Formatting an apa style Paper Using Microsoft Word 2010

Create Page 1: Title Page

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Create Page 1: Title Page

Go to the Paragraph Panel and click the Center button (second from left)

Hit Enter 8 times, type:

Title (PressEnter)

Your name (Press Enter)

The university name (Press Enter)

Creating a header for the remaining pages of the paper

The words “Running head” should not appear on any page except the title page. Therefore, a different header needs to be created on the second page.

Click Insert Tab

Click Page Break

Click Header

Click Edit Header


Tab over to the 1” right margin

Select Page Number (from far left pane)

Select Current Position

Select Plain Number. The page number will be placed where the cursor is.

Click Home

To change the font to Times New Roman, size 12:

Click Select (far right), then choose Select All.

From the dropdown menu (far left), choose Times New Roman, Size 12.

Your page should look like this:

Exit the header by double clicking in the body of the text or click View and click Print Layout


Click File.

Move your cursor over Save As to reveal the menu.

Select Template.

Choose your drive (use scrollbar on left).

Name your file: APA Template

Click: Save

Note: If you are emailing a document to another source, such as an instructor, you may want to Save As a 1997-2003 document or template. Be sure to check with your instructor.

Create Page 2: Abstract

Make sure your cursor is in the center. If not, go to the Paragraph Tab and click the Center button (second from left)

Type the word: Abstract

Press Enter once.

To align your text left, go back to the Paragraph Taband click the Left Align button (to left of Center button)

Insert a page break

Click Insert Tab

Click Page Break

Download 205.04 Kb.

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