For your final paper in this course

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For your final paper in this course:

Write a persuasive essay with an arguable claim on any topic of your choice. There are no restrictions on audience, purpose, voice, number of sources, and other essay criteria we generally consider, nor is there a requirement on the number of pages for this essay.

Do consider all that you have learned this semester to create and design an effective argument that is well-supported. Please obtain direct approval for your topic and essay type from me.

You may choose any 1 of the 5 essay types from the Continuum of Essay Types: Closed to Open Forms handout which you have not yet used for an essay in this course. Never be afraid to try something new.
Re: Thesis as implicit theme and Thesis as speculation, often highly personalized-
I strongly encourage you to try an open form since our focus has been strongly directed toward the closed forms (top-down thesis based with counterarguments and delayed thesis prose) and “middle” form (thesis-seeking prose) throughout most of the course.
If you enjoy creative writing and story writing, then this could very well be an effective form for you! While you very likely will have researched your topic, you will not necessarily incorporate documentation in this type of essay. If you use sources for research, please include a separate references page at the end.

Format of Essays: All essays for this course must have a heading, title, and references page. They must also be typed, double-spaced, and in a 12-point font that is easy to read. You will be expected to carefully proofread for errors prior to printing and before turning in any assignment to me as all aspects of mechanics and written expression are considered in the grading process. I will not accept incomplete papers.

Margins may not exceed one inch all around. GWRIT 103, your name, the date, and the version number (for example, Essay 1.1, Essay 1.2, etc.) must appear in the upper-left corner of the first page, single-spaced like this:


Your Name

Due Date

Essay Version

Title of Essay
Your essay starts here……..
The title of your essay should be placed one line down from the heading and centered. All essays must have a title. The body begins 2 lines down from the title and must be double-spaced throughout. Please do NOT place extra lines between paragraphs. Please DO indent all new paragraphs. Please DO number all pages of your essays. Follow the documentation procedures for MLA and APA as indicated in your writing handbook. Each is used in different situations and must be strictly adhered to throughout all of your essays. You need to be aware of both and know when to use them.

Download 5.37 Kb.

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