For the Future!

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For the Future!

  • In English in year 10, and in VCE,, you will need to write essays.
  • These are usually text responses.
  • We are going to go through the basics of TEEL in this PPT. Note that TEEL is also beneficial for persuasive writing.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Read the essay question carefully and make sure you understand it.
  • Pick out the KEY WORDS in the essay question.
  • Think about whether you agree or disagree with the question – form a point of view, which you will write about in the essay.
  • Make a plan. What events and examples in the text/or what arguments can you discuss?
  • List them in dot points.

Steps 6,7,8,9

  • 6. Some of these dot points will then become a paragraph.
  • 7. Begin writing your first draft.
  • 8. If time allows, edit your work – get a friend or teacher to check for mistakes and make improvements.
  • 9. Write a final copy if drafting was permitted.

Steps in writinG an essay:

Essay structure

  • Introduction (background info, state your point of view)
  • Body (The paragraphs – what is the acronym again?
  • …TEEL)
  • Conclusion summarise your main points


  • Explain your understanding of the question
  • Introduce your argument
  • Provide your point of view
  • Provide background information
  • Don’t use detailed examples



  • Topic – Use a topic sentence at the start of a paragraph to make it clear to readers what the paragraph is about
  • Evidence – Provide details of events/arguments using “quotes” or evidence from the text/issue which supports your point
  • Explanation – In your own words explain why the quote/evidence/argument is important to the point you are trying to make
  • Link – Make a link to the next paragraph so that it flows well and summarise the main idea of the paragraph


  • Restate your point of view
  • Restate in different words what your main ideas were
  • Think carefully about your final sentence – end strongly
  • Don’t introduce any new ideas
  • Try to leave the reader with something to think about!


  • Have you included all of the relevant points and evidence?
  • Have you discussed the examples that you have used?
  • Did you use the TEEL format?
  • Have you left the reader with something to think about?


  • Write a TEEL response at least 500 words long on this below:
  • “Hatred is the root of all evil.”

What to incluDE?

  • A thesis statement (ANSWER to the QUESTION)
  • Introduce your texts (at least 3)
  • Lead into body (mention main points)
  • BODY
  • At least three points/arguments
  • Topic Sentence
  • Expand on this in your own words
  • Evidence (quote)
  • Final – Link
  • Restate thesis
  • Summarize main points
  • Evaluate – which is most effective/accurate portrayal and why?

Download 4.75 Kb.

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