scholarship is awarded. This will include a grade report and will be considered due by the first day of the second semester of the same academic year.
Iota Alpha Lambda reserves the right to withdraw its scholarship from a recipient with two semesters of sub performance- less than 2.5 GPA.

Please mail completed application with attachment to:

Director of Education Activities

Iota Alpha Lambda Chapter

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Post Office Box 1002, Aberdeen MD 21001

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